My Cool Neighbor Turned Into A Hot Partner

Hai All! Im back with another episode of my recent enjoyable encounter, that I least dreamt of. Here it is how it happened.

Life was just routine with no twists and turns after the best birthday gift from those two lovely studs. One fine Sunday morning after few months, a guy in mid 30s with his wife and a 4 yr old son moved into the flat (adjacent to mine) that was vacant for over a year. I came to know him as, Anil, a software engineer in a MNC (situated nearly 20 Kms away from our place) and that his daily routine would be to leave early and return late.

He was of my height, wheatish in complexion, broad face , firm muscular body (though not gym-trained), pleasant features and manners. Couple of months after we became good friends, he told me one evening about his decision to leave his wife and son in her parentss place, on doctors advice for complete bed rest ( due to her indifferent health and pregnancy). I also became a married bachelor like him after my wife and kids also left to my in-laws place(chennai) for Xmas vacation and for a family function!

On a Friday evening, I was surprised to see him at my door( instead of his intended travel plans),looking very dull & morose and informing me that he had to cancel his trip, in order to attend to an urgent work in his office on the weekend also. He came back in 30 mins. after a freshen-up for dinner(a routine after our families left), clad in multi-colour striped lungi and a grey colored thin(almost a see through) vest, showing clearly his hairy torso and the outline of his cute nipples( always longed to have a glimpse), making me feel itchy.

I was in a blue track pant and a sleeveless(round armhole), v-necked, tight fitting white sports shirt with black stripes, exhibiting my shapely chest and light ponch. Despite his depressed mood, he complimented me, “Wow! You look very charming & attractive in this outfit!!!”, making me feel shy and a bit odd. After dinner and clean-up, we settled on the sofa in front of tv and he asked me whether he could stay back for some more time, if not inconvenient to me, as he felt bored and restless.

As I was also in the same boat, I told him, “no problem”, comforting him with one arm over his shoulder and patting on his chest affectionately. I suggested that he was welcome to stay the whole night, if he so preferred. Thanking me profusely with a light hug for the nice gesture and slightly relieved, he continued chatting with me on topics of common interest and talking about movies, he said that he hated the exaggerated sex and violence(only theme of late)on screen. I blurted out inadvertently, ” then what about real-life sex…..?” and realizing my blunder, stopped midway. Bewildered for a minute, he remarked,” Frankly YES, I enjoy a lot, Bhaiya. Ok, will you like or hate me if I want to hug, kiss & feel all over you?”.

Stunned at the confession from a straight guy(as I thought him to be)and particularly on a topic, not discussed in public, I did not answer him directly. Slowly, he asked for my opinion and reaction about the rampant same sex affairs & gay marriages. His intentions were quite clear and I realised that we were going completely off the track from the main chat, smelling a rat!! He confessed, ” No, bhaiya, you have attracted me like a magnet by your charm and warmth (which I wanted to tell you since a long time) and I am feeling horny today” , he confessed, confirming my guess.

Unwilling to react and complicate the matter, I switched off the lights and leaving him in the guest bedroom, entered my bedroom. But, he followed me only to embrace me tightly from behind with his palm literally over my boobs and his crotch brushing my bums(?one more step or wild imagination). “You are such a nice, adorable, sweet and caring person. Please let me be with you ” he pleaded. I unclasped his grip, but looking into his glaring greedy eyes full of desires, I developed goose pimples and felt a strong vibration within me.

Now, It all started very fast at the blink of an eye and the floodgates opened. We lay face up, side by side on my bed and he, topless already(his habit during sleep time, he told me later), turned sideways on his elbow, and described me, as if he was drunk, ” you are a bombshell and if you ask me, all your endowments and features are smooth as silk, perfectly crafted for pleasure & comfort and are just awesome and amazing. Im sure, being so glamarous, you were the heart throb of your college mates, leaving their pants literally wet ” and laughed. I smiled and showed him a snap in the album, in lady get-up which he stared at it in disbelief and shouted excitedly, “No wonder you are so irresistible and I am so madly in love with you”.

Though I was also now prepared physically and mentally, kindled by his erotic, emotional thoughts, I cautioned him that his feelings of love and lust, should not spoil our good relationship and reputation. Encouraged by this, stroking my thighs lightly, he ordered hurriedly, “shhhhhhhhh, Dont spoil my mood, for heavens sake. No looking back for me and want my share in full, even if you are reluctant to handle me, ok?”. I realised what was in stores for me and I could not prevent his feather touch, making slow advances on me. The entire room was now charged with the heat generated from our bodies, resulting in the enhanced hormonal & emotional levels.

He got rid of his lungi, crawled all over me with a kissing spree on nook and corner of my naked body(only with undies). His hot breath caressed my body and his slow and steady moves on me with a deep lipkiss, tongue-probing & saliva exchange were extremely artistic and erotic, like any expert. His mouth now settled on those two high, projectile, spongy breasts and big, richly colored, oval areolas and the perky, taut, juicy &mouth-watering nipples of mine( which he said were the best he had seen so far, among the guys when topless).

He complimented that if my feminine gait was attractive, the bosoms are full and luxurious , as against his clumsy, hairy chest with small cute nipples. Cupping my breasts with both hands, his moist tongue licked & teased my right nipple, his other hand kneading the breast on opposite side, with nipple teasing constantly, moaning in ecstasy. By this, the most vulnerable,erogenous spot in me got excited greatly with mild current radiating all over me and it made me shiver in delight and arch my body with continued moans,”Sssssss, ahhhh, ohhhh” and so on.

Anil got scared and stopped for a while, asking me if he had hurt me. I pressed his mouth to my boob and quietened him saying, “you have excited my most vulnerable and erogenous spot, giving the heavenly delight. Continue giving me that erotic pleasure”. His face brightened and sucked my nipples non-stop, with side change. I was flying high in pleasure and after sometime, I got up & leaning against the wall, made Anil lie on my lap to breastfeed him. He understood and sucked my nipple feverishly like a hungry kid from its moms milk jug.

After side changing and continuous sucking of my extra sensitive, swollen & reddened nipples, he thanked me profusely for the treat and complimented me for educating(!) and entertaining him nicely. He was excited to the maximum level at my return favour of caressing his hairy chest, armpit, nipples down to his stiff cock glistening with slippery precum. He acted as if he was possessed and continued his pleasure-seeking spree.

Suddenly, he tore my undie greedily and caught my 7″ hard dick with dome-shaped red colored shining cockhead that sprang out. He did not waste even a second, held the shaft, licked the precum and sucked the head like a lollipop. He plunged his mouth down the shaft and sucked with slurping noise, fast and furious, as if there was no tomorrow. I enjoyed it thoroughly and mouthfucked him with gyratory hip movements, choking him completely. More than me, it was him who enjoyed that night a lot.

“Its my turn now, Anil dear, Stay put and enjoy,ok?” I told and made him to lie on the bed. He appeared so intoxicated with the high level of excitement that he meekly obeyed me.

After tickling his hairy chest, armpits and cockpit with my nose & tongue, gripping his cute medium-sized dark projectile nipples with my lips, gave him an excellent nipple servicing. He gasped and begged for more, as he was getting the best excitement and love from me. When he asked me hesitantly,for cockservicing, I said,”why not, Shall we do 69 sucking?” He nodded silently and next moment, I lay on him with my cock into his mouth and his into mine to go ahead for cocksucking in abandoned gay. He got so excited, that he had uncontrollable tremors, groaning and mumbling,”ahhh, suuuper, dont stttttopp, excellent, want more, more”, even halting his mouthing my fellow for few minutes.

Repeated licking and rimming of the cockhead resulted in his body convulsing and stiff in pleasure traversing through him. I asked him to raise his hip, while my mouth was going up & down of his 6″ cock. I even plunged my finger into his asscrack and probed his manpussy.

He stopped again and asked me if I would fuck him, since it was his best favorite. I agreed to do it for him and when he was satisfied with 69 sucking pleasure, I initiated the next step of smearing oil into his asshole, and my dick liberally and that I was ready. I spread his legs, positioned myself near him and started teasing his cunt with tip of my stiff rod.

Though it tickled him, he did not move away and I announced that I would be starting, that was when he became rigid and his anal sphinctors tightened. I started inserting my manhood slowly, but he shouted, in pain, between clenched teeth,” ahhhh, ssss, ouchhh, its paining, slowly, pllleeaase”. I said I would stop if the pain was unbearable, but he encouraged me to go ahead. Holding his hip, I pressed the dick little by little, to feel that the tip was making its headway already and with a few more withdrawals & strong pushes, the shaft slid into his tunnel like a knife through soft butter and he declared that the pain had also reduced.

I fucked him in missionary posture for 10 mins. and later, asked him to ride on me, like a jockey. He started pumping my tool with up & down motion of his hip, his balls hitting my pubis and my honey sac, his ass. He wanted the doggy style, for which I had to make him kneel on all the four and reinserted my boner, more easily this time.

I was reaching climax and when I told him so, he told me to continue till I cummed. I leaned on his back, pumped his dick as I was pounding him from the back. He wanted the love juice inside him and asking him to jerk his tool, I gave him few more fast thrusts, at the end of which my hot load of spermjuice filled his tunnel in jets. His body became stiff, shivering uncontrollably due to excitement and feeling that he was in 7th heaven, and the thrilling experience due to it, he told. I crouched and shagged his cock and pressed it to his tummy to receive his share of ejaculated cum in my hand, his tummy and chest.

He turned, hugged me to smear his cum on my nipples, only to lick and suck my boobs again to enjoy the taste of his own cum as the finishing touch to our unexpected, but exceptionally exciting lovegame. After cleanup, lying in bed totally naked, he remarked, ” It is the best time I ever had and I thank my stars for such a wonderful opportunity and unforgettable session.” He added that he would not mind sucking on my boobs, the best he relished, till dry or as long as I wanted. Needless to say, he yearned for many more such sessions in all possible permutations and combinations for superb sexciting delightful extravaganza.

It was around 11 pm when we completed the session of enjoyment and sexcitement. I asked him how on earth, that such a straight neighbour like him pitched upon me for the delightful encounter, his reply was,” My intuition, opportunity and foolproof plan to hook you, have paid rich dividends and six months waiting was worth it!”. I was speechless and slept in each others arm, completely naked under the blanket, in total contentment and heavenly bliss.