Kochi Midnight Sex Adventure

Hi, everyone this is my first story in iss

I am a 59 feet fair guy with little hair in my whole body, am not a hairy person I dont like hairy body.Lets come to the story its a real life story I didnt add up anything only the places is changed.

This was not my first sex experience but before this every time after sex I felt regret why I did it and this incident made me more liking towards sex yes I had lot of unlikable sex experiences but this one has more close to my heart. This incident happened 3 years ago when I was an college student I stay at hostel as my home is very far away from college. After the holidays I was going to college in public transport bus at night from trivandrum to banglore the bus was filled only five seats left one beside me and others behind me

When the bus reached kollam next stop from trivandrum all seats are filled a 5feet fair fully shaved person sit next to me he took ticket for kochi. He kept his backpack in his lap as the bus started his leg slowly reached my leg I consciously pulled my leg away from it.

After some time I felt some thing touching my thigh I thought its the back pack in his but the feeling started to grow and I started enjoying it.I found out that it is his hand and he is trying to reach my cock by using backpack as an hiding object so that others wont notice what he is doing.I encouraged him by moving my thigh towards him with this he bravely started feeling my cock and he wanted me to show my cock and I took it out using the back pack, trust me this trick works.

He jerked for some seconds and I put it inside immediately as I was so afraid someone will notice us this has made us to think about other options.He asked me to come to kochi and take a room in lodge and have sex but sceptical about as this was the first time someone asking me to a lodge so I dropped that idea. He also didnt pushed me. I asked him how did you find out that I am gay he said my face shows that and at first he was hesistant to do anyways he done

Next I started touching his cock and asked him to show his he showed his cock his cock was beautiful not long but thick black dick head redish and looked bulky this made my mouth started watering crave for sucking his cock I immediately said to him I wanted to have sex he smiled and said ok. Then we discussed about the our desires in sex and shared our old sex stories and he gave some advices on sex.He asked me to not to do sex with old people but I never cared about young and old only sex mood and how they approaches us ends up in sex

After reaching kochi we took a room in a local lodge where id card is not needed with minimal facilities it was midnight. We got inside the room he started smoking and I was like a slut removed my clothes except my panty(during sex I consider myself as girl) and lied on bed on every sex incident I wish I am a girl I dont know why but I feels it every time if I where a women it will be more easy to approach men and have sex being a men it is very hard identify who is gay who is not.

After smoking he removed his dress except his underwear he was on my top and started smooching me his cheeks rashed my cheeks he started kissing me in lips like hell he literally bited me and cigarette smell made it more sexy. And I started to bite his lips blow his tongue we tasted our saliva and he started going down and sucked my breasts it was so good I holded his head not allowed him to leave my nipples for some time and he licked my arm pits and kissed my navel the feeling was so good that no one before handled like that.

He pulled my panty and started blowing he sucked it for several minutes and I could not control so stopped him and I came top of him started kissing him all over his body kissed and bited his cock without removing his underwear and then pulled down it started sucking his cock it was little salty at first his cock was so thick I couldnt move fit it in my mouth somehow I sucked for several minutes then I took his balls inside me and licked his lower balls area which where hairy but enjoyed it he made me lieing face downwards he started feeling my ass he kissed and licked my asshole

He asked whether to fuck my ass hole I said no so he just fucked in the ass crack and cummed inside and at last he started to suck my cock this time moaning like ahh .. Ahh. Ahh and cummed inside his mouth because I couldnt hold it more he dranked it fully and lied in the bed tired and naked.

We were cuddled each other like lovers and my other hand holding his dick then he asked do you regret doing sex with him I said smiling l loved it and told me that I had a great body keep it like that I dont know why we didnt do second time in morning we vacated room and gone different paths after that night I never seen him. Still I wish to spend time with him.He is the one who gave me complete sex pleasure.

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