When I Became His Wife After The Camping

Hello, This story continues my camping trip with Raj. It was the first time I was fucked by him. Or I would like to call it ‘surrendered myself to him. Not only it was a great experience of my life, but Raj showed very subtle and gentle side of him at the camp. We mostly spent time cuddling in the tent all day on the first day. The second day we went to the beach and chilled there. At the evening time, when people left the beach area, Raj dragged me into the water and started hugging me and kissing. Waves were splashing our body while making out. The most romantic feeling. Tremendous feeling of excitement running through my wet body.

As the sun set, we headed towards the camp. We got ourselves dry and Raj started preparing the dinner. And I started preparing the camp fire. He brought some ready to eat dinner such as daal fry, rice and some soup. Just heat it in boiling water and eat. We had dinner while facing the firepit. Chatting about our lives and most importantly our recent intimate time. Again, Raj pulled out some alcohol with the dinner and basically setting up the mood. I insisted not to drink much and have intercourse since im already in the pain from earlier. Raj agreed and we just sat there near the fire chatting and hugging each other.

It was about midnight and we were not drunk as much last night. Simply tipsy and of course sleepy. I said to Raj while I was getting in the tent that it was his good move pulling me in the water and it was such a romantic idea. He pulled me inside the tent and dropped me on the sleeping bed. And set himself next to me. He was talking about his experience with me, how he liked to fuck me. I knew it wasnt his first time but he really enjoyed.

We continued cuddling and kissing. After some time, I undressed myself completely and took his clothes off as well. It was quite dark in the tent but the light from the fire was coming through the tent window. And illuminating enough to see his erect meaty cock and it was staring right at me. He lay on the sleeping bag signaling me to come on top of him. I got on top of him and hugged tightly and continued eating his delicious tongue. I was so deep in our kiss that I could taste alcohol he had minutes ago. Also at the same time realizing that our cocks were crushing each other. We both pre cummed but continued making love in the sticky feeling.

He suggested me to go down on him, I followed his move and moved down kissing his chest, nipples..running my fingers through his chest hair. Making me even horny as he started caressing my head and periodically pushing me further down. I knew his intentions and continued my kissing. When I reached towards his meat, it was really erect and slimy from precum, I just sucked it right in my mouth. He moaned harder and harder as I ate. I gulped it almost in my throat and he moaned. I looked at him and covered his mouth since he was getting much louder. I slow down a little and moved to his balls. He raised his legs up in the air, giving me the access to his butt I moved further down his balls. I looked at him, and boy he was enjoying this as I started rimming him.

After few minutes, he got up on his knees and had me get up and we kissed longer while on knees. The tent was limiting as we couldnt stand up on our feet. He kissed me all over, eating my tongue, neck and ears. He then made me lay on the bed and he went on the other side, I knew he wanted to do 69 position. My Favorite. As be came closer to my cock, He took it right in and started eating it. I did the same. I ate and swallowed his precum.

While he was eating me, he slowly started finger my ass and then circling the hole. It felt like nothing. Even more exiting and pleasurable than a night before. It was soothing the pain. We were in 69 position for longest for at least 20 minutes and he came in my mouth. The warm feeling of his creamy cum felt good swallowing. Then I came in his mouth as well. He whispered that he loved the taste and enjoyed it. He continued licking my cock and cleaned it. We both hugged and slept till the morning.

In the morning, we started to pack our camping gear as it was the time to checkout. We both packed our stuff in the car and headed to the road. Since it was quite early in the morning, I thought I would still hang out with Raj and decided to head to his apartment.

As we both were in separate cars, I was thinking he was with in the passenger seat. Then realized Im going to his place anyway. We got to his apartment and unpacked his stuff from the car and finally dropped myself on his couch. He went to the shower and invited me but I said no, as I needed to relax a bit more. While he was showering, I decided to make tea for ourselves. I went in to his kitchen and started preparing. After few minutes, he hugged me from the back and gave me a shock. He grabbed me and ran his hands all over my body. I felt ticklish and chilling sensation through my body as he grabbed my ass and started squeezing it. And before I say anything he pulled down my shorts and undie.

As I turn around he was already on his knees and wearing nothing but a towel. He continued running his hands on my ass and squeezing them harder. And he started to lick my thighs and legs. Felt great amount of ticklish feeling. But I couldnt resist. He got up and removed my tshirt and he got on top of the kitchen counter. I hugged him and wrapped my arms around tightly as I could. Kissing passionately as I slid his towel from his waist.. Just loving this kitchen moment. He pushed my head down to his cock but I hesitated and laughed as he was being very naughty. I told him to do anything but first have some tea and snack. We both had tea and some snack on the table completely naked. We both were laughing and giving each other kisses now and then on every bite of a cookie.

The time was flying very fast and I was in love with the time I was having. Something that I have never done before. Being someones control is totally different feeling.

After the tea, we relaxed most of the day. Raj proposed for ‘Netflix and Chill in his casual way, I agreed immediately. He turned up his laptop and we got on his bed and watched few comedy shows. He brought some beers from the refrigerator and we spend most of the evening watching. Occasional smooches from him were bonus. I was a bit tipsy and caressing Rajs head as we were in hug position. Our arms were in each other as we watch the show. In no time, Raj was being naughty again. He was running his hands under my shirt and shorts. Eventually, held my mild erect cock and balls.

He slid my shorts and Tshirt in no time. I undressed him as well. Quickly we came so close to each other that we couldnt stand to wait any longer. We again kissed deeply, as eating each others tongue became a normal and most hottest thing we did. Our cocks were kissing each other well. He started to caress me from top to bottom and grabbed both of our cocks and feeling and slowly rub together. He got up and headed towards my cock, and gave me a warm kiss on the tip. I moaned like a girl and he smile at me. He continued kissing me down until I gave myself to him by getting up and hugging him. He held me tightly and we sat in front of each other and began making out like crazy.

He then got up after few moments and turn down the laptop and headed to the washroom. I was surprised at him as he suddenly stopped kissing and went outside of room. He came back with a red colored gift bag and asked me to get up and go to the washroom with the bag. I hesitated but he came dragged me inside the washroom and pulled out white lingerie, and matching thong. I laughed so heard at his gesture, I couldnt stop giggling what he has thought out. I said no at first but only agreed to wear the thong.

He went outside and told me to come when Im ready. I waited in the washroom and put on the thong. It was a bit awkward that made me blush as well as embarrassed bit. He was waiting on the bed with black underwear and a small while bouquet in his arm. My jaw just dropped and told him that I was really embarrassed now. He then came close to me and whispered in my ears that he wants me to move in with him. I was shocked and completely floored. He then took me in his arms and said he loves me a lot. He then slowly moves me to the bed and relaxes by wrapping around me.

Few minutes later, I felt a bit relaxed and he apologized for this and said its just awkward. He then kissed my forehead and asked me to continue where we left off. I got on the bed and he too climbed bed. Mind you I was still wearing a white thong, my balls were just falling off its string in the bottom area. He giggled and continued kissing me while laying next to me. He said in a very low voice that he likes to see me in this thong since I was looking more sexy apparently. We kissed and ate each others body. I continued to lick and bite his nipples as he fondled my balls.

He then told me to lay down on my back as he started kissing my nipple and caressing my entire body from top to bottom. When he reached my cock, he gently sucks it right in his mouth. I moaned crazy in feeling of warmth of his mouth. He looks at me and smiles and turns me over. And starts kissing my ass cheeks. I knew his intentions but I let him do whatever he pleases. He then circling my hole with his finger over the thong string. And continues to bite my cheeks. I moaned harder as he bit me several time while kissing.

He then raises my ass slight in the air, and positioned himself below me, facing the cock. He soon starts eating my cock and balls and continued to circle on my hole. This just excited me even more and made me even horny-er. Eventually he entered my hole with his finger and started pushing in and out.

He then inserted second finger and third as well. He got up from the position and raised my ass little bit higher and poured lube over my hole. And continued to finger my ass while siding the thong string. Few minutes later, I felt a thick and heavy push in my ass, when I looked back, I see that Raj was smiling and trying to go inside. The pain was running through my entire body.

He continued to to fuck me in doggy style position and pulling the thong upward, sort of giving me a wedgy, where I felt the pull on my cock as well. He was running his hands over my hips/ handles to comfort me from the pain. This second time fucking was much relaxing and not as much painful than last time in camping, The comfy bed was also helping me.

He then pulled out from my ass and turned me over while I was still on my knees and pulled my head towards his meat cock. I felt a bit disgust as this was just in my ass so I wiped it with a tissue paper and licking his cock.

He then got up on his feet on the bed and made me eat his big balls as he placed his cock on my face. I then started stroking his meaty cock as my mouth was full of his balls. He signaled me that he was about to cum and inserted his cock deep in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked it off his cock.

He then sat down with me and told me to lay on my back. I followed him and then he went down the bed and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He knelled on the floor, took off my thong and started to eat my balls. Being still in the pain from the fucking, this relaxed and diverted my pain. And I came inside his mouth as well. He then made me got up and hugged me tightly as I stood up.

As we were completely exhausted from fucking, I held on to him while standing naked and hugging him tightly. He whispered in my ears that he wanted me to be his ‘wife and move in with him. I didnt do or say anything just hugged him with my eyes closed.

The story will continue…