Unforgettable Gay Experience

I am the third son of my parents after still birth of two other male child.It was predicted that third will be a girl but destiny had its way and finally born as a son.Because of death of earlier children my parents were very much afraid.An astrologer advised to keep this child as a girl for at least seven years and get married to lord shiva .My parents obeyed what they were told and offered me to Lord Shiva as his wife.Also I used to were cloths as a girl child.I looked very very beautiful even though my complexion was not that fair.My parents were happy and keep telling that by God’s blessing & grace they could get a boy as well as a girl in unison

My Mom get many cloths to keep me dressed as a girl .. gold chain with a locket .. pair of silver ornaments for legs .. small gold bangles for hands. Named me Dulu that is appropriate both for a boy and girl.

Till I was admitted to the school my dress was that of girl but after going to school I wore uniform of a boy as given to me …back from school get dressed as a girl till attaining age of seven as per advise of astrologer.But my Mom is happy to see me in girl outfit and gets me dressed when she likes to do so.

I grew up with utmost affection of my parents.All our neighbor like me for my soft & sober speaking.I respect all elders and friendly with equals.Every one say that I have gone on my mother  .. cute ..  beautiful  ..   body softly built…round soft legs .. thighs .. hands .. beautiful face .. dark black eye brows.Grand old ladies ask my mother jokingly .. check correctly it’s a .. boy or girl.Mom whisper in their ears…boy for sure .. healthy organ very much there.

Only thing of concern for my parents is my breast…the growth equals to that of a teen girl…nipple projected, pointed and round.Doctor says it happens in boys if their body contain female hormone to some extent .. Further breast growth may not happen.

Now I am in first year in college.My parents worried about my performance in mathematics and science in Board level.They think of coaching or a tutor to improve in the subjects.

In the mean time .. Dad informed that my cousin brother also got admitted in second year in college .. he is coming to stay with us .. he is a good scholar and can help me in studies.Mom was very very happy.

My cousin Dipu reached next day…handsome .. fair…average muscular built.We were asked to share the study room ..  cots .. table .. chair .. cup board for individual use were arranged for us.

Mom said Dipu .. take care of your brother Dulu .. see to his studies.Dipu said aunty I will certainly take care.I liked Dipu .. his approach .. attitude .. smartness.He talks only when it is required.

Dipu used to take care of my math and science .. clear my doubts as and when arises .. we developed a closeness as days passed .. we are intimate now.When finishes his own studies he usually come to me .. sits close to me in bed .. enquire if I have anything to ask .. takes my hand in his…pat my thighs .. admiringly say what a soft beautiful body you have….i feel shy .. just give a smile .. all the time his looks are pin pointed on my breasts.

Dipu gets up early .. put off his vest and pant .. left in the body the small half brief .. he does some yogic aasans .. I pretend to sleep but from corner of eyes see his admirable body  .. chest full of hairs .. through the small brief his pubic hairs are visible .. strong thighs .. good muscles .. he is attractive .. i was gradually getting inclined to him.

I imagine him to come near me after the exercise  ..  sit close to me…try to wake me up from sleep…soft massage my legs .. round soft thighs  .. play with the butts .. push down the pant to knees…pull out the vest .. make me fully naked…knead the silky mound of butts .. turn me on .. press the bulge of boobs .. suck one after the other… wowww…ohhhh .. how blissful this could be.I get annoyed .. why he is not doing this to me .. why .. whyy.My imagination enriches the flow of electric waves throughout my body.

In the night I just roll on the bed .. can not sleep .. female hormone in my body prompt me to run close to Dipu…hug him tightly .. bury face in his hairy chest .. play with the pubic hairs .. kiss him .. kiss him as long as I wish.An amazing feel of thrill encircles me .. through the elastic waist band of pant my fingers reach the sensitive anal ring .. rub it .. push in it

Some times fantasy prevails over me .. i hear whispering breaking voice of Dipu…come to me Dulu .. please come to me .. i like you .. love you very very much .. i want you .. come .. come on…I get memorized .. desire for taking his dick in my anus creates temptation  .. slowly move up to him ..

He was sitting at the edge of the bed…legs hanging down…took my hand in his…between his thighs I stood shyly .. his thighs closed on my knees to land me on his lap…kissed my lips .. in a breaking voice said .. you more beautiful than a cute girl…kneads my breasts one after the other ..  ohhh dear Dulu from now on you are my girl .. mine for ever ..  …a shiver .. a shudder ran in my body to end up in the vibrant vibrating anus

My lust and urge remains a matter in the waiting .. he had no visible attempts to approach me for sex .. i keep on shouting in my heart please Dipu…please .. don’t delay any more .. please .. p .. l .. e .. a .. s .. e .. take me .. ta… .. kkk… .. eeeee me

That day early in the morning I woke up…though bit sleepy moved to the toilet .. door was wide open .. entered in.To my utmost surprise Dipu was in there…fully nude…vigorously masturbating .. i was back stepping .. he caught my hand .. in a jerk captivated me in tight embrace…I sensed my desire is going to be fulfilled .. made a fake resistance… tried to release from the embrace…his lip pressed on mine .. i never wanted to flop the opportunity…surrendered myself with submission…hands went round his back .. softly rested head on his shoulder .. excitement very high for both of us .. urge in me at its peak .. our first union ended when Dipu ejaculated the slurry of thick semen on my lower belly on the pant .. his breath fast .. heart beat high…grip on me relaxed

He pulled down my pant and vest …fully undressed .I felt shy .. ashamed .. looked down…moved up and rested my head in the hairy chest of Dipu .. softly ran my fingers in the crop of hairs…urge in me still high.Dipu ran the shower…both of us stood under the water in each others embrace .. he cleaned the sticky semen from my body.

Both of us naked…wet .. hand in hand came to the bed…he wiped me in a towel .. i dried him up .. lay side by on the same bed

Dipu kissed my lips and softly whispered in ear .. the day I first saw you loved your body .. beauty .. always wanted to try sex with you .. could not gather courage to tell  .. satisfied myself with masturbation…I love you Dulu .. want you most .. shyly I said me too .. kissed him…submissively said take me as and when you desire

Dipu said I want to celebrate our first day fucking .. our first union must be ceremonious  .. unforgettable ..  uncle & aunty probably going out for a week to village…but you have to agree what I say…do as I say .. never say no…unconditionally I said .. y .. e .. ssssss…a.g.reeeee…never will say no.ooo ..  pro….miiiii seeee honestly… are you happy .. he nodded yes…kissed me intently

My parents left for village for a ten day mission in the early morning .. left in the house me and Dipu .. he came close and undressed me .. put off his cloths .. on the bed lay embracing each other .. you are my love Dulu .. i like you very much .. hear me what I say .. we are not to loose days…you are a beautiful sweet .. cute .. sexy girl to me .. we are marrying tomorrow .. i know you married to lord Shiva as a child to be his wife .. you will be my wife .. you will have everything…marriage…first night .. honeymoon as a couple ..  celebrate for all these ten days .. i will dress and decorate you as a bride .. me the bridegroom…lots of blissful enjoyment .. i kept starring with amusement ..  curiosity .. thrill. .expectations …kissed him again and again ..  his hands caressed my back and cup the breasts  .. i got excited .. sexual urge mount high…anus on its own pushed in and out severally as if inviting his erect dick to push in deep and deep in the virgin anal hole

Dipu was full of enthusiasm…I too .. we collected set of gorgeous banarasi silk saris from Mom’s cup board…I tried matching blouses…all of them in good fitting to me…sayas too were all right….Dipu said loose bras won’t do…I will arrange all balance items…both of us in great excitement…in the evening he came with a load of other materials…set of imitation ornaments…bangles…nail polish .. sindoor .. ,mehendi…colored teen bras…short pants…panty…a tickle ran all over me…iumped in his arms…kissed…kissed and kissed….ohh what an excitement .. we are marrying next morning…slept arm in arm

I woke up early…Dipu also…put off all that we wore…bathed under the shower in intimate embrace .. ,wiped off…Dipu started to dress and decorate me…red panty .. red teen bra that beautifully fitted…red saya & blouse…banarasi silk sari… my long hair that was grown for a ritual…added to it artificial hair a chain with decorative end hung upto bottom of my butts…ornament from head to toe including a waist band to rest down on hip bone…red nail polish…sindoor on the hair parted in the middle…forehead meticulously given touch of red and white alternate drops… wide golden border of sari drawn the head upto half of fore head….after the final touch when I saw myself in the mirror could believe it was me…so beautiful I was…looking like a goddess .. Dipu was in a well embrodoried sherwani kameez .. gold chain .. fore head decorated as a bride groom

Before the photo of lord shiva and Parvati a big lamp kept lighted at the center…each of us carried big garlands….on our knees offered prayer .. Dipu garlanded me  .. i garlanded him…moved round the flame of lamp for seven times hand in hand…in his arms I said Dipu you are my husband…Dipu said Dulu you are my loving wife

Two single cot were joined &.positioned at the center…bed arranged with a big double bed sheet .. Dipu led me to the bed…laid us in deep embrace….in body and mind I was fully sensitized as a real bride…wished to remain in bridal costume for all days to come…felt in me a real wife to Dipu…rested my head on his chest .. palm on his shoulders…leg on his legs…what a lucky day for me

It was night of that day…we were in each others arm on the big bed…he kissed me on lips .. pushed tongue to meet mine .. kissed in cheeks .. neck .. fingers were tight in each other…kissed bulge of boobs ..  belly .. naval .. and down to toes…said in a husky breaking voice…don’t keep me waiting .. i am desperate…want to have that .. now .. just now…his lips on mine…he was on my back .. penis positioned on anus .. trying to push in  ..  i whispered in his ear…today is the first day of marriage…for three days you have to wait for the golden moment of joy .. bliss .. satisfaction…do not wish to do that …just wait…I am all yours….enjoy me as many times as you want from day four .. please…p .. l .. e .. a .. s .. e my love…have to obey the rituals

For all three days I adored myself as a bride…shyly stepped with veil covering half of the fore head .. he managed the days playing on my body .. he was desperate but never insisted to do that…today is the fourth day…the day of union…I was ready for the sublime submission…to give utmost satisfaction .. my body aching .. anal hole tickling frequently for the sexual act…I anticipate the mindset of Dipu…he was telling won’t leave me for a moment for the entire night…keep his dick in my ass hole through out the night

I prepared myself with dress and decorated with ornaments…Dipu spread petals of rose .. rajnigandha .. mogra every where on the bed…flower bouquets by sides of the pillow…he looked terribly excited

I tip-toed to the bed…sat in the middle as a waiting bride for husband to approach…knee half bend…fingers crossed on the fore leg…long veil to cover my face…my virgin anus getting vibrations expecting the prick of the penis…I waited for dipu…he raised the veil…ohh Dulu you are a real beauty…love you…love you…you kept me waiting so long…today is my day .. see how I do .. what I do—threw all his dresses down

He laid me on bed .. opened the sari .. blouse .. bra .. saya…panty…I remained naked with all ornaments .. i was very submissive .. kissed on face…took the bulge in breast in mouth .. i felt his teeth biting the bulb and nipple…sucking…licking…when he kissed the naval and lower it was very very sensitive…wave of tickling covered the whole body…I murmured…moaned…ohh Dipu I can not wait…take me  .. take me…my legs as if paddling on the bed…hip raised up .. breath heavy….eyes closed .. his strong erect dick rubbing on feet…thighs .. over belly…chest…tapped on the lips…it was a hot rod…lovely…strong .. hard…I was in a hurry .. so was he…

I turned on my chest…butts up…the waist band was a thick chain .. hanging just over the place where butts parted with sensual touch…feel of that escalated my excitement optimally

He applied lube in the ass hole .. deep inside with the finger .. he was uncontrollable .. desperate with excitement… parted the butts a little…in a jerk pushed the whole thing in one go…I shouted woww uuhhh woww put that out…you cracked the ass hole .. i am hurt….it pains…rolled on the bed from one to other side frantically…Dipu took hold of me…put his lips on mine caressed the butts…finger rubbed gently on the anal hole….nothing happened…virgin ass has made way now…no cracks at all…pain will subside in next few minutes…I was tightly clinging to his hairy chest…lips on one of the nipples…pain subsided gradually

Dipu applied lube to his dick .. lubricated my anus…slowly pushed in inch by inch upto the root…I felt comfortable… made soft strokes…raised frequency…breathing high…wow .. ohh .. Dulu my love…ohh my love .. ,pumped loads of semen to feel the ass hole .. In the night we had five six fuckings…continued in next days…both of us fully satisfied .. enjoyed a lot the pleasurable bliss as many times as we can