How I Became A Lodge Randi

Hi guys this is sham alias shama 26 yrs gay bottom and a cross dresser. Love to please my man as horny housewife or his girlfriend in bed.

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So here it begins, this incident happened when I was studying in chennai for a degree and staying in hostel with friends. I met this guy lets name him ( T ) 42 years sugar daddy guy through an online dating site. He was interested in my profile. We chatted and exchanged our interests and pics. He liked my CD pics. He too was kind of hot with his 7” cock and manly body.

We met a couple of times at his place or mine. We had sex as husband and wife.he likes me in saris and lingerie. We both were in love.

On our fourth date which was in a lodge we took in koyambedu. A decent looking place for fun. I brought my black panties and bra.he brought some alcohol and jasmine flowers for me.

Due to the alcohol I was moaning and screaming in pleasure while he fucked me. We had fun two times and was exhausted completely around 9.30pm he got a call that someone in his family is serious. So he had leave me and asked me to check out in the morning.I wished him good-bye kisses and asked take care my love.

After he left I was having a bath cleaning all the cum from my body and my love hole and touching myself thinking about the fun we had. Suddenly I heard a heavy banging on the door I thought it was him must have left something or came for a third round, wore towel around me above my breasts switching off the light and opened the door slightly. I saw three men standing outside my door one was the lodge receptionist and other two strangers.I tried to shut the door but they pushed the door and came inside.

Switching on the lights I was like statue and was not able to react or do anything.

One guy was recording from his mobile capturing the used condoms, alcohol and my panties on floor.

I got some courage and asked them what are you guys doing in my room.

One stranger spoke he is the owner of the lodge his name is raja and other one is his cousin brother velu

So you are doing prostitution in my lodge with men, receptionist told me that you bringing men to our lodge and performing sex with them and charging money. Doing a business in my lodge without our knowledge. You will be handed over to police for dirty acts, I was shivering and thoughts of me sitting in police station for gay sex gave vomiting and nausea.

I need to speak up now otherwise my life will be ruined.

Sir: I am innocent; my partner led me to this lodge for sex. I said no need but he insisted me for sex.

Receptionist said me and my friend said we were colleagues and I was visiting technical officer to there company and was staying in the hotel for company discussion.But men in neighboring rooms complained that some kind of sex act was going on in our room. So I checked through the tinged window glass to see these guys having gay sex in our lodge.after that I called you sir.

Velu asked me to give my id proof i grabbed my purse and gave him my id proof he grabbed my purse from my hands and checked all conducts in it he found my college id card.i am doomed my college is going to kick me out.

So you are a college student having sex with men he said.

I started begging them to please don’t ruin my life I will do anything for them. i wont come to this place or perform sex anymore in my life.

They got pity on me since I was a college student.They asked me to wait in the room as they wanted discuss how to handle the situation i was feeling unconscious my BP was low thoughts of committing suicide came to my mind. I immediately called T and explained my situation. he simply cancel my call blocked my call …what a bitch I felt disgusting having sex with him.

After an hour only raju and velu sir came they sat down on the bed and where starring at me and I started begging them kneeling down on the floor. Suddenly I felt hands on my hair I thought they where going to trash me. but it was gentle strokes velu picked me from floor.

See my boy we are not going to complain to police or anyone. I was happy to hear this.

But instead we want you as our male prostitute in our new lodge that we are building in tambaram for our clients. its business which benefits me too if I am willingly or not you will be our lodge randi. Perform sex with our clients do what they want you do be there slave, wife , girlfriend or dog bitch in heat.

we wont make you cheap whore, our clients will be rich and will be ready to pay both of us

I was shocked to hear this. if I say no I will be handed over to police or if I say yes I can earn and study at same time.

I liked the idea it made me horny but acted like not interested to know if they arranged a regular pay for me..

I am a innocent boy who was cheated and seduced to sex.. I cant be a male whore I want to study sir.

Wrong act.

Because Velu stood from bed and slapped me on my bitch don’t act too innocent you are bitch who want men to fuck you. he removed the towel from body I was completely naked before them trying to hide my breasts and my small cock.

What figure you have bitch men will dying to sleep with you velu said. both the guys where horny seeing by naked body I could see there bulge in there pants especially velu he was touching my breasts which is huge and my juicy around ass he spanked my ass and I moaned in pain and my cock became erect.

They laughed seeing tiny little cock have useless cock you wont able to satisfy women with that and you are meant to be a man’s bitch.

I put my head down in shame getting erection due to spanking.

Your name on the lodge register was sham so from now on we will call you shama a mallu bitch. Be a loyal bitch to us we can help each other.

Bitch We let you decide till morning the answer should be yes otherwise you are going to cops we have all evidence.

Both of them left the room leaving me naked and horny.. lot of things were going through my head.what will be my life after this night a successful graduate or cities best male whore.

I was trying to relax my mind it was in hyper mode my heart was beating faster my whole body was shaking.there was some alcohol left in bottle poured a drink for myself and drank in one gulp poured another and started relaxing my nerves. observed my room is mess condoms and bottles on the floor cleared and was trying to find my panties and bra.

While searching for my panties heard soft knock on the door. wore my shirt and towel around my waist and opened door saw vela standing outside smelling my panties it kind of made me horny I welcomed him inside.

Sexy I cant stopping thinking of your naked body after I left. want lick you body and make love to you baby. Remove your clothes and sit on my lap.

I slowly removed my clothes and got naked and sat on his slap

I was little angry with him because he slapped me so I thought of teasing him

Why you slapped me I am angry with you.

Oh my baby I didn’t want you to say no for our little dirty business ,I will take care of you as his wife his wife is fat ,lazy and not enjoyable in bed. I want to do all kind of things that I kind can’t do with my wife and all my fanasties with you.

Oh so what are your fantasies dear.

My darling I want you to make you my bed wife , wear all kinds sexy clothes and jewels I buy for you. Go for honeymoon in an island and have sex on the beach

He was really making me horny and I started loving him as a wife.

So you want your wife to have sex with other men.

No dear my brother needs you for the business ,anyway the new lodge takes six months to start until then you stay with me in my guest house and you can go to college from there.

What about your brother he will come to know about us.

He is not interested in sex with you he wants you as his business toy and he already knows about my pathetic sex life.

Don’t worry my honey I will be always your horny slut wife pleasuring you is my duty. I will always keep you happy my husband.

And then we had most passionate kiss ,there is nothing tastier than pure love kiss.

Shama please I want to see you in panties and bra wear it for me.

Ok dear five minutes I will be back and took panties from my husband and went to the bathroom. washed my faces combed my hair applied lipskick and placed bindi on my forehead wore my black bra and the panties.

Hi honey is your wife sexy for you giving him the sexiest pose.

He came running to me like an animal oh my slutty wife kissed me on my face ,lips ,neck pushed me on the wall and licked my navel squeezed my breasts

I was moaning like slut oh velu make me your wife fuck me like a bitch in heat

He turned me front to the wall and opened my bra and started licking and biting my smooth back and slowly squeezing my buns

Ah velu you are making me cum please don’t stop.

He slowly went down on my buns and started smelling my love hole.biting my buns and spanking it hard and when he spanks it giggles.

I was moaning in pain ahhhhh. When I maon he spanks me harder making my buns red.

I felt a electric shock when he inserted tougue inside my pussy oh my god know one has licked my pussy like him.ahhhh. I bend down to give him more access to his tougue then he started inserting fingers one by one slowly at first and picked up his speed.

I was not able to take it anymore. velu I want u inside me now please fuck me hard make me your slut wife.

He stood up and pushing my face on the wall.yes bitch I will fuck you hard you belong to me now you are my property.

He pulled down his pants using one hand while other hand was on my face pushing me to the wall.

Bitch beg for daddy’s cock..

Oh daddy please fuck me.put ur cock inside me.fuck me hard

Hearing this he ripped my panties of my body I was completely naked.

He spitted saliva on his hands and lubricated his shaft and in one push he put his whole cock hole was buring with this sudden intruder and he was big and thick I was screaming in pain.

Oh daddy its paining please go slow. bitch you are my sissy slave start taking pain I am not going to be gentle with you my love.

With that he took whole shaft out only head remaining and one push ahhhh. Ahhhh I was screaming in pain he is an animal. I slowly started feeling pleasure from pain and move my ass back to his strokes.

I was moaning and telling his name.

Oh hubby I am on periods you fucking me without a condom I will get pregnant. he strangled my neck and shouted yes bitch I will make you pregnant , you will be the mother to my kids.

What happened to gentle husband and wife love when he started.i think he had fucked up sex life with his wife.

Poor fellow I am ready to make him happy as slut wife and fulfill his fantasies.

Yes daddy I want your cum inside make me cum slut. yes yess ahhhh uhhhh.

He was shaking I new he was close my own cock was rock hard due to fucking and friction with the wall and then it happened he was roaring and he gave the last power shots shamaaaa my wife take my seed.and both of us cummed together my hole was filled with his hot seed.we both collapsed on the floor catching for air.

The room smelled of wild animal sex.his cock slipped out of my hole with cum dripping from my hole.

I had the urged to taste his cum I put a finger into my hole and scooped some white honey and tasted it. Real mans cum is very tasty.

Shama I sorry if I was rough on you months of my sex frustation was released today thanks to you.

Oh hubby while having sex don’t be gentle with me I want you to more rough giving me pain and pleasure.I want to be your slave wife. Taking care you health and sex life dear,
Oh shama my love I love you dear please marry me.

Oh velu darling I love you too take me as your bed wife.

We kissed passionately with our tongues fighting to get each other.

It was almost dawn and we have not slept whole night.

We slept peacefully on bed with me cuddling under him for his warmth.

Gave him one last kiss on his cheeks and dozed off

With the thoughts of that night and my future a head ……

Hi guys hope you liked my story, like to continue this series with me becoming lodge Randi and wife to velu.

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Story to be continued …