On A Rainy Day With Wang

That happened in a rainy day, was not accidental , but really well planned…. Ok let me introduce my name is Jason (name changed) and I am living in Kochi working with a software company in managerial cadre, I am in my 30s like 31 years…..

I am a regular visitor of a branded showroom in lulu, this guy been catching my attention for so many days, yes I like north east guys, they are really so cute and sweet to be with, on my last visit I gave my mobile number to him and got a message back with his name : hi this is wang, that was a rainy Friday and I was alone at home, my roommates went out for a trekking trip, me all alone, thought to add more fun and madness to the romantic climate got some liquor and called wang on his mobile, he was not lifting the call and I was disappointed

I got a call back from him, asked him whether he would like to join the party he said no then he text-ed yes, I messaged him back with the address.

It was about 11 pm I heard the horn sound near my gate, I ran down to the gate, it was him, he was in his scoot y with a rain jacket, I opened the gate and let him in closed the gate and took him to my home, he removed the coat and hat, wooow he was so cute that day.

I believe he had trimmed or shaped his eyebrows, I was just looking at him, he asked me what happened ? I said you are so beautiful, he smiled in shy and he was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans

I invited him to my room where he changed the dress and joined me in bed to have liquor and we had our dinner, then we started to smoke one by two and been talking the time was 1 am, we went to bed and he was on my chest looking at me and my eyes

I got it I moved close to him and touched his rose lips and gave him a deep kiss we started with gentle and then moved on to french kiss, he was a good kisser, it was for more than 10 min we been then started to play with our tongue…. He smiled and said you are a good kisser dear….

He started to kiss my forehead and then towards neck and chest and armpits, he was enjoying the smell of my armpits for more than 5 min and smiling at me , I was moaning and feeling so high, he then moved on to my black nipples, licking it with utmost care and smiling at me, and came near my ears and said I love your shade, your dark shade.

I kidded him back on his lips and then he returned back to explore my body again, moving on to my abdomen and then slowly towards my thighs and then my calves and legs toes and then he came back to my arms fingers and he was sucking my fingers like heaven.

He was sucking my nose like anything and slowly he caressed my crotch with his hands I was undressing his t shirt and boxers and I was sucking his nipples like calf milking a cow he was moaning high and high

He then came towards my crotch and removed the towel to see the tower, it was a black and white combination, my black cock in his pink hand, white hand and I was so eagerly waiting to see my guy between his pink lips, yes that happened he started to kiss my young guy and lick him gently and so on he also taken my balls in his mouth and looked at me with a smile

I asked him, don’t you like my black banana, he said I love it and gulped it with closing his eyes, I saw tears from his eyes, my banana might have hurled him, then he smiled back to me, sucking my black banana like a hungry lad…

I was in my cloud nine and was thinking, the guy whom I used to think about and masturbate is with me on my bed woooow and he is sucking me, to say very frankly he is a good sucker…

Then he felt tired after vigorous sucking, sooner he took the foreskin back and licked and sucked the head like a lollipop, he was enjoying the sucking and me too, then now I make him to lie down on the bed and took his tiny pink banana in my hand and gave him a blow job, he was crawling like anything in the bed holding my head, slowly I moved down to his ass, it was so good yummy, nice pink ass cheeks

I started to bite his ass cheeks and in search of the heavenly hole I licked it so hard , he was moaning, like ohhhh no, ooohhhhh no, hmmm yeahhh, drillllll me drilll me and so on, it made me more on and on

I inserted my finger in his pink hole and started to give him the pleasure the pleasure continues with two fingers then three, it was bit hard for him as he was unable to bare the pain, he was begging me in the bed , fuck me please fuck me please and so on, made him to lie on doggy position and then took my banana and covered him with condoms and started inserting him slowly into his hole it was a slow process as I don’t want to create a rape atmosphere there

I was starting my movement with utmost care and making the movement along with his tiny ass, I was feeling so happy to fuck him, I fucked many guys in these many years but I was feeling so special while fucking him

Now he started to top on me and inserted my banana into his hole and jumping on the bed chanting my name and ohhhhh damn ohhhh dammn

I was looking at his facial expression and enjoying the play, I sooner thought of changing the position to missionary, with the help of pillow I made him comfortable and he was literally crying, his face was pale and tears oozing out from his eyes, I kissed him on his forehead and made him comfortable

Then I inserted my banana slowly into the hole and started the power play of thunder strokes, now he was shouting in pain, like anything and when I started to reduce my speed he asked me to increase

Now I got it he is enjoying, I started fucking him like I never seen any hole for years and then the time came I was about to cum

I moved towards his mouth and started stroking my banana he understood and opened his mouth and eagerly waiting to receive the loads from my blacky, I was like shouting and started shooting out my load in his mouth and nose and the stud near the lower lips

He started licking his lips to take back the cum to his mouth and started cleaning my banana with utmost care and worship

I slowly went on his nipples and was shagging his pink lollipop helping him to cum and he shooted the loads on his bare body, we took bath and slept for the whole night nude… Later the morning when he was about to leave he gave me a kiss on my forehead and said his dream came true….

We are in touch and whenever we get time we use to enjoy.

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Thank you dears… Muaaaah