Roommate To Soulmate

Hi, my name is Akash I am 18 years old I am very shy person with no friends. I love to be alone.

I never share my feeling to anyone. But I am a gay. I am not interested in girls not at all. But when I look someone handsome guy I become mad and start to stare at him wildly (I know it’s bad but it true). I also love to touch though hot muscular body but can’t get chance yet. I always do gay chat online with many people but some become my good friend and for them I make my new facebook id. To be in touch with them. One guy was from bangalore Arun

For study purpose I moved to bangalore but first time I was alone without family at bangalore.

I started living with my 4 friend in a room. But after some time 2 get to hostel. I was always in contact with arun want to meet him and on another Sunday I was ready to meet him at a restaurant.

I was so excited that I not sleep whole night. Because arun was too handsome and muscular with 6 packs abs. And want him a my bf. Next day we got there at right time.

When I see he him I feel heaven. He recognize me then we both smiled. And we enjoyed your lunch. And went to watch movie together and we had a 15 min long french kiss. I was feeling heaven. What him forever.

I try to convenience my father that my friend gone to hostel and the rent I too high and he have a friend that can share a room with him. And I last I get permit and shift with arun.

Arun was 24 ,a software engineer and living alone and he wants me to share his flat with me. And I agree. I shifted

The first night we sex. It was amazing with little pain he was treating me like I am his wife.

But I don’t know that he recorded all night sex clip. In morning I wake up as feel his strong arm hugging me tightly and we both are nude. I was feeling that I got my love of my life. But I was feeling pain in my ass a lot in morning. Then he bring some oil and apply to my ass and I got sad because it was too bad if my parent know about this all. But then he hug me again than ay “do feel bad if  you live me and I love  you than it all okkk”. I was feeling like a gf.

But I was not arun first love he fell in love with a girl who cheated him and used him as atm. But now I was there arun help me in my study because I was also studying software engineering.

He help me in project but after 2 year now I got a hotel seat. Arun don’t want that I should move there. Because now we live as husband wife on holiday I cook food for him (as I know cooking my childhood and it’s my passion) but I don’t have choice I have to move but I said we will meet every Sunday but he was not agree and I said to arun I am not your wife one day we have to go away this society will not except us and by mistake I insulted arun a lot that he was cheated by a girl on this topic we fight once.

He got angry. I have never see him soo angry and then first time in front of me he drank alcohol. And locked me in the room. After ½ hour he came to my room full drunk and nude. I got afraid. I said “it’s not my wish please leave me I love  you we will meet every Sunday please” but he said that now he owns me forever. We are husband wife forever

I try to fight and escape but I can’t he he too stronger than me and he twisted my hand with force , punch on my back and slapped me and started crying in pain. But he was not in mood to listen me any more

He said “if we give more freedom to wife then they will try to rule us but it can’t happen I will tell to your right place”

He grab me and through me on bed and beats me with belt it really heart I was crying and beg him for mercy but now he don’t have any emotion for me. I was trying to find the loving arun in his eye but it was not there. He was angry because I insulted him. Now I got tired a lot can’t move my body due to pain.

Then he become a demon for me he remove my clothes and fuck me hard so hard that I can’t resist.

He had not fucked me like that before.

He put his 9 inch in my ass I was dying in pain. I try to move forward but he grab my shoulder and force inside his cock and fucked me hard upto half hour and he ejected it. In my ass my ass can’t hold so much of cum it as leaking out. His testosterone level decrease and fall on my body and start pressing my boobs hard. My boobs got red. And paining and now I was ready to move next morning forever but he said “you will not go anywhere I will give  you everything what  you want but  you have to be his wife” I was crying and weeping in pain I aid  you are bad  you don’t love me but he reply that he love  you so much that he can’t go away from me.

After 2 hours when I was crying he make me to stop crying he can’t then in anger he put his 9 inch erect cock in my mouth and I can’t breathe his was up to my throat he give me hard mouth fuck for 30 min again cum in my mouth.

And then he close my mouth forcefully to sallow cum. It was salty and sticky and 3/4 cup of cum in my mouth and slept on bed unconsciously but I also can’t get up from bed.

I was so tried my ass start to bleed and red marks on my body all over some from belt, punch, pinch and my mouth was red due to continue slapping. I can’t count be nearly 50-60 slap

And I was wishing that I have never make a friend.

I can’t walk properly and a lot pain in as ass weeping whole night.

Next day I was walking by sport of wall and try to pack my bag suddenly he wake up and laugh at me

I was nude. And crying and suddenly stop laughing and as sudden he run towards me and slap forcefully I fall on ground and my head starts to bleed. Then his anger vanish and grab me and put me on sofa .

I got courteousness when I wake up I see I was on bed nude and arun done my first aid. And he came to room and bring juice for me but I was angry on him a lot I don’t want to talk to him anymore.

I want to get out of bed but he sudden grab my hand I was afraid that he will beat me again. In slow voice I reply please let me go or I comment suicide.

Then he came near me and said  you are my life. Want to live with  you forever. Then said I become some rude and order him that he will leave me then he said ok  you may go I was shocked but then he play our first night video on tv. And reply aku I don’t want to black mail  you I think I will send this to your parent or on internet what will happen. I start crying and kneel down on his legs please don’t do that we have 2 yrs happy relation hip  you can’t cheat me

As he he reply  you are cheating me. I don’t have family I am alone in this world  you are my world and my family how can  you leave me get emotional( his parents died when was 20, he don’t have any family alone and single and one time cheated ) he believe me that I never leave me.

Then again in rude voice  you are my wife or die, I love  you more than anything. I also love him but afraid of society.

Now he become more dominant and said if  you leave the house except college then I have to take permission from him. But now there are holidays and he is giving me complete bed rest because I was heart a lot. I can’t walk up to bathroom then he pull me from bed to bathroom and help me in bathing too.

Upto week I got all right but now I was afraid of arun a lot but more feel in love with him. Now I afraid to talk to him. But he help me in my study but if I do silly mistake then scold me.

From last 2 yrs I not gone at my home to meet my parent. When I want something from arun then make special dishes from him now I had cake for him as soon he aid want  you want I will buy for  you then I reply I don’t want anything but want holiday

He said sure we will go on holiday. I said I have to go to meet parent. Then I requested him. But he said from for how many days then I reply 3 week

Then he said no no no never

Then reply we both will go then he said what your parent respond at me then I said be a friend there just friend. Then he agree.

Now he loves me more but become dominant

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To be continued.