How I Became A Paid Cross Dresser

Hello friends, without making you feel bored directly coming to the story. It was the time when I was in need of money and I asked my friend Rahul. He told that he will help me and when I met him he told me that I have to work his boss. I asked what kind of work then Rahul said that his boss is a bisexual who prefers crossdressers more than gays.

Me:- so what I should do for your boss

Rahul:- don’t get me wrong, you said that you were in need money so am telling this. You need to get dressed like a sexy girl and satisfy my boss in all ways.

I was shocked with this and asked any other alternative or any others who can give me money on interest

Rahul:- people who give money to interest will ask for proofs and references which you don’t have, so the only option is to satisfy my boss. Am not forcing you so think and tell me.

Rahul also said that even he also has experience with his boss

Next day morning I called Rahul and said ok. He told to his boss and arranged for a meet at boss guest house

When we reached boss came and opened the door and welcomed us inside locked the door and took us into the bedroom in which a king size bed was there.

Immediately boss (sam) told Rahul to take me in clean the whole body. Me and Rahul went into washroom he removed all my clothes took a razor and cleaned my whole body. I felt very feminine as a girl there was no single hair on my body. Rahul went out near sam and bought inners, skirt, lingerie and gave them to me I wore them and came out.

After looking me sam gave me makeup kit and said to apply makeup. After finishing when I looked in the mirror I couldnt believe that person in the mirror was me. I looked damn sexy and hot just like girl in porn.

When I came out sam asked Rahul about what are my qualifications then Rahul pulled me towards him and started kissing me wildly for which I also started responding after few seconds. Rahul pushed me on the bed and was madly kissing me. Sam was busy in watching our act. After few minutes sam stood, came towards me and removed buttons of my shirt and Rahul was busy in kissing. Now sam took his turn to kiss my juicy lips and Rahul went back to unhook my bra. Sam started biting my lips and was playing with my nipples.

Rahul was rubbing his dick in my ass crack above my skirt. Sam after playing with my nipples for some time removed my skirt and placed his hands on my ass cheeks and spanked them.

By this time Rahul removed his pant and shirt and was in his inners with a huge bulge inside. I pushed sam onto bed went on my knees unzipped his pants pulled his hot dick out and started giving him blowjob took his dick deep into my throat and sucked his dick like a lollipop by spitting on it and sucking it am sure that sam was in heaven and he didnt get such suck before. While I was madly sucking Rahul came and moved me aside and he started sucking sams dick.

When I was standing aside sam holds my dick and pulled me towards him and he kissed me very passionately. Next, Rahul lying on the bed and put his dick in my mouth and me sucking his dick. Sam came from behind made me bent and inserted his monster dick in my ass hole.

While I was sucking Rahuls dick sam was spanking my ass cheeks and fucking my ass very hard and I was not even able to scream as my mouth was filled with Rahuls dick. While sam fucking my slutty ass whole room was filled with my moans (ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh yeahhh fuck fuck fuck me sam make me pregnant with your dick make me your slutty bitch fuck my ass as you like). While fucking sam holds my hair and was pulling them, sam and Rahul asked me to do I like that dick in my ass and mouth.

I told yeahhhh I love both your dicks in my ass and mouth fuck both my holes make me your fucking toy fucking bitch. Sam was spanking my ass and made it red due to his spanking my screams became louder and louder. As my screams became louder sam increased his fucking speed. Now sam pulled his dick out and made me ride his dick by sitting on it. When I was riding his dick Rahul was kissing me Rahul gave me romantic smooches. While riding sams dick once it got slipped off and sam spanked my ass then I applied some slip on his dick and again placed it in my hole and started riding.

Rahul was in no mood to leave me he was giving very romantic smooches. After some time I felt on the bed and now it was Rahuls turn to get fucked by sam. While both were fucking after some time I joined the action I was kissing Rahul and suddenly sam hold my hair and pulled towards him and said got bored of fucking Rahuls ass. It feels more pleasure to fuck your ass within no time sam made me bent on Rahul and inserted his dick and fucked my hole like a mad horse. He was fucking both the asses simultaneously.

Within few minutes sam made us on knees and released his huge load on me and Rahuls face. It was an unforgettable day after fucking session what I came to know is actually it was their plan to trap and fuck me which they told me later. Anyhow because of that fucking session, I got the money which I was in need and enjoyed the session

Hope you all liked the sex story.Any couple wants threesome fun or anyone want paid enjoyment with a cross dresser then contact me. Give your feedback at / /

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