My Fantasy Come True

Hello Readers on ISS. I am one of the devotees of ISS. I read stories here daily. This is the first time I am posting my own real life experience. Let me first tell you about myself. I am Sonika here in this world from Surat, Gujarat. I am a regular not that handsome and not that ugly looking Man, aged 30 still single due to some of my internal fantasies and liking in the regular world. I am doing business. I smoke and chew supari and also drink while sex only.

But in the world of sex, I am totally a different personality. I am Bi-sexual not actually you can call me a GAY. I like thin cocks only. I am not choosy about age, body structure or religion. Just I need is thin cocks. I hate fat cocks. I have many experiences in my past but this is the one I love the most which just happened in the month of August’2016.

Now coming to the sex story.

I am registered with many online gay dating sites. And I have written each every possible information that can be shared on that. I have also written about my fantasy about which I am writing here. I got a message on my Id saying “ We are a couple from Vapi, Would like to chat.” I accepted their request and was chatting with them.

We had a chat about my fantasy about GETTING FUCKED BY A MALE INFRONT HIS WIFE OR GF AND ALSO SUCKING BOOBS AND PUSSY OF HER. AND ALSO WOULD LIKE TO GET FUCKED BY THE WOMAN WEARING STRAPON. Basically, they are from Mumbai. The Man well built, heighted and aged 32 named Samar and the Lady fair and beautiful but fat like me with big boobs and big ass aged 30 named Arpita. Oh, I forgot to tell about myself. I am a fat hairy guy with big girly boobs and nice big ass.

After that, we had a skype chat as I was all alone in my office. We had a video chat and we saw each other. We liked each other. And also they told me that they are finding a bottom gay to enjoy the same fantasy I have. Then we exchanged our numbers and were regular in touch via call and whatsapp. Few days later I was to visit Vapi for some official work on Saturday. So I called them and we planned to meet after my work finishes.

After reaching vapi and finishing off my work, We met near Vishal Mega Mart in GIDC are in Vapi. Then we headed to an Ice Cream parlor, had some Ice Cream and then they told me that they have made some arrangements for full enjoyment and If I would stay overnight, It would be a nice experience. So deciding the same I called at my home and told that I will be staying in Vapi itself and the work would be completed on next day. As being Sunday I was free also.

After heading from there we reached to their flat which was very nicely decorated by the lady and I complimented her for the same and also for her beauty. She was looking damn beautiful in a Punjabi Pink Suit. They led me to a room which had attached toilet and bathroom and a bed and a cupboard. They used it for guests who visited them from their hometown. They told me to take bath and dress up in the clothes put in the cupboard. And they were waiting for me in the hall.

They were making arrangements for Drinks. As discussed on the phone they had brought Vat69 my favorite Brand.

After I entered the room I kept my bag on the bed and opened the cupboard for clothes to see. I was shocked to see ladies clothes with Bra and nice laced Panty. It was a Punjabi Salwar Kameez. I went to freshen Up. Did my face shaving and after wearing Bra and Panty and Dress I looked at myself in the mirror of the cupboard. I was looking like a lady itself but the thing missing was a long wig and some makeup.

Anyways I ignored it and went out and there they were waiting for me. They called me and told to sit on the sofa. I thanked them for the dress.

Then we started talking about my few last experiences and about my this new fantasy. And also we started having pegs of Whisky. We were talking since 30-40 minutes and we were almost 3 pegs in.

We all were heated up now. Now the lady took the initiative, she came near me and took the glass of the 4th peg in her hand sipped and little and smooched me. We were in ecstasy. She kept the glass on the table and smooched me again and started to press my boobs like a man. Wow it was awesome. I was just sucking her tongue and she was sucking mine.

While all this was going on Samar got up removed all his clothes and started undressing Arpita. While smooching with Arpita I was looking in Samars eyes. After that told me to come in the bedroom and there they made me naked. I was only in my bra and panty.

We three got on the bed and again I and Arpita were in action. I was on my back and Arpita on me. Kissing my face and pressing and sucking my boobs. While Samar came from behind Arpita and started sucking her pussy. I was pressing and pinching arpita’s boobs and bums. Then we came in the position of a triangle. I was sucking arpita’s pussy and fucking her with my fingers, arpita was sucking samar and samar were licking my asshole.

As soon samar started licking me I was in heaven and full of pleasure and the same pleasure I was giving to arpita. Samar has a nice cock as I love it not that big 6.5 inches and a thin cock not fat. This went on an hour and we didn’t know when It was 9 PM. Arpita came 3 times in this 1 hour and samar came in her mouth. I was still not released.

Arpita took my 5-inch erect cock in her mouth and gave a nice blowjob and took all my cum in her mouth and then again smooched me. We all decided to have dinner and then go for another round. We were naked and freshened up and went on the dining table. Arpita brought the dinner from the kitchen we had our dinner all naked. I didn’t eat much as I Knew I was to get fucked my Samars nice lovely cock. After dinner, me and samar had a smoke and also arpita joined us.

Again we were in the bedroom on the bed. Now it was time for real action they tied my eyes with a black ribbon and told that there is a surprise for me. We were in action and I was still blindfolded. Arpita was sucking my boobs and I was sucking samar. Arpita told samar to now lick my asshole and make ready for real fuck. Samar started licking me and within no time his 3 fingers were in me and I was just moaning and while arpita was not near.

Samar told me to spread my legs wide and I did as said. There was his cock on my asshole to enter. And after that, my eyes were unfolded from the ribbon and I was shocked to see arpitas cock trying to enter me. It was a strapon. Same size of samar’s cock but little thick than his. I was happy as my fantasy was coming true.

Slowly arpita entered me and samar gave me his cock in my mouth. It was paining a lot. Within 5 minutes the whole cock was inside me and I was moaning in pain and pleasure.

Now the action started. Arpita was fucking me slowly and gradually her speed increased and even samar was mouth fucking me they were kissing each other from both the ends.

Wow, it was just amazing. My fantasy of getting fucked by a lady was true at the time. After continuous fucking of 30 minutes, samar came in my mouth and some liquid was flowing in my ass. It was open ended strapon in which cum of arpita was flowing and arpita fell on me. We all were exhausted.

As in the time I had also cummed by shaking my cock myself.

Now Samar came near my hole and let the strapon be inside and asked arpita to suck him. He was again tight. And Now he positioned himself and pushed his cock into my ass. It went easily due to recent fucking is done by arpita.Arpita came in 69 position with me and was sucking my non-erect cock and I was sucking her pussy. It was an amazing experience.

The whole night we had 3 more sessions. And in the morning we got up and also enjoyed whole day adding something more to our experience. That I will tell you later. People do respond to my story with your comments. My mail Id is / / . Any such couple or any guy with thin cock from Surat-Gujarat or surroundings can contact me.