CD Bottom Got Fucked In Moving Train

Though I am very active in having sex with men as a closet CD, I never tried anything in public and wanted to try at least once. So, I decided to grab the opportunity on my train trip to Pune. Though I was not fully dressed up like a CD, with my attire, tattoos, and glossy lipstick, anyone on the platform or train could easily make out that I am a gay or a transgender and that thought gave me an instant kick.

It happened on my train journey to Pune a month back. I was wearing a lady v-neck slim fit t-shirt a thigh-sized shorts and slippers with my sexy lady specs on. I also had tattoos on my legs and arms and neck and my whole intention was to look like a t-girl or a gay bottom and it worked.

It was a 2-tier AC coach and I boarded the train at 6:30 pm from Mysore. Until Bangalore, only me and an army guy was there in my bay. He spoke to me nicely, looked all around me. Mine was a lower birth and his was upper, just above me. Since it was only early in the night, I was expecting a movement from him in the late night. By 9 pm, we reached Bangalore, and an old couple came just opposite to our berth and many passengers boarded from Bangalore. I had my dinner ordered and finished it by 9:30 pm.

Unfortunately, that army man didnt show any interest in dinner and he just slept off. I think he might have got turned off after seeing the old couple just in front of me. I was really horny in the night. I had carried lipstick as well and applied it on my lips at night and just walked into the bathroom to shag myself. I had my bra and panty inside my sexy top and shorts and on the way to the bathroom, a middle-aged man was just standing outside and was smoking there.

He looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at him and went to the loo. I removed all my clothes inside and started feeling myself by pressing my boobs and shagging my cock. I could not cum even after shagging for 15 minutes and I put the clothes back and came out of the loo.

I was not expecting the middle-aged man again outside there, as it was more than 15 minutes, but to my surprise, he was standing out, but this time without a cigarette.

With my red lipstick and the way I was dressed up, he would have made up his mind and I was also kind of feeling kinky inside. He smiled at me again and I also smiled at him. I just stood opposite to him for some time, and my whole intention was to seduce him by showing my body structure. I pretended as if I am bending down to correct my slippers and exposed my ass to him. Also, lifted my left hand to show him my smooth armpit and the tattoos on my navel. Since it was a short t-shirt, he could view my sexy navel very clearly.

I went back to my berth and kept the condoms in my shorts and came out again and sat on the side lower bay next to the door as it was empty. I was sure that he must be waiting for me and my guess was correct.! He was just waiting outside. I didnt go outside, but sat on the lower side birth and started watching my own videos which I had uploaded to XVideos. He was peeping inside through the door glass and he could make out that I was watching porn.

He opened the door and crossed me as if he is going to his berth to sleep. It was almost 1:30 a.m. by then. On the way, he just touched my arms and gave me a kind of small pinch. He went to his berth and came back just in 2 mins. He came close to the birth where I was sitting and asked: “can I sit here”? I told yes. He sat just opposite to me and started looking at his mobile. We didnt speak to each other, but it was kind of we both knew why we are there at that odd hours in the night.

After few mins, I could feel his feet on my legs, slowly moving up and down. I was also looking at my videos and was enjoying his feet on my smooth legs. It slowly started crawling up to my thighs and again down. I started making body movements and was enjoying it. He realized my response,which would have got him a positive signal; he slowly came closer to me and started kissing my neck.

All berths were in dark and only one dim light was on in the corridor and also all of them had closed their bay with curtains. I was pretty naughty at that moment, and I lifted my neck for him to offer more. Within seconds, he grabbed my face and locked his lip with mine and started giving me deep kisses and put his tongue inside my mouth. His hands started pressing my boobs and touching all over my body. I was trembling with pleasure.

Then, he closed the bay by moving the curtains in and adjusted the seats as a berth by joining them. I was all ready for him and had the excitement of having with a stranger in moving the train. He made my lie down on the berth and he lied on top of me, started kissing me all over again, and lifted my t-shirt up. He was amazed to see my bra inside and whispered in my ears that “you are so sexy, baby.”

He removed my t-shirt and started licking my body like a hungry dog. He was in love with my armpit and navel and I was feeling like a slutty bitch. Then, he pulled my shorts also down and started licking my legs and thighs, made my legs wide spread and gave me deep kisses on my dick and asshole. Though my mind was worried about getting caught, my soul was enjoying the act. After few seconds, he whispered in my ears, “baby, can you give me a blowjob?” I told yes dear, I can..

He pulled his shorts down and took his tool out. He must be about 45 to 50, but his tool was so nice and thick. I gave my mouth to him and he was just enjoying my expert tongue on him. He pulled my head closer to him and pushed his dick deep inside my throat. I asked him to lay down so that I can suck him from the top. He did that way and I started giving him a deep blowjob, sucking his balls, and ticking his glans penis.

Unexpectedly, he pulled my legs up and positioned himself for a 69. He moved my panty to sideways, and started putting his tongue in my hole and started licking it with a lot of passion. He licked my inner thighs, bit my bums, and put his tongue deep inside my hole and started fingering it using his saliva. I was in 7th heaven…!! He badly wanted to fuck me. He asked whether I have condoms or not and I had condoms in stock.. lol

I took the condoms out of my shorts and I myself put on his cock. He was fully erect and was still lying down. I sucked him again with the condoms on and put a lot of saliva on his dick. Then, I climbed on him and guided his dick to my hole. It was a bit tight due to lack of proper lubrication, but I managed to put it inside.

I started moving up and down slowly and after 5 mins, my hole was ready for a hard fuck.

After about 5 mins in that position, he made me lying down and asked me to spread my legs. That was one of the best ever fucks I had from a middle-aged man who is nearing 50. He fucked me like a hungry dog with my legs spread. His big tool went in and out so hard and I held him so tight. I was feeling like moaning loudly, but I had to control…!! Then, he turned me around and inserted from behind.

After about 15 to 20 minutes of hardcore fucking, he did cum inside my ass.

Oh, my dear readers. What an awesome experience was that..!!

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