My Guards Friend

Hello, boys!

Back with another experience of mine. Appreciate all the feedback and comments I got through email and a special thanks to those who I ended up meeting as well.

Okay, so a lot of you have read my previous stories:

1. Me and my colony guard 
2. My massage experience 
3. Metro to bedroom

And the last one about how my servant fucked me every day for a month when he was working at my house. Now, my most recent experience. For those of you who have read me and my colony guard would know about the guard that I am going to refer to. For those of you who don’t know who my guard is, here is a little background in brief:

There was a guard(bittu) that use to work in my colony about 7 years back. I met him one evening outside my house and somehow managed to convince him to let me suck his cock (how it happened read “Me and my colony guard”).

Since that day, I and bittu have met on and off and have had sex or oral fun. But he changed his job and now works in some marble manufacturing unit.

Anyways, the last I met bittu was about a month or so ago and before that I had been telling him to call any of his other top friends sometimes as I have always liked having 3somes. A week ago bittu called me and he was with someone at that time. Conversation below:

Bittu hello, kaise ho?
Me  thik hun, tum kaise ho?

Bittu badiya, bade dino bad baat ho rahi hai.
Me  haan, thoda busy tha, time nai mila
Bittu tumhe yaad hai, tum humesha kehte they kissi friend ko bhi bulao?
Me haan 
Bittu mere sath mera ek dost hai, lo baat karo…

He just handed over the phone to his friend, with a manly deep voice I hear a hello on the side:

Me hello?
friend kya haal hai jaan?
Me  thik, tum kaun ho?
Bittus friend  kisliye milna that bittu ke dost se?
I couldnt say anything as I was a little surprised or rather shocked.

Bittus friend kya hua jaan? Chudegi?
Me  haan

The reply was instant this time but I was nervous, as I have not met someone who is this forward and gets straight to the point. Anyways, at that time I said “Haan milte hain”. After that bittu took the phone and he asked me if I wanted to come to his place that day itself as his friend was only staying with him for one night. Thinking this is my only chance and since speaking to bittus friend had me feel so horny I told him yes and that I would see him at his house by 7pm. Before keeping the phone down, bittu told me to get some girly dresses as well as his friend liked cds.

Okay guys, before I go any further here is a little abt me: I am 26 yrs old, living in delhi ncr and I am pure bottom. I am 55 in height, curvy body, fair and have a nice round bubbly ass. I am submissive and girly and like to cd sometimes in private.

Back 2 the story:

The conversation with bittu and his friend happened at around 2pm in the day and since then till about 6:30pm I could not think of anything else except how this evening would go. Thinking off being naked in front of two guys was making me horny.

Anyways, I got ready wore some pjss (no underwear) and a loose t shirt. I put on some girly clothes in a bag and left for the metro station. Even during the metro ride, I was horny and thinking off bittu and his friend.

After about 30 minutes I reached the dwarka station and got off. I had called bittu to come pick me up from the station as I didn’t know the way to his house.

After I got out of the metro station, I see bittu and his friend standing outside and smiling looking towards me. I was really turned on seeing both of them. Bittu is dark, about 5/8 in height, slightly on the health side and bittus friend was younger, slim, dark and about 5/10 in height.

Anyways, I met both of them outside, shook hands, and then started walking towards their bike. While walking towards the bike, bittus friend (kartik) was walking really close to me and literally had his hand touching the side of my legs each time we walked.

We got to the bike, bittu got on the rider seat and kartik told me to sit in the middle. I did so without hesitation, now kartik’s body was pressing against mine and his hands were on my thighs. As we moved, kartiks hand now were caressing my thighs firmly and moved his hands towards my cock (which was hard now).

He stroked me and I kept pushing my ass towards his cock. None of us spoke during the bike ride, but kartik was already feeling me up. The ride was about 10 mins and we reached bittu’s room.

We all got inside, bittu went straight to the bathroom, while I sat on his bed and kartik came and sat next to me. His hands were again now touching me everywhere. He asked me is bag mein kya hai?. I replied saying kapde hain. He asked me to get out of my pjs and t shirt and wear a thong and a short dress and I obeyed him.

After bittu came out of the bathroom, I went in and started to change. When I came out, I see kartik has taken off his t shirt and bittu is in his balcony smoking a cigarette. As soon as kartik saw me, he walked towards me and caressed my ass with his hands.

Guys I was wearing a black thong, and a short red dress which barely covered my bubbly ass. Kartiks hands were now really caressing my ass firmly and sometimes would even spread it and touch my asshole. I was getting really horny and I could feel his bulge growing as well.

I took my right hand and started to stroke his cock from top of his pants. He instantly unzipped and dropped his pants. His cock was in his underwear and I slowly pulled it out. The cock was really nice, about 6 and a half inches and thick. Just perfect!

I stroked him properly now and then he told me chus mera

I dropped to my knees and took started the action, slowly first touching the tip of his cock with my tongue, then slowly taking it in my mouth inch by inch while staring down his eyes.

I took his cock deep inside a couple of times and then would spit on it. I loved sucking cock and I sucked him good for about 3-4 mins before he pulled me up and turned me around.

He lifted my red dress, pulled my thongs down and started to rub his hard cock between my ass cheeks, with his hands caressing my boobs. I was also moving up and down and forward and back to make sure his cock was satisfied while between my ass cheeks.

After about 5 mins, bittu walks into the room and he is just smiling while his friend rubs his cock on my ass. Bittu left the room and left the two of us alone, I didnt even care as kartik was driving me crazy.

Once bittu left the room, kartik pushed me to the bed, my face is down and his cock is still rubbing against me. He turns me around and slowly starts to completely undress me. He took off my thongs, then stripped my dress off and now I was fully naked in front of him.

He turned me again and now my ass was facing him in doggy style while he stood behind me. He got down to his knees and I felt something touch my asshole. He was rimming me now and my god do I love that. It was an amazing feeling, he rimmed me, his tongue all the way in while he slaps my ass. I was ready for his cock now, so I told him to fuck me hard.

He pulled out a condom, started to put it on while he was rimming me still. He put in a lot of spit and loosened up my asshole with his tongue and two fingers.

Slowly he slid his thick long cock in my asshole and I moaned. I was moaning in pleasure as it felt so good, he slowly moved in and out till I had managed to fit all of him. Once he had inserted himself nicely inside he fucked me hard and hard like I have never been fucked. Even bittu never fucked me so hard. He was like a machine and his motions of in and out were amazingly synced. He started to talk to me dirty while he was pounding me, he was saying things like randi bana dunga tujhe, acha lagega na? Teri gand mast hai randi and all that.

After about fucking me in doggy style for 5 mins, he took his condom off and asked me to suck him again. I did so without a question, this time I was sucking him deeper and harder. He told me he wanted to cum all over my face and I sucked him for about 2-3 minutes before he was ready to blow his load. He took his cock out of my mouth and burst his load on my face, eyes, lips, chest. I was soaked in his cum and took in whatever was sprayed on my lips.

After this, he tells me that he had a lot of fun and he wants to fuck me again after sometime. Anyways, we laughed about that and he moved to the bathroom to clean himself. I was still naked and horny since I had not cum, but just being in that state, with cum all over me was making me feel like a total slut. Soon enough, bittu walked back into his room and saw me standing naked smoking a cigarette. He came from behind and slapped my ass and said “Maza aya randi”.

I turned to him and smiled. He was still gripping my ass and I guess even he got horny seeing me naked. He told me to turn around, I did so, my ass was against his pants and his hands were on my cock. While slowly pushing from behind he started to jerk my cock. After 30 seconds of him jerking me in that position I came in his hands, immediately he rubbed his hands all over my lips so I would end up eating my own cum.

Anyways, after I came I went to the washroom, cleaned myself up and came back into the room and wore my clothes. After chatting with both kartik and bittu and discussing how much fun sex was. I said my goodbye and decided to leave.

Thats it guys, hope you liked it, and hope it got some of you excited. This was a true experience that happened a week ago. Those of you have any comments or feedback or just want to say hi can reach me on the below email id:

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I look forward to hear from you guys soon :))))