Sex With Dads Friend

I am from Delhi and bisexual guy and had few gay experiences in my life. This is my first story which I am narrating to everyone. I am not a good writer. But still, I will try to provide each detail in a better way. I have my id on pr and my id is boobsfeed. You can give your footprint and check my pictures as well. I had a little bit of feminine character like my smooth upper body and rounded boobs while growing up and later enhanced due to my sexual encounters. Coming back to the sex story below.

Coming back to the sex story below.

This incidentally also my first experience into the gay world. This happened around 5 years back when I was in college.Mr. Bhatia who is my dads friend as they worked earlier together for a couple of years in a different city.

So he lost his job and came to our city as dad had opening in his company. Although he is my dads friend but he is around 14-15 years younger to him. He managed to get job in dads company and dad asked him to stay with us at least for a month or two before he finds a good home for himself and also for the fact that they will be visiting our hometown due to some issues with land for a couple of weeks. So he agreed.

We both had the common interest of cooking and playing cricket. So we became friends too due to this and shared secrets too. Then finally my parents left for hometown for a couple of weeks. He was unmarried then. So initially we used to chat, cook food and play cricket. Then we started drinking as well.

So on one Sunday he went out to buy bread and egg for breakfast. I went for a bath, I came out wearing just my undies as I thot he was at home. But as soon as I came out he entered the room unknowingly asking about food. He saw me semi-nude and he just kept staring at my chest and my smooth body.I felt little shy and he could have seen that.I could also sense that he must be hard on. Anyways he went out and I got dressed up.

The whole day we didnt speak much just watched tv. Then at night we sat ordered food from outside and started to drink. We drank and chatted. As we both high on drinks decided to watch porn. We first started with girl boy sex porn and then decided to see some gay videos. While watching we both felt excited and saw each other face in between to see each others reaction.

We both felt hot at that time and bhaiya was twitching his dick and I also doing same. It was hot weather and our room cooler not working so the fan in full speed couldnt keep us cool. So bhaiya removed his full pant and he was in tight shorts and I could see his hard on. He saw me staring and then smiled at me and I also smiled.

I was feeling little horny so I wanted to compliment him and I told bhaiya that your body is very fit and u got good muscles. I asked him can I touch ur muscles. He agreed and I touched it and I was close to him he told me sexily in my ears that I smell good. I was close to him at that moment I saw in his eyes and then his lips and I smiled.

We both was looking at each other for some while and kept looking each others eye and lips. Then dont know what happened bhaiya came close and kissed my lips.

I was little surprised but then he hugged me and he said that he was attracted to me especially when he saw me today after the bath. I felt like a gal at that moment, I also hugged him tight standing up. I cud feel his hard on. I told him to kiss me. Then we had long lip kiss.

I then touched his dick and feel the bulge and see his excitement. He told me lets go to the bathroom and lets take shower together. We went to the washroom. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly and kissing his chest.

He then removed my t-shirt. I was wearing tight ganjee and he cud see the bulge of my boobs. He said that I must have been a women in my last birth as I got such lovely boobs. I opened my ganjee. He just held my boobs, kept pressing it. He then pushed me to wall and started sucking my nipples. I was going mad at that time. It was first time someone held my boobs and sucking it.

He opened the shower and we were totally wet. He went behind me and started kissing my shoulder and back. He started giving me love bites all over my body.I then removed his shorts and started sucking his dick.I felt little bland so I said I want to experiment. We closed the shower went to the room.

I went to the kitchen and got Nutella and coated his dick with Nutella and just sucked it like I was having ice cream. It was heaven to both of us. He then cummed in my mouth.That creamy salty taste mixed with Nutella was yummy. Then he helped me cum too.

Then we cleaned each other and slept next to each other holding together.

We did this daily for the next 9-10 days every morning and night. I was not into anals so much so I used to give him amazing blowjob by experimenting it with sauce,Nutella,ice cream and he used to loved it and I also loved it too. He used to cum on my ass during climax. I simply loved it. I also did crossdressing few times in front of him.

He was responsible for making my boobs little more rounded too. We did this for few more times after that he got married next year and then he shifted to Dubai for his work. But he was responsible for introducing me to this exciting world and a new facet of my sexual life.

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