Gay Massage For A Straight Guy

Im Chirag and Ive posted before about my adventures. While I am strictly a straight guy, something happened recently that made me question my sexuality for a few days. It all began like this:

A few weeks ago, I went to go bowling and when we paid for the bowling tickets, the ticket counter guy handed us a scratch card from a spa. Im not a spa person and Ive never been one. But scratching stuff is fun so I scratched it anyway. I won 2500 rupees worth of services for free!

Deciding that it would be a good experience, I went to the parlor and showed them my card. They explained to me that it involved a facial, haircut, foot massage, and a full body massage. I was little nervous since I have never really experienced anything else apart from a haircut. But, since it was free, I agreed.

I decided to do it all in one day. A dark man who looked slightly feminine smiled and said he would be handling me today. I said okay. We went into the next room and he asked me to take off my shirt for the facial. I hesitated and then I thought, “Ah, what the fuck. Im a guy, hes a guy, and its only a facial.” and I removed my shirt. I lay on my back and he began applying lotion after lotion. I should admit, his hands felt great. But, I did feel something was off when he started massaging my shoulder and chest. At one point, he even played with my nipples.

The facial took half an hour and once it was done, I called a friend of mine and told him what happened. He laughed and said it was normal and that I was overthinking it. So, I let it go. Maybe I was.

A few minutes later, the guy came back and said that we could proceed with the massage. He would do all the massages at the same time. I agreed and followed him into a dimly lit room. A single bed stood at the center, on which there was a towel and a white clump of tissue paper.

“Sir, remove all your clothes and wear that and lie down. I will come in a few minutes,” he said and left. I was puzzled but I took off my shirt. I picked up the white tissue bundle and realized that it was actually a very thin cloth underwear and not tissue. I quickly removed my pant and wore the underwear on top of my underwear. I was genuinely nervous now.

He came back in, saw what I was wearing and instantly said, “Sir, youll have to remove your underwear and wear the white one. Otherwise, the oil will come on it and it will smell. Ill go out while you change.” He walked out leaving me confused. But, I took off my underwear and wore the white one on top. It was extremely thin and you could almost see through it and see my dick!

I convinced myself that it would be professional since its a well-known parlor. I decided to calm down and I lay down on my stomach on the bed. He came back in and started pressing my calf muscles. I was slightly tensed since Im not used to another man touching me. But, his hands actually felt pretty good so I convinced myself that nothing was going to happen and that it would be professional throughout.

He poured hot oil on my legs and started rubbing it all over the back of my thighs. Then his hands moved to the insides of my thighs and brushed my ass. Suddenly, without warning, he pulled up my underwear near my ass to reveal my left ass cheek clearly. He happily rubbed oil there, breathing heavily. Once he was done with my left leg, he started on my right. He again pulled up the right side of underwear to show my right ass cheek and started rubbing it. At this point, my ass was entirely visible and I could feel his fingers exploring.

They poked and teased my asshole. He even inserted a bit of his finger into my butt while stroking my leg. But, after that, he moved to my back and it was fine. I calmed down again telling myself Im an idiot.

He stopped and asked me to turn. I turned onto my back and he turned off the one light that was one. The room was almost completely dark but I could see his outline. He poured hot oil into my belly button and started rubbing oil on my stomach and thighs again.

At this point, he pushed his hand into my underwear. But he only reached for the part of my leg covered under it. He started rubbing harder and pushed his hands right near my balls. He rubbed hard and my dick bounced in and out of the underwear. I was starting to get hard at this point but I told myself to control since I was worried it would freak him out. What if all this was normal?

Then he rubbed his hands on the insides of my thighs and poured oil on my white underwear. The oil was hot and it made the underwear see-through. He could see I was getting hard. The shape of my dick was starting to poke through even though it was dark. He lowered the elastic of the underwear a bit and started rubbing me everywhere but my dick. he made sure to rub with his warm hands everywhere but my dick. For some reason, I was getting turned on. Im not sure why.

Then he moved to my shoulders and he rubbed my chest till the base of my dick. His fingers slid so smoothly under my underwears elastic. I was trying very hard to control my mood. Finally, he went back to my legs and pulled off my underwear slowly to my ankles.

There was a pause. I kept my eyes closed.

I felt something warm pouring onto my dick and I realized he was pouring the oil on my dick. I was half hard. He started massaging my dick! He pulled back my foreskin and it felt heavenly. I am straight but at that moment, his hands felt like feather touch. The oil made it slippery and he massaged my balls and started half stroking my dick.The moment he pulled my foreskin back and poured oil, I got extremely hard.

“Is this your first massage?” He asked.

“Hmm,” I said since thats all I could manage. He began grunting and stroking my dick even faster like he was trying to milk it. I could feel my precum. My hands were above my head and he was standing on my right. I brought my hands down to my side and my right hand brushed past his pant. It felt hard.

I froze. I didnt know what to do. He was using both his hands to massage and stroke my dick. I moved my little finger and purposely brushed it against his pants. It felt hard. I pressed more. He pushed himself against my finger more. I wasnt thinking. I was acting on instinct.

I turned my hand and started feeling for his pants. I found his pant zip and pulled it down. His stroking started getting faster. I felt something warm meet my hands. He used his left hand and pulled out his dick. I grasped his 6-inch thick dick and started stroking it. We stayed in this position for a bit and started moaning lightly.

He then moved my hand away and moved his body closer to my face level. I opened my right eye a little and I was staring at the pink tip of his dick right near my nose. Even before I could say anything, I felt something wet on my dick. I glanced down and realized that he was sucking it. Oh, his tongue knew what to do.

His dick was poking my face. I instinctively opened my mouth and let it poke inside my mouth. Initially, I went slow since Ive never done this before. But, I held it with my hands and did it like how a girl would suck it.

He finally lifted his head, held my dick with both his hands and started stroking hard. I kept sucking. I knew I would come any second. I realized he would too. I remembered Im straight too and I didnt want him to cum in my mouth!I pulled out and began stroking his wet dick.

I came in seconds. He came a few seconds after I did. Luckily, I pointed his dick away from my face. He opened the door to the shower next to him and asked me to get in and shower. I got in and closed the door behind me.

When I get out, he wasnt there. I quickly wore my clothes, said bye to him outside and left. Ive never gone there again. But when I think about how it was in that room, I get horny. But, Im 100% sure Im still straight.

If you guys enjoyed my story, please comment and give me your feedback. You can email me at / / and I will get back to you.


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