Rain And The Wetness Made Me Go Mad

This is not the first time I did it with a guy but this incident became so erotic and memorable that I wanted people to know about it. About me, I am an average looking guy with short height 58 fair a bit chubby and good looking guy.

It was a rainy season when I got some work from my dad for which I had to go shopping nearby. As I headed towards the shop it started drizzling.

I ignored it and took my vehicle and left home. I hardly drove my bike for 10min when it started raining heavily. I was totally drenched and after some time it became very difficult for me to drive so I thought to take a halt nearby.But unfortunately, I could not find any place there. So finally I saw quarters nearby so I decided taking cover over there.

I parked my vehicle outside a stranger house entered d gate and stood in shade. Hardly 2 min passed when I saw a man well built, 6 I guess but with a kind voice said, “You are completely wet why dont you come in”.

At that time I had no idea what was coming on me next, I just felt I needed shelter and he was kind enough to provide me that. I followed him in and stood at the entrance. The man Ravi, provided me a towel to wipe myself and a t-shirt and a short which was loose enough for me but I changed my clothes and got into that. While changing I could see him taking a complete look at my wet body, he even tried touching my ass and my back .

After changing I sat on the sofa and he provided me tea and we started chatting. He was a bit dark from his pictures hanging on the wall I knew he was in the army. His age must have been between 35 to 40. He told me he had retired a year ago.

He had a daughter and wife but both were out of the station. It had been a month, his daughter took admission in a college so her mom assisted her and was staying with her there. The man was all alone and lonely here. Ravi asked me for my details which I gave him but while interacting I could see him taking a complete look at me. He had his eyes on my lips,my chest which for him was tits then and my legs. He had a sort of lust in his eyes.

After our introduction he came near me,he was in shorts too with no undies inside because I could see seen his penis which was half erect then and came and sat close to me. He started asking about my girlfriend and if I ever fucked them and our topic became horny.

Then I could see his penis which was big enough was struggling to get free from his shorts and he was too adjusting it so that I could not notice it. Then all of a sudden he held my hands and came very close to me and told me if I could be his wife for an hour or two. I was shocked but I liked his hard hands, they were so hard that even I could not answer anything and put down my face like a new bride.

He understood my intentions and even me, I was feeling like a bitch then and liked d feeling I got. He came over me like a hungry dog grabbed my neck and smooched me.

He put his tongue inside my mouth and I was kind of choked and then he licked my lips my face my neck. He was completely erect and I could see his monstrous cock from his shorts. He asked me to get up I followed him like he was my husband.,he pushed me to the wall and kept kissing my lips.I could feel his dick touch on my stomach and enjoyed the rhythm. Suddenly he paused, he looked into my eyes,I felt ashamed and looked down he held my face and asked me to wear his daughters dress.

By then I was so horny I agreed to it. Even I wanted him inside me moreover, it was the first time something so unusual was happening to me I just wanted it to happen. I like a whore asked him for ten min to get ready, he directed me to his daughters wardrobe and he sat in the other room.

I saw him pouring liquor and drinking it. I knew I was gonna get hard fucked but I enjoyed the feeling I got then. I changed my clothes, starting with his daughters panty, it was tight for me but I managed then put on a black bra and took a red saree and wrapped it around me.

Fortunately, I got a wig there which I guess his wife used, put on some eye liner.,a dark lipstick and some powder and at the end ladies deo. I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked to see myself,I was looking like a girl. I have a bit bulged ass which added to my beauty.

Then I entered the room in which my man was drinking.,his mouth was open for a second, he said. I am gonna fuck u so hard my lady. He was full of lust and jumped on me like I am his meat. Ravi kissed me, he was all drunk and was a bit violent now.

He held my chest over the bra like tits and squashed them. Pressed it so hard, I started moaning. He removed my sari and sucked my nipples very hard, made them go red. At last, he bit it so hard that I shouted. He started abusing me. Said I am his bitch and he is gonna fuck me the whole day.

He talked dirty to me but I was enjoying his suck on my nipples and kept mourning and held him from his head close to me. He suddenly stood up and removed his shorts.

He had a large dick and it was monstrous and black. He forced me by my neck and inserted it into my mouth. It was salty. But I liked it and sucked him like it was an ice cream.He spat on his dick and made me lick it and suddenly inserted it deep inside. It was deep throat and I felt choked. He held me by my head and choked me for few seconds.I started mourning with a monstrous dick inside my mouth.He released me and this continued for more than 15 min.Ravi made lick his ass

It was very bad but I did not have any option but eventually I licked it like it was pussy. He kept giving me a blowjob and said he gonna cum.I said cum inside my mouth master, make me your bitch. He was more aroused and kept fucking my mouth then suddenly he held me tight and inserted his full length inside my mouth. I thought I would die and he cum in my mouth. It was warm salty and he held me tightly I was mourning for air but he held me so tight I was feeling helpless and he released me. He took two more pegs and said he was gonna fuck me now.

I drank all his cum like a whore and sat on the floor naked with bra and my panty on. He then came back after his drink and now he was more violent and said I am the biggest whore he had ever seen and started pressing my tits.They were red now and he tore the bra and again sucked it and bite my nipples I shouted in pain but he did not stop.

He even tore the panty and started rubbing his dick in my ass hole. He spat on his dick head and made me sleep in doggy style and first slowly inserted his dick. It was too big. Like a rod tearing my walls, I shouted in pain to which he said shut up slut and held my mouth and inserted it completely in a single stroke. I was in heavy pain, it felt as if my ass was torn apart but slowly I enjoyed the pace. He kept fucking me for next twenty min.

He came on top of me held my legs wide apart as if I am a girl and again inserted his dick and kept fucking me harder and each time it became harder. I could feel his thirst and obeyed his every position like his wife.

He held my legs in his arms and ass fucked me and I could feel the rod digging my ass with his every push. He fucked me in missionary style and picked me up in his arms spread my ass as much as possible and again fucked me for 10min. He was abusing me like anything. Said I was a guy whore and he would make his friends fuck me.

Finally, it came to an end. He was ready to cum inside my ass,now I could feel his dick which seemed ever thicker and was tightly fixed in my ass walls and he came inside me.It was as if he poured warm water inside me. It was very warm and he slept on me.

He rested on top of me and we both breathing heavily. I was trying to get some air.My ass paining but I liked the feeling I got then. Finally, after my sex session I could see the rain stopped, I left.We exchanged our contact and he keeps fucking me every week and I feel my ass has also grown big now all because of my man Ravi.