My Bisexual Experience

Myself Aj (name changed), a 22-year-old guy from Vizag. I am Bi-curious. This story is about how I got curious about entering into this Bi world and my experiences. This is my first story so please excuse any grammatical errors & mistakes. Please Enjoy..!!

It all started in a movie theater were i was watching Jack reacher movie. An old guy was sitting beside me (i didnt suspect any foul play at first ) as the movie was running he slowly started to feel my thighs. I couldnt react as Im unaware of wat he was doing at that time, after few mins he directly put his hand above my cock over jeans. I am passing through a series of mixed feelings, slowly he unzipped my jeans and took my cock out.

Yes, readers, he took my cock out in a theater luckily there were few audiences present and started to give me a Handjob. That was too much to handle for me but I was unable to do anything rather than sitting quietly (even today I ask the same question to myself that Why I didnt do anything to stop him?) Fortunately or Unfortunately the movie was over and as soon as the movie was over I ran like anything from there :)

This incident had a triggered something deep inside me starting from that day I started to search for men with similar tastes in yahoo chatrooms. Luckily one guy gave me a website in which we can signup for free and meet men nearby. Without thinking much I signed up in that website and started my search, and yea I chatted with several men but didnt feel like doing anything further ( meet or date ).

I met with two guys through that website but didnt go any further than me just giving a blowjob to them. Although I have a zero experience, porn & my curiosity made me a cocksucker ;) but those are different stories. Finally, when all hopes lost I messaged a guy one day on that website, he replied and chat continued on. I felt a connection with him so we decided to meet at his place. He said that he was with a friend but assured me that he will leave if Im uncomfortable, being curious about this lifestyle I decided to go ahead with both.

The day arrived, I went to his place nervous as hell and was completely sweating. He welcomed me inside, we sat for a moment and before we started he told me to washroom if I wanted to fresh up or anything like that. I entered the washroom and decided to shit before having anal because I didnt want it to be messy or an embarrassing moment, after attending to all these I came out of the washroom.

As soon as I came out, he started the act by hugging me and kissing me. It was a completely different experience to be kissed like a girl by a guy. He slowly took me to the bed, came over me and kept kissing me, I can feel his weight on me it was very different feeling. Slowly he started to undress me and started kissing and sucking my man boobs & my waist, I was really feeling how a girl feels. He stopped his act and took his monster out it was in nice length & girth, as soon as it out of its cage I took that beast in my mouth and started sucking. I can feel it growing in size inside my mouth and I kept sucking it for some time.

In the meantime his vers friend reached, so we all got naked and started our act again. This time my top friend was lying on the bed face up and I was sitting on my knees sucking his cock and his vers friend was behind me trying to insert his fingers in my virgin ass. This continued for a while and the top guy was ready to pierce my virgin ass..!!!

We came into a position where I was lying on the bed facing up with a pillow under my ass and my top friend was ready at my ass, his vers friend came up and put his cock in my mouth. The scene was set, I was busy sucking the vers guy meanwhile my top friend put some oil in my ass hole and on his cock and started his assault on my ass. As I was having a cock in my mouth I couldnt see wat was happening at my ass. As soon as he started to insert it pained as hell and the pain had its effect on me. My vers guy understood my situation and started to talk to me mak me comfortable and it worked I started relaxing and my top friend inserted his cock into my asshole.

After many failed and painful attempts he was finally in. He started with gentle strokes but all I could feel was pain and an unbearable burning sensation in my ass.Unfortunately, before I get comfortable to his cock and start enjoying the act he reached his orgasm. So we had to stop.

After that, we relaxed for a while on the bed and freshen up in the washroom and I left from there. I can still feel some pain in my ass but it was bearable.when I reached my home I saw that blood was coming out of ass and I was scared as hell. So I did the same thing anybody would do in my situation. I googled my condition and got the answer that it was the same condition for 9/10 peoples. It also said if the bleeding didnt stop tomorrow I might be in trouble and have to consult a doctor.

Well, that was yesterday and today there was absolutely no trace of blood in my stool so it is safe. So, Guys, this is my story about how I lost my Anal virginity after being curious from an incident. Of course, it would have been nice if I had pleasure too but my top friend could handle it.

Thank you all for Reading, love you all and will be waiting for your comments!