Joined In Action With My Friend

Coming to the sex story as I told you, it took place between me; my friend and his partner. As I and my friend are cross dressers and we met after a time gap and we met at his place. His name is (Rekha name changed) and myself (Raji). So we met at his place in the morning actually our purpose of the meet was to get dressed and have some fun.

We sat and started some casual conversation with few drinks.While drinking we were having conversation like this

Rekha:-do you remember those days when we had real fun

Raji:- yeah, of course, how can I forget those days. We had a lot of fun and we had fun with strangers by seducing them very badly and even with known people sometimes. I miss those days very badly

Rekha:- I actually did not stop having fun once I met a guy smith and he is very manly and sexy would you like to see

Raji:- yeah show me. After seeing the pic I was like omg and he was really sexy with a great body. Am jealous of you Rekha

Rekha:- well dont be, he is coming today afternoon and you can join us

Raji:- I can’t it’s been a long time. I have been away from all these stuff and more over without informing him it won’t be good if I join you both.

Then rekha stood from her place and came towards me and told don’t worry baby you will completely enjoy this and I promise you that you will get satisfied in all the ways.By saying this he slowly pulled me towards him and started kissing me. We smooched for sometime and rekha whispered in my ear come on raji don’t you want to share and suck that big cock with me. My feeling was why not I love to share that big cock with you.After this we got dressed in lingerie because smith loves it. After we dressed up the door bell rang and it was smith. Smith came in and locked the door and we three went into bedroom.

Rekha:- (to smith) I wanted you to come here to meet my friend Raji. Isn’t she looking sexy look at her? We used to do very bad things together but she is away from this stuff for a while. I told her how sexy your body is and she got very turned on by seeing your pic

Smith looked at me and started kissing me. I and Rekha were busy in undressing smith and smith were busy in kissing us. When I removed his pant I was like omg after seeing his massive cock and my mouth was watering. I immediately got onto my knees and took his cock into my hands and it was very big. Rekha also got onto her knees and we both were sucking smiths cock like a lollipop from tip to the top while sucking his cock me and Rekha kissed each other.

Now Rekha went to the side and I was in full action took smiths cock deep into my mouth and was sucking him very madly. Next Rekha and smith went into 69 position and I was sucking smiths balls. Rekha told I want to see smith fucking you very badly and even I also wanted the same to get fucked by smith very badly.After 69 smith again pulled me and kissed me.Now it was Rekhas turn to get fucked and she got into doggy position and I took smiths cock spat on it and placed it at the entrance of Rekhas ass and smith began his front and back motion. At first, he was slow and later he increased his speed to which bed was also moving according to smiths strokes.

While fucking Rekhas ass smith hold my hair pulled towards him and we were in deep smooch our saliva was dripping out. And Rekha was moaning very badly. After Rekha it was my turn to take Rekhas place under smiths cock. I went into doggy and Rekha was also in same position beside me smith placed his cock in my hole and started riding I was not able to take his cock and started moaning in order to make me quiet. Rekha locked my lips with her lips.Smith fucked me well and now Rekha was under smiths cock. As he was fucking Rekhas ass, he was kissing me he never left any chance of kissing me whenever he was fucking Rekha. He kissed me bite my lips and made them dark red and left his bites on my lips. I really loved it and enjoyed it

Now I was lying on bed with pillow under my ass. Smith spread my legs very wide and entered his cock and fucked my very badly till tears rolled from my eyes and to reduce my noise Rekha locked me. Now it was Rekhas turn to get rode by smith till then I got some rest and me and Rekha were kissing like mad lovers. Now smith lied on bed and I sat on him.He held my navel and lifted me and started riding me he even spanked my ass cheeks and made them red. The whole room was filled with sounds like chap chap chap chap chap chap. The sound caused by hitting smith’s thighs and my ass cheeks. And that sound made me go crazy and wild.

Rekha said don’t you want to take his cum inside your ass. I don’t even know what to tell as I was totally tired because of smith’s fucking and I just nodded my head. Smith released his huge load in my ass only and we three lied on the bed without a single piece of cloth on our body.

All three of us enjoyed the act completely. I and Rekha tried every possible way to please and satisfy smith. Even smith also satisfied us to the core

Hope you all liked it.Any couple wants threesome fun or anyone want paid enjoyment with a cross dresser then contact me. Give your feedback at

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