My friend and I pumped our sisters

Hello friends! Hope you all must have read and enjoyed my story ‘I Fucked My Sister, which I was able to do by my friends(Sisir) advice on fucking own sister. Then after a month of enjoyable fucking, I said my lovely sister Kavita one night about my friend Sisir (her clssmate Seemas brother) that he is also fucking Seema. With this, she smiled and said me that she knew it earlier from Seema and Seema had also said her to start fuck with you. But due to fear and shyness she could not start. I said, “Then you wanted to get fucked by me earlier but feared.” She said smilingly, “Yes brother, I thought it may hurt you.” Hearing this from Kavita I lifted her to bed removed her panty and started fucking her immediately with strong strokes. She said, “Now in these days I am not shy or fearing for fucking with you even when you fuck me with violent strokes like now. I feel very comfortable and charm by your heavy stroke fucking. The credit goes to you and Seemas brother.” She was saying this while I was delivering heavy fucking strokes straight into her lovely cunt, which she had also shaved few days back by my advice.

“Kavi! My lovely sexy sister, shall we go to Sisirs house and have a group fuck there with Sisir and Seema?” I asked her as I was stroking her cunt with my cock inside. She was surprised with this and said, “Group fuck? What you say my dear brother? I am not able to think it!” I said, “Yes, I shall talk with Sisir over phone. He and Seema will arrange it. There I shall fuck Seema and Sisir will fuck you.” She said that it may be unnatural. But I said that it is more friendly and enjoyable. We shall just try it. Then we both completed our fucking session with strong orgasm strokes. My entire load of semen was well pumped into the depth of Kavitas hairless shining cunt. Since Kavita was taking contraceptive peels(Sukhi a homeopathic contraceptive. You may try it by its method for your sister.) in these fucking days, no need of my using condom. So our fucking was more exciting, loving, natural and safe. Then I planted warm kiss on Kavis cheeks, and slept saying her good-night.

The next day morning, I got up early at dawn and contacted Sisir by my mobile phone about a group fucking program. He said to do it next weekend when his parents will go on a tour. Also he asked about how our love is going on. I smilingly said, ” Very well Guru. I am very thankful to you for introducing me into this enjoyment. Our parents have not got up yet as there was still darkness. I went to to bath room to piss and came to my room. Kavita was still in sleep. Usually she sleeps on the floor in my room. I sat near her and kissed her cheeks. She woke up and kissed me in reply. I told her that Sisir has agreed in group fucking program and said to do it in the next weekend. Kavita said me, “Thank you! Really you two friends are great sister fuckers. I am also lucky enough to have a great fucking brother like you, who fucks me with much care and love.” I said her in reply, “I feel very lucky also after starting fucking program with you. You are my first fucking girl” I was sitting beside her saying this with whispering vioce and caressing her black and long hairs. She then moved and came to my lap. I felt tempted and my cock got hard. As her head was on my lap, she knew it immediately and asked, “Why it is hard again?” I told, “To serve my lovely sister only.” She pulled it out from my trousers and kissed it passionately and said, “It is my lovely weapon. I must love it everyday.” I asked her, “Will you do one new thing now my dear?” She said, “Which one?” I said, “Just kiss it well and suck it completely.” She hesitated a little but with my further persuance, she started sucking my errect cock slowly. I was getting excited more and pressing Kavitas brests. I said her, “Please suck full and drink my love juice immediately.” With this I pushed my cock into her mouth and I felt that my semen will come to flow. I pressed her head on my cock and my semen flowed in Kavitas mouth. She swallowed every drop of it. Then I said her to suck and clean my cock. She did it immediately. I asked her, “How it tasted?” She replied, “Salty and sharp my dear.” I told her, “If you drink it for a month regularly, your sex power will be very high.” She said smilingly, “I shall sure try it my dear.” I said her that I shall also drink her cunt juice to-night before fucking. She welcome me with a smile. Then as it became morning, she got up and went to bath room to fresh up.

A week passed and we chose saturday evening to have our sex feast at Sisirs house. Kavita was on a blue saree as my advice. She uses saree rarely. We said our parents that we have arranged a feast at Sisirs house and got the permission to go in the evening. I and Kavita reached at Sisirs house in the evening about 7 p.m; which is about fifteen minutes drive from our house. Rang the door bell and a minute later, Seema opened the door. With a smile, she welcome Kavita and me and said that brother Sisir is watching the TV. On our arrival, Sisir came to us and we started gossipping and joking about us. Seema and Kavita were listening with shyness and little smile. In the mean time, he also asked Seema to prepare some tiffin and tea. Their parents have gone to their native place and about to come after two days. Seema brought some tiffin for Kavita and me. Sisir asked Seema, “Kavita is a special guest and she should treat her with some special items.” Seema said, “We have now this much in tiffin, let me make some special tea for all.” Then Sisir said, “Well, let me find some special items for Kavita.” With this, he followed Seema to kitchen. A couple of minutes later, he came and said me, “Seema is ready with the special item, that is she will offer a friendly fuck to you and then help Kavita fucking with me.” I could not believe this how frankly Sisir is saying this! Kavita felt shy on this. Looking at her, Sisir said, “Dont hesitate sister! Above all we are all good loving and fucking brothers for you two lucky girls.”

Then after few minutes, Seema came with some tea for all of us. We took the tea after tiffin. Then Sisir came to Seema and asked her to become naked. She with some shyness obeyed and became naked in a minute! He took her to the sofa and made her to lie flat. Her youthful body was very much attractive. Then Sisir asked me, “Come on boy and have your fuck with my sexy sister!” I went near the sofa. Seema was feeling very shy. Sisir said her, “Dont be shy my dear, have a new cock in your hot cunt.” With this, he finally said me to fuck her well like Kavita and closed the room. I was getting excited with Seema. “Not like this. First get naked like me.” Said Sisir in a commanding voice. He was already naked and standing near Seema and pointing his cock to her face. Seema took his cock in her mouth at once and started sucking like icecream. By the time I made myself naked and sat between Seemas thighs. Only Kavita was sitting on the nearby sofa and watching us with shyness in her face. I said Kavita, “Dont worry, get naked first. We shall play with you in a few minutes.” With this, I was fingering Seemas clean cunt and then started kissing and sucking Seemas cunt and tasting her salty juice. My cock was in full size. Sisir saw it and said, “Hey! Your cock is much bigger than me. Fuck my Seema deeply with your mighty long cock. She is using contraceptive. You can also pump well into her. Go on smartly!” Actually my cock is 7 inches and Sisirs is about 6 inches. Saying this he asked Kavita to take her saree out. By the time, I had taken position to put my cock in Seemas hot cunt, while she was sucking her brothers cock. As I put the tip of my cock at her love canal, Seema lifted her cunt and gave a mild stroke. Only the tip of my cock just entered into her cunt. Then immediately, I gave two strokes into Seemas cunt holding her thighs. Since she was well fucked by Sisir regularly, my cock completely get into her hot and juicy cunt without pain by two strokes only! Seema was deeply sucking Sisirs cock while I was giving hard fucking strokes in her cunt.

By seeing this my sister Kavita was getting excited. I indicated her to come to me. She came to me and while fucking Seema, I removed her saree and made her naked totally. She was hesitating. I was about to come and indicated her to sit on the near by sofa. With heavy strokes I pumped my entire semen into Seemas lovely cunt. Seema was also vibrating with sensation and giving strokes to me! By the time, Sisir was also pumping in her mouth. Seema was then satisfied having semen both way from me and her brother Sisir. She drank Sisirs juice completely. We three completed our one round well with satisfication and got up.

There on the near by sofa my lovely sister Kavita was sitting naked, fingering her hairless cunt. Sisir asked her, “Are you ready for a round from both of us?” She shyly said with excitement, “Yes, I am ready, please come and start striking me!” Sisir said Seema to bring four cups of milk from kitchen. Seema went to kitchen naked and came after five minutes with four cups of milk. By the time Sisir was kissing my lovely Kavita and squizzing her brests sitting beside her. We all drank the milk naked. Then Sisir asked Kavita to stretch and lift her thighs on that sitting position on sofa. He then sat naked on the floor before her. We all were naked. Then Sisir put his fingers on Kavitas hairless cunt and slowly opened its lips. He asked me, “Hey Prem! Your fucking had made your sisters cunt smiling! It is smiling at me and saying me to fuck like you. What a beautiful cunt you have Kavita?” With this he kissed her cunt and started to suck like a tasty item. I was feeling very excited to see Kavitas cunt sucked by Sisir, my guru in sister fucking. I got errection again and went near Kabita, pointing my cock at her face. She took my cock in her hand and kissed it lovingly. I said her, “Suck my cock.” She sucked my cock slowly but took full when I pressed it in her mouth. At the same time, her cunt was also deeply sucked by Sisir.

There on the next sofa, Seema was siting naked and watching our play with pleasant smile. I asked her, “Hey come and join your brother. She then came to Sisir and slept on his lap and took his cock in her mouth. Sisir just completed sucking Kavitas cunt and said me,”Prem, your sisters cunt is very tasty and juicy. I must marry her to suck her cunt daily.” I said, “Yes friend, now please fuck my sisters cunt deeply. It is waiting to taste your cock. Dont get delay. You will sure marry lovely Kavita.” I said this when Kavita was sucking my cock and Seema sucking Sisir cock on her lap. We were copmletely sex loving pairs. Sisir then stood up leaving Seema from his cock. He said, “Seema, open Kavitas cunt fully.” He then pointed his hard cock at Kavitas open cunt in a half standing position and pushed a little. It went half way. Then with another few strokes Sisir inserted his cock fully into Kavitas hot cunt. He started his strong fucking strokes in to Kaitas cunt in half standing position. Kavita was enjoying well his strokes, while Seema was holding Kavitas thighs open, Sisir was also pressing and kissing her brests and I was stroking my cock in Kavitas mouth. Really a nice group fucking among sex loving brothers and lovely sisters. This process continued for few couple of minutes and I felt my excitation and asked, “Oh… Kavi, my lovely sexy queen, drink my love juice well. I am shooting in your mouth.” Saying this, I ejaculated my semen by pressing her head on my cock. She sucked and drank it fully. I was very satisfied with her and kissed her.

Sisir was busy on fucking Kavita by the time with more powerful strokes. His strokes was shaking the entire sofa. Kavita was enjoing the heavy strokes of Sisir in her hot cunt with more excitation and saying, “Wooh… aahh… ssss… fuck me more hard… ssss… pump and fill my cunt… ssss… with your love juice… ssss…” She was going to reach her climax of enjoyment. Suddenly she embrassed Sisirs waist tightly, while Sisir was busy in non-stop strokes. She tightened her thighs with Sisir and kissed her again and again saying, “Ssss… Oohh… Niccceee… Aahh…” By the moment Sisir was going to climax. He increased his speed more. The sofa war well vibrating and shaking by the heavy fucking game of Kavita and Sisir. Seema and myself were watching the fucking game very closely. Finally both of them reached orgasm and slowered the speed. Sisir slept on Kavita on the sofa for few minutes, while his cock was already in Kavitas well fucked juicy cunt and eyes of both were closed. Juice of both were just flowing out and Seema quickly put a towel there to save it form the sofa. I then went to their bathroom and cleaned myself. Then Seema cleaned herself in the bathroom and we all put on our dresses. The fucking ones Sisir and my sister Kavita then got up and got cleaned and dressed. Our first session on swapping and group sex was over.

By the time it was going to be 9 p. m. Sisir suggested all of us to go to the near by resturant and have our dinner. We all agreed with him and in a five minutes walk, reached a near by hotel for our dinner. We took a cabin. Sisir ordered the menu after asking us. He also ordered special sweet dishes. He said that the sweet dishes are for his declaration of marriage with my sister Kavita. I cheered for him and asked, “What shall I do then after your marriage?” He smilingly said, “You can marry my sister Seema also, I shall welcome it!” Hearing this from Sisir, I was over joyed and stood up and hugged Sisir and said, “Really you are great! You really know the minds of a person like me and Seema also! I must marry Seema unconditionally. You are also lucky to marry my sister Kavita. With these gossipings, we finihed our diner. Sisir paid the bill. Then we came to sisirs house. Sisir said, “I am pleased with you all for this group fucking program in swapping. Are you all satisfied?” My lovely sister Kavita said, “I am more satisfied among you all. Because you will marry me after your great trial fuck that you had with me.” Seema said smilingly, “Dont think that I am less satisfied, because after fucking me your brother Prem has proposed to marry me also!” Sisir and myself were enjoying the talk of these fucking girls with smileing. Sisir said then stroking Seemas back, “Well my sexy dear, let us see off these two loving pair to their house.” Kavita and I then started to return to our house. Sisir and Seema came to see off us almost half way. We said them good night and parted.

We reached our house after 10 p. m. Mother asked us about the feast. We said that it was a good dinner at hotel. Father has gone to sleep after his dinner. We freshed up and soon I went to sleep. Mother has already taken her dinner and said, “Kavi, milk is there in the kitchen. You can give it to Prem if he wants. I am going to take rest now.” I was just getting into sleep in next few minutes, Kavita asked me to drink the milk kept on the table after closing the door. I said, ” I am feeling sleepy my dear. You drink it.” She said, “I cannt drink full, you take some.” I said, “Well, bring it.” She brought the glass of milk to me. I took it from her hand and said her, “Sit here close to me.” She sat near me with a smile. I made her to drink about half of the glass. Then she denied and I took the rest mil. I asked her, “Are you feeling tired now?” She said, “No my dear. Perhaps you are feeling tired.” I said, “No, a little tired. Okay, let us sleep only to-night since we have exercised much this evening.” Saying this, I hugged and kissed her and she also kissed me and went to her bed saying good-night.

My experience in group sex is first of this kind. Friends, please share your experiences in group sex or sex with your own sister. You can mail me your experiences at / / and in my next program I shall invite Sisir and Seema to our house for an overnight group sex. Till then have sweet fucks and good-bye from Prem.