Fucked Moms Friend Part 1

Hi All this is Ragavi chennai. Doing my college this happened when i was 8yrs. Mine is a big family and a joint family and we have a family friend in the name of Rajesh from kanchipuram. We know him from my childhood. He is very close to everyone in my family even though he is not one of our family he attend each and every function in our family as well as he resides very close to our house so he visits our family daily even his family is a big family. He is young 20 when i was a kid. He is good in look and very frienbdly to every one around him. He didnt get married because he got his brother are still waiting for marriage. He is very close to our family. My father is a Govt Servent he comes ones or twice in a week only other days we got stay with my mother alone. Myself and my sister are the only grip for my mother other than my family members. She is very innocent at that time this made the chances for other to have a lusty look on my mother. The first person to taste my mothers Cunt after my father is Rajesh who is very close to my family.

Since my father comes once in a week Rajesh took advantage of the situation and satisfied his desire of fucking my mother. Initially noone knows about this. When i was 8 one days i was not feeling well so my mother not allowed me to go to School i was sleeping in the morning. Afternoon i got up and searching for my mother but the room in which i was sleeping is locked but their is a window near by i was looking from the window and i was shocked. The scene which i saw terryfied me i saw my mother standing nude in the hall and iam hearing some noise from their. I waited their to see what is happening suddenly i saw a person hugging her from behind and the person is Rajesh bloudy fucker fucking my mom in doggy style and i started crying. He shouted at me and asked my mother to see what i want. Mother came near me by wearing a Big Towel and she put me in the bed and made me sleep but i was not able to sleep.

She went back were Rajesh is sitting nude in the hall with a big Cock in his hand my mother started sucking his rod which is bigger than my moms mouth while i see from the bed. Then i forget every thing after that and when i was 17 i recollected the memories of the childhood and i recovered the memory of Rajesh fucking my mother in front of me.A week after i met Rajesh he is still a bachelor this time my father gone to his native to see his relations. Its a sunday i was sleeping in my room and my sister went to her friends house to get some notes. After an hour or so i started to here some noise from my mother,s room i thought my father is back from the native and went to the hall but the voice is different and i realised it was Rajesh and i got back to my room. After som minutes i slowly went near my mother,s room but i cannot here any voice from it. I thought he left and slowly i entered my mother,s room without making any noise i heard water sound from the bathroom i thought my mother is taking bath. I know my mother never lock her door when she is their in the bathroom so i entered the room as if i was searching something. Suddenly i saw rajesh coming out of the bathroom along with my mother.

My heart stops beating for some seconds i can see their dressess in the bed they both are standing nude in front of me. And i can see a big Cock in Rajeshs hand i started running to my room after some time my mother came to my room and slapped me for not knocking the door before entering it. But i asked her what the hell is Rajesh doing in your room nudely. But she refused to answer it ans started beating me. I can hear rajesh from background not to hit me suddenly he came near me and cought me in his both hand and started to rub my face.