Romping with elder brother

Hi Lovely Readers! This is Yamuna. Don’t you remember me? For the first time I wrote a story “My brother calls me yammu” . I was really very afraid of disclosing this sort of things before the people but after becoming a regular visitor of Humandigest and Debonairblog, I thought let me take a chance of presenting before you sex lovers the incestual relationships in my family. I must say I have received an overwhelming replies/comments and perhaps, mine is the first real story in this site to achieve maximum comments in this year. Thank you Guys, I Love You All for liking my incestual relationship. In the comments received by me, there were few females also saying that they also had the similar experience. I would like to urge my those sisters to please be kind enough to narrate their stories so that we all can share each others sexual feelings in this Erotic World of Human Digest without any fear. Among the comments I received, only one comment was very disappointing. With the full support of My all other Sexy Readers, I dare to tell such people that if the incest offends them, they should look further. Since my Lovely Readers are so anxious to know about what happened at that night, I would like to continue my real story sharing my feeling with my Lovely Readers. When I came back to conscious, it was paining me a lot in my pussy and asshole. My entire body was also paining due to pressing, squeezing, nailing, biting etc by my elder brother. Moreover seeing my blood on bed, I was very much afraid too. I thought once, Oh God, just for this sort of fucking only, would the people be getting married? My God. And decided that in my life, I will never go for a sexual deed.

But as soon as all the pains subsided, I started liking all the things which my brother has done with me. Upon thinking about all those, it started tickling inside my heart and stomach. Thereafter a special love for my elder brother has arisen in me. I have started taking extra care for my bro. For the first time, I cooked the foods of his choice otherwise in the absence of my mom, I used to cook easy food only as to whether my bro like it or not. But this time, I have automatically started thinking of my brother’s liking and dislike .During the day hours and even at night while serving him dinner, I was too shy to look into my brother’s eyes and perhaps he also noticed it and hence he was also smiling at me whenever he was near to me. After dinner, we went to bed in our rooms and while going to my room, I didn’t say Good Night to my bro as I used to say him always because I was too shy to say anything. I thought he would be asking me to sleep with him but he didn’t. Thereafter, I switched off light and went to bed but I was not able to sleep. I badly wanted me to be with my bro tonight. Even couple of hours after midnight I was not able to sleep and I was lying on my bed with a hope that my bro would be calling me. Since he was not calling me, I silently started weeping also. My eyes were full of tears. At last I had decided to go to brother’s room and knock his door. But when I reached near to his room, I found the door was not properly closed and there was light inside. I just pushed the door open and saw that my bro is still awakening and he was reading his study book. He saw me and asked me, “Kyon Kya huva?” I asked him, “Bhaiya aap abhi tak kyo jag rahe ho?” He said, “Mujhe exam ke liye padhna he”. I said, “Kal Sunday he to chhutti hena bhaiyya, kal padh lena, abhi to so jao”. Then he asked me, “Vo to theek he lekin to abhi yeha kyo aayi?” I was not able to say anything and I just looked at floor biting my lips. He repeated the question but I was unable to utter a single word even. Then with bit angry, he said, “Agar tujhe kuch kaam nahi he to jaake apne room me so jaao ya kuch aur karo aur mujhe padhne do”. I was so sorry to hear such words from my bro and I thought how can my bro be so cruel to me. I started Weeping standing there at the door of my brother’s room. Then my bro came near to me and pushing my chin up he lifter my face and told me, “Mujhe pata he tu mere paas kyo aayi he, par mai tere muh se sun na chahta hu”. I just hugged him and said “Bhaiyya, mujhe aap chahiye, mujhe aapke paas sone ke liye kyo nahi bulaye bhaiyya?” I started crying now resting my head on his chest. He was running his hands on my back through my long open silky hair and then he pressed my ass cheeks very tight. Though it pained, I loved it and I putting my hands around his neck, moned “uhmmm bhaiyyaaa” and kissed his neck. Then wiping my tears off, he said, “Agar tu meri shart maanegi to mai zindagi bhar tera saath aisa dunga kit u bhi chaunk jaayegi”. I asked him, “Kaisi shart bhaiyya?”. He replied, “You have to be my Personal Whore from today and tu meri Gulam hogi aur mera har aadesh ka paalan tu ek wafadar kutiya ki tarah karegi aur kuch bhi mere liye sahegi. Bol manjur he?”. I didn’t say anything. He again asked me, “Bol manjur he?”. I bowed my head looking downward and nodded my head in affirmation. Then kissing my lips and pressing my boobs he said, “to jaa, apne kamre me jaakar saare kapde utarkar, ekdam nangi hoke mere paas aa ek asli Randi ki tarah”. I just looked at him with surprise but he said, “jaa jaldi kar. Aaj se tu meri Gulam Randi he to he”. I went to my room and came back totally nude but I was covering my boobs by my right hand and pussy by left hand and saw that my bro was also sitting on bed totally naked and his huge rod was also totally erected. A belt was also there on his bed.Seeing me, he called, “Chali aa mere paas meri Bholi Randi Behna”. I went near to him. He removed my hands and said, “Ye sab tujhe chhupani thhi to mere paas aayi kyo?” I turned my face closing my eyes in shy and said, “Bhaiyya aap bhi na..”. Then he came and held my face in his hands and started kissing and chewing my lips and also started squeezing my boobs by standing.

Automatically by willingly my hands also held his huge rod and I started playing with it. Suddenly, he left me and sat on he bed and he pulled me by my hair and I fell on the bed in such a manner that my face touched his huge erected rod. I just started licking his Rod but he lifted my head pulling hair again and I was looking at his eyes with a question mark. He suddenly took the belt and tied around my neck and said, “ab tu meri paaltu kutiya ho gayi”. I just smiled. The he said, “ek kutiya apne maalik ko dekh kar jo karti he vo tu bhi kar”.. I asked him. “Kya?”. He replied, “Apni poonch hila”. I said, “Par bhaiyya mujhe poonch to nahi he”. Then he replied, “Gaand to he na”. I understood and started shaking my ass as if a bitch is wagging her tail before her master. Then slapping me he asked, “Sirf gaand hilati rahegi ya fir mera Lund bhi chusegi?”. I said, “Ahh” and started sucking his dick shaking my ass. As I was in doggy style, my bro started hitting my asses as if he is playing a drum set and sometimes, he was squeezing my boobs and nipples also. I was sucking and licking his dick and balls. He suddenly lifted my face pulling my hair and pressed my cheeks and neck. My mouth was open. He spitted in mouth 3-4 times and I swallowed it. Then he asked me to continue the job and as ordered by my lovely bro, I continued sucking his dick and balls.After some time, he asked me lay at back on the bed. I obeyed. Then he brought his dick near to my mouth and dipped it my mouth and stated kissing and licking my thighs and pussy. Though his huge erected dick was in my mouth, I was moaning in pleasure. While fucking my mouth, he was biting my thighs and clits and pussy too. Though I loved the pain, I moaned…” I was not able toe even moan properly as his huge dick was thrusting into my throat. After few minutes, I came and my Bro was so happy to drink my Love juice. But few lubricant, he kept in his mouth and he stood Up and made turned and I was lying at my stomach. The he lifted my hips up and spitted the lubricant into my asshole and ensured that the maximum lubricant goes to the asshole only. He again wanted me in doggy style and he came behind and he put his hug dick touching my asshole. His dick was also fully covered by my saliva. Then he slowly he started entering his dick into my asshole holding my waist tight. It was paining. “Bhaiyyaaa dukhta he”. But he didn’t mind and ignoring my moans and entered his full dick into my asshole very slowly so that it should not pain me more. And then he slowly started fucking my asshole squeezing my boobs, nipples, biting me back, pulling my hairs, beating my butts. The it was paining initially, the pain started reducing and I started enjoying it.”. He started fucking my asshole fast and faster, beating my pussy and fingering in my pussy fast. My pussy has become wet and some kind of fluid was coming out from my asshole too.Then he took out his dick from my asshole and came in front of me and again put his dick in my mouth and fucked my mouth for 2-3 minutes and then again he went to my rear side and entered his huge dick in my pussy from rear. He again started squeezing my boobs, nipples, biting me back, pulling my hairs, beating my butts. I was moaning in pleasure, After five minutes, he took his dick off and came In front of me and started fucking my mouth for another couple of minutes. While sucking his huge dick, I was tasting my own love juice covered on his huge dick.The he made me slept at my back and spreading my legs, he entered his dick again in my pussy and started spitting in my mouth many times which I swallowed. He was running his hands from my armpit to hips. Though it was tickling me, I just loved it. Then locking my mouth he continued fucking my pussy squeezing and pinching my boobs and nipples. I went on moaning with my locked mouth” Then after spitting in mouth again, he started fucking me sucking my boobs and nipples and simultaneously he was squeezing it also. It was so pleasure giving for me. “aahhh…

Then he started biting and chewing my nipples and boobs while he continued to fuck my pussy. Though it was paining a lot, I loved it very much. So I pressed he towards my breast.I continued moaning in pleasure and pain. “aaahhhh” “eat me bhaiyyaaaaa”“eat meeeeee” “mujhe khaa jaoooo bhaiyyaa”khaaaa He started chewing my boobs and nipples more and more. “” and I came. My hands were resting on the head of my bro bringing him by pulling his hair to my breast.After few more strokes, he stood up and came near to me asked me to lick his dick first and then suck it. By standing in doggy style, I obeyed his order and licked his dick clean and then started sucking his dick. He was also fucking my mouth fast shaking his hips to and fro and pulling my hair. Then he shot all the cum in my mouth and ate it all happily.Then we went to bathroom. I sat on the European closet for peeing. But my Naughty Lover Bro, put his dick again in my mouth and passed his pee in my mouth. For the first time, I tasted his salty urine. Then after wash, we came back to bed. He was sitting on the bed taking rest at back on pillow and I again slept resting my head on his naked lap.Then I started stroking and licking his dick again. Though his dick was shrinked, it started giving a response upon my touching it. My bro was caressing my body, playing with my boobs and nipples with love. I asked him to tell about his first fuck with Mom. Playing with my boobs and nipples, he started telling the story while I was continuing to lick and suck his dick.The story of my brother’s first fuck with mom shall be posted later. But I shall be very anxiously awaiting your comments. Please feel free to give any comment or writing anything. / /