Sex With My Young Maid

Hi this Manish. This happened when I was 18 years old. I hope you like this story. Because even today when I am writing this I am re-living it again.

I cleared 12th too gap for studies of CET exam that time my mom got one girl from our village to work at home. Her body was delicious. Her body was yummy to look at.

I used to study in hall and late night. She used to sleep in kitchen and mom dad in bedroom. I never observed her in that sense. She used to wear gown and sometimes salwar. Almost one month gone.

One night I got to pee while studying. Kitchen was in-between hall and bathroom. I crossed kitchen and what I saw was shocking. She wore gown that day and her both legs were parted in v shape. Gown was gone up and her panty was clearly seen. That was the first time I saw girls nude legs and panty. I went to pee but that scene was continuously flashing in mind. I came out from loo and again went to kitchen to get a closer look.

She was still in same position leg separate in v shape gown gone up, inside everything was visible. My dick got hard. My brain has literally stopped working. I kept staring at her legs and panty. I wanted to touch it but I was scared. Saliva was drooling from my mouth. Somehow I controlled myself. I went back to my study table. I could not concentrate on studies. So I decided to masturbate. I masturbated for almost half hour and ejaculated. Then I slept.

Next day I decided to have a closer look at her. From that day I was fond of her body. That after everyone slept I went to kitchen. She was in deep sleep. Again her gown was gone up almost till her knee. I decided to look into her gown her milky thighs and panty. So I started pulling up her gown slowly. Her milky thighs got exposed. They were so delicious. I could not control so I touched her thighs. They were so soft. I pressed her thigh. I wanted to touch her panty but could not dare. This was happening every night. I used to go to her room lift her gown touch her thighs, kiss her thighs.

One day decided that I will touch her pussy over her panty. It was 3 am. I went to her room. I pulled her gown. Exposed her panty. I moved my finger over her panty. It was so hot. My dick got damn hard. I moved my finger in-between her legs. Rubbed her there. I was so scared to do that but I was desperate I did that. I was sweaty by then. But took a smell of her pussy. I wanted to give her kiss on her pussy over panty but she changed her pose. I thought she got up from seep so I went running to my room.

It too almost a week to kiss her pussy over her panty. Day by day my daring to touch her body was increasing. So one night decided to masturbate in front of her while she was sleeping. I went to her. I wore burmuda that day and no underwear inside. I too my dick out from burmuda an started masturbating. I took my dick near her face. I masturbate for half hour almost. I came so I went to bathroom to clean.

Next day I decided to touch her boobs. I touched all her over her body. I grabbed her boob in my hand and slowly started pressing. It was so heavenly experience. I kept on pressing her boobs. May be by this time she may have come to know what I was doing because her nipples got erect.

This happened every night. I use to go her room press her boob, kiss her thighs, pussy over her panty, I use to lick her. Kissed her on lips. One night I decided to take blow job from her in sleep. That night I did not wear underwear only burmudas. I too my dick out pressing her boob with other hand, gave up and down movement over dick.

Then I got over her and put my dick near her lips. My dick touched her lips. Ahhhhh it was so damn superb experience. That time I had had camera phone. So I decided pic of her taking my dick her mouth. I kissed her and tried to put my dick inside her mouth. Suddenly she got up and I got caught. She got up. But didn’t say anything.

After almost a week I didn’t do anything. But mom told her to sleep in hall. Because there was some problem with fan in kitchen. Her sleeping place was just beside my bed but on ground. So it was all started again. I again started exploring her body, touching her body, kissing her lips, boobs and pussy over her clothes, her thighs.

One night I decided to touch her boobs inside her cloth. That day she wore some orange top. And did wear bra. So I put my hand under her top and started moving my hand towards her boobs. And I reached there. It was so soft. I pressed it badly. I pressed her nipple in fingers and started pulling her nipple.

Then I decided that I want to kiss her boobs. I pulled her top upwards and exposed her boobs. That was first time I saw a girls bobs. I was drooling to suck her boobs. I moved down from my bed. Got beside her. Started giving her light kisses on her boobs and nipples. Then I started sucking her boobs. It was like ice cream for me. Licking and sucking it. Suddenly she got up, looked at me and her boobs in mouth. I got up and requested her not to say anything to anyone. She agreed.

One day mom went out for shopping. There only her and me at home. I took that chance and asked her if she has any problem with what I am doing in night. She said that she don’t have problem as such. So it was a green signal for me. I pulled her towards me. Pulled curtains of hall and started kissing her hungrily on lips. She also responded well. I gave her a tight hug so that she can feel my dick from my pants. I licked her everywhere. I pressed her boobs tightly. But door bell rung, mom came back from shopping. We adjusted ourselves. She opened door and started talking to mom. That time only I decided that I will sleep with her tonight.

At night she also made all preparation like not wearing bra and panty inside, only gown so that it is easy to lift up. But she slept early. But my dick was ready for some rounds. I went down from my bed, behind her. I pulled her gown up. Kissed her neck, boobs, ass, and thighs. I smelled her pussy. It was a fresh pussy that I was eating. I decided that I will give a shot today. So took her leg and hold it up so opens her pussy. I took my dick and started putting inside her pussy. By that time she awake.

Then she only guided me to get in. I moved slowly. It was all wet and sticky. She told me to go slowly because it will pain. I told her not to worry. Giving some force I moved inside her pussy. It was getting hotter for both of us. It was paining to her so I removed my dick from her pussy and told her to give me blowjob. She took my dick in hand, giving up and down motion, she took it in mouth. Even I was so damn excited I stroked my dick deep in her mouth. She started licking it sucking it. Her tongue was playing with my dick. Ahhhhh. Some moaning was from her and me too.

I told her to stop and I wanted to put my dick inside her. She tool out my dick from mouth. I kissed her on lips. Then I lift her one leg do that it opens her pussy. I have decided that I will put in one shot only. I rubbed head of my dick over her pussy, it was wet. I pushed it inside. She screamed loudly, but I put my hand on her mouth so that her voice should not be heard any anyone. I gave her slow push. She was calm by now. I took my dick out, it was covered with blood because I broke her seal. She was pleading me to stop looking at blood, but I was not in my control now. I again pushed dick into her pussy. And started giving shots. Slowly slowly. Now she also wanted it badly. She told me to move faster.

So I started giving faster shots. V tried may positions that night. Doggy style, woman on tops, everything. We both were desperate. Then after sometime I top of pleasure and I wanted to come, she also understood that. I took my dick out and put in her mouth. She started giving blow job. And I was actually blown away with that. I came on her face. She drank up on my semen. Wow she was looking so damn sexy when she was licking remaining semen from my dick.

After that night we did sex whenever possible. It was fun specially when mom dad went for shopping or some work and we were alone home. We used to make stories and play those characters, like raping a girl, taking advantage of girl by movie director. One day mom dad went to our village. And she and I only were at home. That night we did sex all day. In night we did it in gallery late night.

This is how I started sex and she was first girl to take my dick. I miss her

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