Beach of ecstacy

Hi I am Nithin. I am very happy with the responses I got from our dear readers. I was planning to write about my MBA days again. But then this incident happened. So I thought I must share this beautiful experience with readers. I got large number of e-mails from various parts of India. Few are from ladies and a large number from gents.

In that too majority were impotent husbands who want their wives to be fucked and get pregnant. I believe in safe sex. I always use condom while having sex. Only once or twice with my mom I violated this rule. So I rejected all their offers but one mail from a resident of my locality was rather strange.

He has never mentioned any thing about sex in his e-mail. Only thing he wanted to know was whether we could meet at some place. I was not sure what to say so I wanted to know the real motive and I asked him for his contact no. He gave me his mobile no without any hesitation. I made a call immediately after I got his mail. He told me both him and his wife were found my story very much interesting and wanted to meet me. I talked with his wife too and she also said the same thing. So we planned to meet in a restaurant in visakhapatnam on next Sunday.

On Sunday ay morning I again made a call to confirm what they will wear and how I could identify them. He told me they will be coming in a tata indica black color and he gave me his car reg. No. I reached the place well in time. After ten minutes they also joined me. He was a man of about 35-40 years and his wife was in her late 20’s. They seem to be very happily married couple. I was surprised for what reason they wanted to meet me. They came close to me and we shook hands and greeted each other.

As they requested me I’m not disclosing their names in this story. I asked them my doubt that for what reason they wanted to meet me. His wife made the reply that she had also done her MBA from coimbatore but from another college. We talked for half an hour or so after he asked me what is my plan for the rests of the day. I had nothing planned for the day. So he invited me to the beach. It was almost 11’O clock so I was not interested in going to the beech as it will be too hot. He told me we will go to another beach where it won’t be too hot. I haven’t seen any other beach than Rama Krishna beach. So I said ok and we started for the beach immediately.

After half an hours ride we reached a place where road ends near a cement factory. After that we walked for ten minutes to reach a small beach which was so clean and calm. I have never seen such a beautiful beach in all my life. We removed our shoes and went near the sea to feel the water tickling our feet. His wife took out a digital cam from her bag and requested me to take their pics. I took some photos but the light glare was making all the pics not worthy. So he told us we can move to the other side of the rock. That place was just like a tunnel. One huge rock was placed over another two. We went through it and sea water was coming up to that place which may make our dress wet. She told if it will get wet it will dry soon but it will leave the salt mark on dress.

We folded our pants up to knees and stepped in to the waves. She was wearing a Punjabi outfit and her pants were tight and she could not fold her pants. Then my friend suggested her to remove the lower as her top was reaching well below her knees. She went behind the rocks and came back with her pants in hands. She also got down and my friend climbed up first and he stretched his hands to assist his wife. I was behind her and as she climbed up I can see her beautiful thighs as the slits of her top were up to her waist. I even got a short look of her cream color panty too.

After we three reached the top she again handed over the cam to me. That place was bit like a cave as a big rock was shading the sun and at one place it was again another rock which was obstructing the view of the sea. The beach we were already be in was behind the rocks we already crossed. She was still only wearing her top and I took 4 or five photos of them. Then came the first bold move that he went back to her wife and from behind her he placed his hands on her boobs and asked me “is your mom’s melons are this big?”

I was really surprised With his question till now they were a perfect couple both gentle and beautiful.

“can you hold your moms boobs in your hands like this?” Saying this he squeezed her boobs hard.

“you take the photos whenever u feels it will be good to see. Ok” he again said.

I shook my head Without saying a word. He lowered his hands over to her belly kissing on her cheeks from back. I took a photo. She suddenly turned around to her husband to kiss him. I planned to move sideways to capture that and immediately changed the plan because it was more sexy to look at the way he was squeezing her buttocks. She parted the lip lock and turned to ask me “you don’t want to take your pictures?”

“after you people finish you can take my photos” I replied.

“no, you come” saying this she got away from her hubby’s hug and he came to me and took away the cam from my hand.

I went near her and stood beside her. She came even closer and placed her hand on my waist. After taking the first photo she came behind me and put her hands around my neck and climbed on my back. Her bare thighs were tightly jamming my waist and to support her I hold her legs at her knee fold. Sitting there she started licking on my ear. I was feeling my erection in me pants. My dick got thick and blood was rushing to my penis from all over the body.

Sitting on my back she kissed me on my cheeks. I was getting little nervous as I could see a disappointing look in her husbands face. But it was only my thinking because at the next moment he told us to make a posture I have only seen in obscene film posters. She came in front of me and raised her right leg and pressed her groin to my still hard cock. I could feel her softness and hotness even over her panty as for easiness she let away her kurta’s front portion to one side. I found a mischievous smile on her face as she felt my hardness on her sweet mount.

“when will you show me this?” She whispered in my ear.

“when you wanted to see?” I replied.

“can I see this now?” Asking this she placed her right hand on my bulge.

I felt the electrifying effect. Her husband was still taking photos. She opened my zipper and started massaging my fully aroused cock over my underwear. It was already ready to break the elastic of my underwear. She grabbed it tightly and pulled upward making me cry. I felt the pain and pleasure still her right leg on my waist she was grinding both her cunt and my cock at the same time with same hand.

Her husband was not getting the view of our private parts as her thighs were covering his view. He came close to us still he was finding it difficult to see what was happening in between, he knelt down to take a look from downward. He stood up and kept the cam aside and removed his wife’s kurta as the back portion of the kurta was obstructing his view. He again knelt down to see and captures the scene. She was only wearing her cream panty and a light rose lace bra. She was trying to climb on me but she was a bit shorter and was getting it difficult to climb. Then I was also came to the mood. It was the first time ever I was getting a chance to fuck someone in open air condition. It was equally thrilling and dangerous as it was lunch time in the near by cement factory there was a possibility of someone from that place may come to the beach. If someone finds us at that condition definitely we are going to get thrashing from the workers as everything happening there was almost looks like a blue film making.

I squeezed her buttocks putting my hands inside her panty. She was getting mad she also put her hands inside my underwear and got hold of my cock at the base and again she pulled it this time loosening a little afterwards. At the same time she bit on my nipple which made me excited and the pain was such I squeezed her buttocks with such a force she cried and tears rolled down from her eyes. She was getting wild she kissed me on my lips and sucked my lip with her tongue trying to imitate the fucking movement in my mouth. She inserted her tongue and removed it in such a quick way that made me even more aroused. Now her both hands were behind my head not allowing me to move my head to any side.

I was feeling her firm breasts brushing on my chest but I could not feel it well as my shirt was still on. As if reading my mind her hands were removed from back of my head and started unbuttoning my shirt and as she was moving downward she started kissing on my chest and she kept her tongue out making a wet line on my body with her saliva. As she reached the last button again she came up putting her hands in my armpit and I also got a chance to remove her bra hook and my cock was now making jerks of anticipation I found it very hard to hold myself. Her boobs were now pressing my chest without any restriction. The feeling was too much tickling. I have seen many boobs in life and had enough chance to taste at least a dozen pairs but this was a new pleasure I have never felt.

She again started her downward journey dragging her breasts on my body in slow pace to make me feel her treasure box’s softness and firmness to all my body. When her boobs reached my groin she waited there a little holding my cock in her hand touching her nipple with my cocks redhead. She kept my cock in between her boobs and with her both hands she pressed her boobs from side ways. Her husband was busy taking photos. With a gesture she invited her husband to join us. He kept the cam on a rock and came towards us.

She knelt down on the beach kissing my cock and with one hand she was massaging my balls. Her husband came and sat beside her and started pressing her boobs and kissing on her bare shoulders. She stopped licking and with both hands she was pumping my cock and she turned her head back to kiss her husband. I felt very awkward as till then my cock was inside her mouth and her tongue was licking my dick and now her husband was sucking her tongue with great passion.

She again turned to me and suddenly took my cock fully inside her mouth and took a long suck. I grabbed her head as I was not ready to leave her at that peak of the pleasure time. Her husband was vigorously pressing her boobs with both hands. She again started to and fro motion with her mouth on my member.

I saw her husbands hands coming from her armpit and helped her by grabbing my cock. That was the first time a man holding my cock and he also started pumping my cock into her mouth. I wanted to get rid of it but the pleasure her tongue was giving didnt allowed me.

But the next thing made me mad and I pulled back. She took out my cock from her mouth and started kissing on my thighs and her husband left his hold on my cock and started kissing her neck. She placed her hand on my cock tip and started circling her index finger where my cock circumcised. Her husband started kissing on her shoulder and slowly started down to her hands. His hot breath I could feel on my thighs and he reached up to her palms and he kissed my cock. I thought it happened unknowingly as he was kissing on her hands. So I didn’t say anything then he put his tongue out and licked on my dick. I suddenly drew back. I felt it very odd.

He looked at me and said “what happened? Come on if you think you have to do it in return, no you don’t have to but please let me suck you for one time. You will definitely like it.”

I said “no I won’t like it anyway, please I feel very bad to co operate for this.”

Her hands were still on my penis said “please let him do it, he is a master in that, you will enjoy it and this is only for once. He want to clean your cock before you drill my hole and fill it with your cum” saying this she took my cock in her mouth and teasingly bit it and she started using my cock like a toothbrush and started brushing her teeth. That was the first time ever I got such an oral treat. I wanted her to do it forever. Then she removed my cock from her mouth. Whenever she took my cock in her hand and mouth I had the feeling that I would cum in just a moment but she was handling it too well that at right time she used to give a break that I would like to get her in action soon. She got up and stood before me taking my hands to her boobs. Her husband was still on his knees and he took over my cock in his hands. I was feeling bad but I then didnt want to loose the pleasure she was promising.

I kissed her on her mouth with my cock forcefully rubbing on her sweet triangle by her husband. I felt the wetness of her panty and suddenly I felt the hotness on my penis. Then with a surprise I saw her husband sucking my cock with so much passion and dedication that I not even seen in English blue films by trained artists. Really he was a master his oral service was even better than his wife. He took all my 7’’ into his mouth but without touching my cock. His lips touched at the base then my penis started jerking in his mouth. Seeing him doing this she also got down on her knees and opened her mouth as to take my cock inside. He sucked it from the base to the top by only touching with his lips.

As he removed his mouth she took it into her mouth. She also did the same imitating her husband and she with her hands guided my member in to her husbands mouth. This time he used his tongue but only on the tip of my member. It was like passing electricity through my body. The touch of his moustache was giving a tickle through out my body.

Then I took my member in my hand and started masturbating as I cant hold it for even another one second. Both husband and wife were sitting in front of me with their mouths wide open waiting me to flood their mouth with my hot milk. Within one minute I felt the pleasure which was really making me shiver. My legs were trembling. I felt I may faint. She holds me on my knees bringing her mouth even closer. Then with a jerk I sprayed my cum on to her face. It hit on her fore head and then I directed my cock towards her husbands mouth. This time it almost hit the target. Some cum spread on his moustache. Then again I sprayed my cum onto her breasts. I was feeling like draining all my semen into her body. I havent ever ejaculated that much in my life.

As it all over she turned to her husband and they kissed passionately and I saw her deliciously drinking my cum which was on his moustache. After that he done the same by sucking her boobs polished with my hot milk on it. Then both turned to me and sucked me turn by turn and they drained me by sucking with much pressure. As they stopped sucking I laid down on sand naked exhausted. Then he said “we will go after some time let me go and bring some thing to eat.” Saying this he went to bring food living his wife still only wearing her panty with me.

As he left she came close to me and laid beside me keeping her head on my biceps and with one hand slowly massaging my cock she said “he have a problem that his erection is lost and he is on medication but he don’t want to make me feel bad. He only suggested that we should have fun this way. At first I denied as I dont want to take advantage of his disability. But he continued compelling and once we got a couple from Vizag on net and we did chat on cam and we performed some erotic things on cam for each other.”

All this time she was massaging my cock gently. Now slowly my cock started to grow in her hands. Now she stopped massaging but still my cock was in her hand and she continued her story “then we fixed a day to meet. As per plan we met in a hotel near RK Beach and spent the evening on the beach simply talking and at night we checked into a lodge and after the room boy prepared the room for us we went to their room and we had swapped our partners. But I could see the disappointment on my husbands and my partner’s wife as my husband could not satisfy her with his dead cock and he started to suck her and later he came to us and he sucked me. Then my partner asked my husband whether he would like to give a blow job to him. I thought he would hesitate but he instantly accepted the offer and started sucking his cock. That was the first time I ever seen a man sucking another man.”

By then my cock was fully loaded and I reached my pants and took out a condom from my purse I always used to carry from my college days. I handed over the condom to her hand. She sat up and tore the condom cover and removed the condom and bent down and touched the condom on my penis tip but she then removed it and started sucking slowly.

But now I was eager to fuck her before her husband or any other come to that place so I said her “let us not waste time.”

She got the message she slid down the condom on my penis I also sat up and removed her panty. She sits in a posture by pressing both her hands behind her back and arched to allow me to pull down her panty freely. Then she sat on my lap putting her legs on my sides and she guided my cock into her wet pussy and it easily slid into it. In sitting posture itself she started moving her hip. She was a perfect fucking doll as she had so much experience.

Then she told me “you are already exhausted. So you rest for a while.” saying this she pushed me backward and now I was lying on my back and she started riding on top of me like a well experienced sex artist.

After few minutes she changed the posture and she came to normal missionary position and started fucking me lying on top of me. Her boobs were pounding on my chest and I was playing with her round firm ass cheeks. After two or three minutes she increased her speed and after few fast pumping she went up holding my penis tight inside her with her soft pussy muscles that took me to heavens and as she released a little pressure I exploded inside her and with a shiver she laid on me. She also reached the orgasm at the same time.

Sweating all over she laid on top of me fully exhausted. I was feeling my penis jerking within short periods releasing more and more cum into her pussy. Then she kissed me passionately for a long time and got up and removed the condom. It was well loaded with my cum. As she removed it, cum spill out onto her fingers and she licked her fingers winking at me.

Then she threw the condom into the water and we both got down into the waves and cleaned up ourselves. Then for some time we laid on the shore naked allowing waves to come and wash us. Then we got up and she took out a towel from her bag and came to me and dried me up and handed over the towel to me to dry her up. I saw sugar like sand still sticking on to her pubic hairs. I licked her soft mount and spat out some sand particle. With many such efforts I removed all most all sand and she was moaning with pleasure. She stood on her toes to kiss me.

Then we dressed up and we sat there kissing each other passionately and fondling over the dress. Her husband came with food and after lunch we went back to Vizag.

This time she was at the backseat with me. She gave me a blowjob on the way and I could see her husband enjoying the performance in the mirror while driving. He drove very slowly to enjoy it for a long time.

Please do write to me. You will get a reply for sure. For aunties and housewives who are unsatisfied with their husbands can mail me. As I said earlier only expect sexual satisfaction. Those people need a child need not mail me. I enjoy group sex too. I am single now in Visakhapatnam. So those who are from Visakhapatnam can expect my company as soon as they mail me. Others have to wait a little but I will be available at the next possible occasion. My e-mail id is [email protected]