My so called girlfriend

Dear ISS readers I am reading stories on this site some ages ago… And almost all the stories posted here are mugged up by me. I never use to believe that these stories can be true until this happened in my life.

I am a 23 yr old guy with an average personality I am a junior Doctor by my profession and the story I am narrating here is about a girl whom I met during my coaching for PMT.

Her Name is Pankhuri she is of My age and she is damn beautiful with a very fair complexion 56″ and 36-28-36 (I have not measured but a doctor like me had all Exp.) During our coaching time she was centre of attraction not only for we guys trying o study there but also for the teachers who use to teach. She was hot topic for everyday and we guys were mad 4 her. My friends use to say that she is attracted towards u but I never believed as I feel inferior in front of her. I remember it was my b-day and she came with a fifth 4 meet was a nice key ring with a couple embedded on it. Gradually we became friends and use to bunk classes on the cost of movies and dating. But she always refused to be mine for ever and says hat we r good friends. It was the last day of our coaching and we were moving apart she gave me her photo for remembrance and we left with no obvious see offs

She was out of sight but not out of mind 4 me I use to show her photos to my friends and present her as my so called girlfriend

It was almost 6 years later she came to my clinic with an back ache complaint. I was happy to see her though she was in pain. But still unmarried and Virgin I suppose. The story begins now>>>

It was 6 pm in evening she came with her room mate (Both doing MBA)she was in pain but recognized me and gave me a hug. Oh god what a pleasant fragrance and tat delight touch I was almost lost in her but soon regained when she complained of pain. The pain was acute in nature and was sharp she was definitely having a severe Muscle spasm.

I wanted to examine her but was hesitant as my Nurse was off duty and it’s impolite to undress a female to examine in absence of a nurse. I told her about the same and she laughed and said oh manish I trust you. I took her to the couch which was in next room and her friend remains seated there only. I asked her to lie down on her stomach and be comfortable. I enquired about the area of pain and it was low back area. She was wearing jeans and a red top. I asked her to take her top a bit up so that I can examine the area …she gently pulled her top a bit up to expose her back…It was smooth like a marble with no traces of any hair…might have waxed recently.

I touched her and was trying to locate the pain….it gave me a very diff sensation which was unethical to a doctor like me…my organ started hardening a bit and why not she was so sexy. Now I lost my control and tried to utilize this opportunity for which I waited 6 long years. Though the pain was simple and could have relived by a pain killer I made it a serious problem. I asked her about the pain and it was below her waist line I tried to touch the area but was difficult because of jeans… I asks her if she could unbutton her jeans, she hesitated for a moment I realized it and asked if she wants she can call her friend sitting outside, she said no its ok and turned to unbutton her jeans…

The button of the jeans was so tight that she could not open it, looking at this I started helping her. As she was in pain I asked her to lie down comfortably and I started opening her button it was a real battle… I at last succeeded in this and now I asked her to lie on her stomach and started my real examination… She was wearing a Pink Panty and I lost all my senses while touching her. I realized that I m in a clinic and it would spoil my future I asked her that it will require a massage by some trained Medico to get rid of pain she asked for the option and I presented my self for that. I called her next morning and prescribed her some Vitamins so that pain should no go :-) and asked her to give me a call before coming. I planned whole night to make use of this opportunity to Fuck my so called girl friend.

She called me next morning and I executed my plan… I asked her if she can come down to my house as I will be not going clinic today she readily agreed and thank god she was alone in an auto and was at my home in next 10 minutes.

“how is the pain” I asked “It’s horrible” she replied.

I asked her to lie down and undress for the massage she was in white top and white jeans… She pulled her top a bit up and jeans a bit down to expose the most sexy back on this planet.. I slowly started touching and rubbing it… I took some and warned her that it could leave a patch on her white garments she was worried and asked what can be done I asked her to remove her dress if she trust me… She said ” ok but at least put a bed sheet on me I agreed and she undressed in front of me.. She was only in her Bra and panty but I could not enjoy a full look as she managed it somehow with the help of bed sheet.. But my dick was hard like a stone…

I started massaging her back from top to bottom I gradually unhooked her bra and exposed her back completely she didnt objected as she was enjoying and was relieved a bit of pain too(It proves I m a good medico too)I was massaging and gradually reached till bottom of her hip where she was covered with panty and bed sheet.. I put my hands under it and started massaging her buttocks she got up hesitantly and pushed me back…”you dog trying to play with me”…”no pankhuri I really love you and want to be yours for ever please don’t stop me I will die” she looked into my eyes and said then you have to massage my whole body…. It was a complete green signal… I undressed her completely with no panty and bed sheets this time…

She Was hot all white body with pink nipples and smooth shaved pussy (I like shaved pussy a lot)I started massaging her From legs I started and moving up…. I massaged her thighs and she was all exited now… But I kept patient and left her pussy untouched and reached her boobs… They were big and soft I massaged them till her nipples erected and her boobs became red… I then undressed myself and was completely nude in no time she looked at my rock solid organ and said. “oh my god you are exited a lot” I said ya and continued massaging her she was moaning and now juices started oozing out her pussy I can look them all..

I started sucking her nipples and she holded me. Hard…. Now I came to real part and started gently rubbing her pussy… She reached climax and holded me hard… As she got over she told me that she cant hold any more and was breathing deep… I was slowly touching her organs and made her exited a second time…. When I felt that its the correct time I put my penis at her pussy and inserted it… She cried in pain and told me to get it out… But I was not going to listen her. Her pain now turned into pleasure I was moving to and fro and she was moving in rhythm.. I fucked her hard for next 10 mins and got over in her..

She to got over second time… I was still not satisfied and tried to make up her again but she refused… We sat nude for some time and I started playing with her organs…. Use to press her boobs pinch her buttocks crease her nipples and smooch her… After some time she to started co operating me and was playing with my penis… We again got exited and this time she initiated the fuck she hold my penis in her hand and tried it rub it on her wet pussy… I was exited and inserted again in her… This time it went long and after about 20 mins she got over and I was still penetrating her,,,, though my penis started aching but since I hadnt ejaculation this time I continued after 10 mins I got over with all cum in her pussy…

We had a gr8 sex… I prescribed her some contraceptives so that she should not conceive and we had this sessions almost daily…and till today… Any girl who wants such nice treatment may mail me at [email protected] ID looks fake but was created knowingly to hide my identity and save my profession.