Girl next door

Hello all readers this is my first story but it has happened only ones in my life and its a true story. My name is Srikant right now I am pursing my degree final year and Sonam is also of same age but of different college. This story is about my friend Sonam (name changed) who used to leave in my building on top floor. We stayed there for some 6 years from my schooling and I lose contact with her after that for some 3 years and again when I saw her a month back I was unable to move my eyes from her figure.

Great look awesome looks…then a bad thought came in to my mind that have o fuck this girl in any way. Then talked with her and again made friend ship with her.and asked her to join me to net cafe for checking mails and she agreed to come we both were sitting beside with our hand brushing frequently since the cabin was small. As her touch of her hand I was not able to control by cock and it got erect and damn she noticed it and started laughing. I was feeling ashamed but I changed the topic and opened some erotic website she just left away from the net cafe.

Next day I meet her again and asked her to join me for a coffee and she did. So I got a hint that she is also interested in me. After coffee I just hugged her with out informing her and that touch of her heavenly area was awesome. I asked her for combined studies. And called her to my room. After some time she was in my room in a sexy tight mini which was up to knees and a sleeve less t-shirt. She was in black and red. As she entered my room…I caught her from back I was waiting her to regret my action or some reaction but she did not.that was my green signal to fuck her. Just asked her. Shall we take a chance of fucking with out condom or shall we have a good naked experience. Then we brought condom from below medical store.

Now she was sitting on my bed I removed her pin from hair.they were so smooth ad long upto to butts. I played with it along her back and also touched her back. Then removed her mini skirt then her t-shirt. She was in panties before me. My cock got erect and she noticed and this time without laughing she removed my pant and shirt and touched my cock and was feeling happy to touch I removed her bra and panties and played like hell with her boobs and sucked it hard. And then she took my cock in her mouth and I was going to cum. Just informed her and cummed in bath room. Then she again started fiddling with my cock, and with in few minutes it got erred again. His time I just were a condom and entered into the gateway (pussy) and fucked her hard. And she lost her virginity. We both were on my bed for some time. Then we regularly started going to net cafes as kissed her in there and touched all her body parts there. I loved playing with hr hair both public hair and normal hair. So any Hyderabad girl’s only girls (19-21) years. Want to have a nice experience with me. Are invited… Or just send a message to [email protected]