Daughter in law

Dear readers, I am now going to narrate a story as to how I managed to screw my young and beautiful daughter-in-law. This happened many years ago, while I was staying in Mysore. I had just retired and we were planning of shifting to Bangalore, as my son and his wife wanted to settle down there. My son was married to a very charming girl called Nisha, since 3 years. Nisha is a very easy going and frank type of girl. But somehow, even after 3 years of married life she had not got pregnant. It was a touchy subject to raise but one day my wife asked her if anything was wrong. Nisha said that there was nothing wrong with her. Maybe it was something to do with my son, who used to travel up and down from Mysore to Bangalore almost everyday.

So, finally one fine day both my wife and myself had a serious talk with my son and Nisha and suggested to them that they better go and get a check-up from the local gynecologist doctor. My son was furious and said that if need be, Nisha can go and get herself tested, but as far as he was concerned, everything was fine with him. My wife agreed that if that was the case then she will go with Nisha and get her tested and find out if the problem was with her. Nisha also agreed for this and the matter ended at this. A few days later my wife called up the local hospital and fixed the appointment for the coming Monday afternoon. On Monday morning, after my son left for his work in Bangalore, my wife and Nisha went to the hospital as scheduled. They waited for nearly 2 hours but the doctor had not come. My wife became restless and called me at home and said that she cannot wait any longer and asked me if I can come over and stay with Nisha. I said ok, and within 15 mins I was in the hospital. After my arrival. My wife left for home, while I and Nisha stayed over waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Another hour passed and finally the doctor arrived. Both Nisha and myself were surprised to note the doctor was a Male doctor. We were thinking it will be a female doctor. Anyway since we had come for a specific purpose, we decided to finish the test and go home. Nisha said to me that since it was a male doctor, it is better that I also accompany her to the doctor’s chamber. So I also went with Nisha into the doctor’s chamber. Once inside the doctor’s chamber, the doctor asked Nisha to get onto the cot nearby. I stood beside her while the doctor started asking her many personal questions, like how many times do you have sex, do you do oral, anal etc, etc. Nisha was flushed with embarrassment, due to my presence. But the doctor encouraged her to be more bold and said that her true answers would benefit her greatly. Soon Nisha shed her inhibitions, and said that she seldom has sex with my son and he never satisfies her and that she has never ever experienced an orgasm. The doctor was shocked by this revelation, and asked her to remove her salwar and kameez as he need to examine her private parts. Though fully shy she slowly removed her salwar and her kameez also and stood only in her underwear and bra. WOW! What a sight. My rod became stiff like a flagpole seeing my young daughter-in-law in such a situation!

The doctor like an experienced man started feeling her with his the so scope. He touched her cunt, boobs, navel, armpits, ribs and all other parts of her body. He then asked Nisha to remove her bra and underwear also as he wanted to test and see if she is frigid or normal. Nisha was very embarrassed, but on my telling her to do as the doctor ordered, Nisha removed her bra and her panties also and closed her eyes in shame. The doctor then inserted his finger into her vagina and moved it in and out. Nisha started moaning and soon she cummed her tasteful juices on the doctors fingers. He then started pressing her boobs and pinched her nipples slightly for which Nisha let out a yell filled with pleasure.

The doctor then stepped aside and asked Nisha to put on her clothes and walked back to his table. After Nisha had put on her clothes, both she and myself went and met the doctor. The doctor said that he finds Nisha to be a little shy and uninterested in sex as she has not yet been `explored` fully. The doctor suggested that she should do all that the doctor did to her at least once everyday for a month, so that the hidden desires and juices will flow out of her and it will help her in getting pregnant. He even suggested that if required I can help her in this as I am much older to her and she need not find it to be embarrassing. Nisha agreed for this and we returned home. But just as we were returning home Nisha turned to me and asked me to keep everything a secret and not to tell anyone about it. I agreed for this. From the very next day I started the lessons with Nisha and slowly she became more and more interested in sexual activities.

It was during one such day, when my wife and son had gone out to attend a function in a nearby town that I lost my sense of control and I became very horny and seeing my stiff rod, Nisha asked me to show it to her and when I Became naked in front of her she started clapping and took my penis in her hand and started shaking it up and down and also brought it to her mouth and sucked it for nearly 20 mins. I then lay on top of her and placed my rod on her inviting cunt and slowly started to push it inside. It slowly slid into her and as I increased the tempo, my rod went fully inside her and we were soon rocking like mad cats. After about 35 mins I could not control and with a final push I rammed my exploding sperms onto her collapsing cunt wall.

We fell flat on the cot exhausted with pleasure and when we woke up we did it 2 more times, before we both went together to the bathroom and gave each other refreshing baths. Soon Nisha became pregnant and the whole family was happy. Nisha delivered a cute baby girl first and exactly 11 months later she was blessed with a baby boy from me! It is 8 years since this episode took place and both Nisha and myself are an inseparable pair.