Saturday afternoon session

I am Neethu. 27 years of age and working as a professor in a college. I have just been introduced to ISS. Past few days most of my internet hours been spent reading the incidents written by you all. This is the first time I posting anything of this sort on any website. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. The Incident happened between me and my father in law. He is a ex-military guy, a typical soft spoken dark skinned guy, who never used the word bloody To begin and end every sentence. Apart from that he loved to drive car and he used to drive it fast and faster. He loved English movies making sure he never missed any. One passion we both shared was movies. We used to see most of the 9 pm movies in HBO and Star Movies. Now that was not when this happened. I never really had entertained this sort of thoughts in my mind about him. I was at my in-laws house most of the weekends. Since we did not have any classes on Saturdays I used to pack my bags on Friday and be at my husbands house which was just few hours drive from my college where I used to stay in a rented house with a colleague. Since it was exam time I had kept special classes for Saturday and I had no plans to leave home that week. So I had finished my class which was till afternoon and reached back to my rented flat dead tired after 4 hour class. My colleague had left to her home. I was dead tired and had taken some food and hit the bed planning to sleep all afternoon till dinner time. I don’t know how long I had slept. I heard a the door bell ring continuously which woke me up. I was still in the sari which I had worn for my class it was completely dishelmed revealing what it was meant to hide in the first place. I went to open and the first thing I hear is

“What took you so long to open the door?” It was my father in law. He entered the room. Let me give the readers a rough idea of the situation. I was in my sari which had completely dislodged itself after my afternoon siesta. My navel was completely in the open for him to see so was the bra strings popping itself out of the constrains of the blouse so the top hook of my blouse was also open revealing a small but evident cleavage. He was looking at other direction and I went to the other room to make myself more presentable. Then I returned asked him what brought him here. He said he had gone somewhere else and since had not reached home yesterday he just dropped in so that we could go home together. I told him about the class. Anyway I decided we would leave. I then went to make some tea.

While I was in the kitchen my FIL (Father In Law) was on to the TV. I just glanced to the front room and saw him adjusting his tool. It was then I remembered the show I had given him few minutes back. Not that I was a sadist but then till this time I never thought about he being an option. By the By I had exercised this option few times while in college. But never with anyone else other than the legal owner once got had I married.

It had been few months since my husband had left to work and since I had sex. Despite the fact that he was my FIL there were small fantasies building up in me. I then served him the tea while he was toggling on the remote not even once looking at my direction. I could guess why he was not doing so. I was wearing a pink colored sari with a black blouse. I had worn it little above the navel since that was the dress code most of the young professors followed in the college. I was sitting next on the nearby sofa. I asked him when. He replied since he had driven all morning he would like to take rest for sometime before we left. I told him that I had class all morning since it was two sections together I had to shout and was dead tired and had slept like dead after I had come from the class. He had broken my sleep. He said he could guess from what he saw when I opened the door. Then I told him. I know you would not have seen that much. I was just shaken when the door bell rang. He said he had seen enough to bring some reactions. He then lifted his legs and kept on the nearby tea table. I could see his rod was erect but was not making a tent which it would have had he not adjusted it. I knew that he was ready to use this option and all I needed to do was give him the positive response.

Then he asked me if I wanted to see what I had done to his old tool. I was also curious. He then unzipped his pants and took out his tool. It stood out like a flag post. He had a circumcised penis. Which he later told me was because of a some problem which related to the foreskin not withdrawing. He then asked me would I not like to feel it. I went up to him and touched it. It reacted wildly in my hands. He then grabbed my breast beneath the fabric of my sari and blouse. I then toyed with his manhood while he was exploring one breast after the other. I then told him I had never thought anything like this before about him. But he said frankly that he had fantasized about me quiet few times. We then moved to the bedroom where he undressed himself. I was still in my sari till he removed it for me. He first kissed my cheeks and sucked my lips and tongue. He then removed my blouse and bra. I had small pointed nipples light brown in color which stood contrast to my fair skin. He kneaded my breasts for quiet some time till the nipples were shooting erect. I was responding to it biting my lips licking my lips. I am not the loud sort of person. I don’t make much noise while having sex.

He then bent down to my navel and stomach while his hand was digging down inside my panties. His he had reached his finger and had inserted his digit into my pussy moving his fingers and tickling it inside me. He was fingering my clits while I was reacting to it. He knew I had not had it for quiet some time and I was enjoying it like anything. He then removed my skirt and panties. I had shaven my pussy few days back and the stubble was all that was remaining. He then separated my pussy lips. Putting his fingers inside it. I was reacting it by thrusting my hips upwards. He then placed a pillow under my buttocks and asked me to spread my legs apart. Which I did. He then placed few fingers inside me and rhythmically pushed it to and fro. I was beginning to react and have a good climax. He sensed it and he then separated my legs and he then pushed his tongue piercing it inside just as the juices flowed freely. It had been long since I had something of this sort. He then stood aside. His rod was erect and was eager to feel some flesh. He then asked me to suck it. He lay down on the bed and I took his tool in my hands. I took the helmet of his erect penis in my mouth while I masturbated the shaft. He was all inside my mouth in seconds. I never take the first semen inside my mouth usually since I feel it tastes lot of sweat and dried urine etc. We then lay side by side. He had one of his hands on my boobs and his other hand was busy on his flag post. He was talking to me while doing this. He then asked me to bring his rod back up again.

I went down on his tool sucked it till it was bit erect. His dark skinned phallus was gaining is lost life and vigor back as it began to respond to my tongue. I was liking the base of the shaft and going up to the eye of the penis. He held his hands on my head rubbing my hair moaning. He was warming up for the second time. He then asked me to lie down again while he spent time licking me and spiting on my pussy. He then spread my legs and with his fingers held my pussy lips apart. Inserting his male organ inside slowly. Once it was comfortably in he started rocking it. Occasionally his tool would slip out of my pussy. It he would then wait before placing it back again. These small intervals were making me more and more hungry for his rod. He then pushed it inside once again. Continued with the rhythmic rocking. As I said earlier I don’t make much noise while making love. Only whimpers and low moaning. And accompanying it would be tears rolling down my eyes if it was satisfactory. I was the first one to explode while he was still continuing with what he was doing. He then quivered, his highs shivered and he emptied his contents in my vessel. He then removed his tool from my pussy. It was wet with juices from both of us. He then rubbed it on my navel and stomach leaving a wet trail there. He then inserted his finger inside my pussy taking out the wet finger he showed it for me to suck it. Which I did. After that we slept together for quiet a while having a loose chat. He was asking about few personal things while I asked him about his. He reminded me we had to pack up fast before it got the traffic hit the road and before it was going to be dark. We lay down together for quiet some time. I was in no mood for sleep. All the while I had one of my legs over him with my breasts close to his chest.

He then asked me for one final thing he would like to do before we started journey back home. He asked me to sit on the floor while resting my head on the bed. He placed a pillow down my head. He then stood right in-front of me. His penis was semi erect when he pushed it inside my mouth. It soon grew in dimensions inside my mouth. While he was busy pushing it in and out my mouth. The tip of his helmet was stretching the room of my throat. I was getting a bit suffocated. He still continued. This time for a different reason my eyes were pouring out. He continued while I was suffering. It was not long before he was moaning hard while shooting his last reserves of spunk down into my mouth. He let his penis remain inside my mouth while the sperm slipped down my throat. He then removed his rod which was covered with his jiss and my saliva. Threads of sperm hanging down it. He then asked me lick it clean again. Which I did. He then got up and went to the bathroom while I remained on the bed. I was feeling sour inside my throat after what had just happened. We then dressed up. He was the first one to dress up and he then came inside my room while I was dressing up. He was feeling the pulse again. I gave him a good lesson which he was enjoying. After that we left.