Paid to have sex

Hi, I am Garry from Mumbai. Some times luck really do favor you. I was sitting alone and having some beer in a restaurant in Andheri a smart young gentle man approached me and started talking to me. After talking some rubbish, he enquired me if I wanted to earn some instant effortless cash. Oh my God, who on earth is not willing to earn some extra cash. I told me that I won’t do any thing illegal. He laughed & told that I have to simply spend an evening with a lady. Now I knew what he wanted. He told me that he was a driver of a rich lady & the lady was feeling a bit lonely & wants some one to spend a weekend. I said “I am all yours”. He too my no. & paid my bill & went.

After 2 days, I received the call from the same gentleman & he gave me an address in Alibagh and asked me to reach there by Saturday afternoon. I agreed to it. On Saturday, I got up early, did my work out, trimmed my pubic hair (wow) filled the tank of my Enfield and started to Alibagh. By the time I reached alibagh, it was already 5 in the evening & I was feeling exhausted. I searched for the given address & reached the bungalow with some efforts. A servant greeted me at the door and made me sit in the drying room & told me “Madame will be seeing you soon”. I was hungry & tired & sex was the last thing on my mind. I was served fried chicken & orange juice. I finished every thing in no time. After some time I felt sleepy & dosed off. Suddenly, I felt some one very close to me. I woke up with a start & saw a middle aged heavy set woman staring at me. I immediately got up & started feeling very nervous. “so, Govind has sent you, I don’t know what has happened to his choice or there is shortage of good guys in Mumbai that he has sent such a lazy bum.”

Now this really hurt my ego & thought of teaching her a lesson. Any way, I introduced my selves but still, her features remained grave. “Drop your pants” she commanded. I obeyed when she saw my member, she started to laugh “this won’t even tickle me”. I said “lets see” hearing my straight forward reply, she looked amused. With my pants & undies in my hand, she took me to a room which had a big bed in the middle. She didn’t bolt the doors. The Madame removed her clothes & lied down on the bed. “Fuck me” she commanded. Now this was interesting. No talking, no fore play no fondling, no kissing, directly “fuck me”. Now it was a battle & I had to win it at any cost. I removed my T- shirt & went near the lady. She had massive boobs, thunder thighs though due to massive fat, I couldn’t see her cunt. I got hold of one of her boobs and started licking it. The lady was like wood even after 5-10 minutes of licking, she didn’t get hot slowly , I moved my hand towards her cunt & tried to finger her. She got annoyed. “You loser, what will you do with your dick if you have to use your finger?” she asked. Now, this was enough. Due to nervousness & exhaustation, I was not able to get errection & then this horny lady was playing with my ego. I got up & tied both her hands with the bed post. I spread her legs & tied them both at the extreme end.

Though she was huge, she was no match to my toned bodys strength. Now she was lying there helpless on the bed with both her legs & hands stretched and tied. “Leave me or I will shout” she said in a loud whisper. I smiled I knew she won’t shout as she won’t like her servants to see her in such a condition. I knew what I had to do. I started with her foot. I took the thumb of her foot & started licking it. After some time I licked her whole feet. Then I slowly licked her legs. I was using all my saliva. She was all wet & I could hear her hard breathing. I worked towards her upper body. I didn’t touch her cunt & boobs. Slowly & slowly, I went to her neck. I spent good time at her neck giving her love bites on the neck. Now our Madame was totally out of control but still she didn’t utter a word. Then I started playing with her ear lobes. One by one I licked them, nibbled them, and chewed them. I think I licked her for one hour & still I Didn’t touch her boobs or cunt. The lady was totally exhausted.

Like a child, I grabbed one of her melons with both the hands, closed my eyes & started licking like a hungry baby. I gave light bites on her enormous nipples. A spent lots of time on both the boobs. She was crying “for gods sake please untie me my blood circulation in the arms have stopped”. I asked her to wait as the real thing was about to happen. Placed my hand on the cunt. It was flowing like a river. What a big clit she had!! I put my mouth on her cunt & tried to take the clit in my teeth. Within seconds she was crying “Oooooooooh Fuck me now”. I was very excited by now & was waiting just for it. I stood near her face and started masturbating. She screamed, “you fool, why are you loosing it, put it in my cunt”. I told her that since I was not worth & was only a lazy bum, I won’t fuck her. There was terror in her eyes. She said “I will double your fees please fuck me don’t leave me in such condition.” I said to hell with her money as I have sex to enjoy not to make money. Now I was getting more & more excited & on the verge of cumming. Seeing this, she pleaded “I am really sorry. Please forgive me. Pride of money has made me like this.”

Now I was totally sorry for the female more ever her juicy cunt had made me want to want her. I stopped jerking my selves & untied her. She immediately dropped on her knees & took my member in her mouth. I asked her to stop it and to save it for her cunt. She told, “let me pay you back for the wonderful experience you have given me”. She took whole of my cock in her mouth & started playing with my balls. She gave me a perfect blow job. When I was about to come, I tried to take my prick out but she got hold of my ass cheeks and didn’t allow me to move. Within seconds, I came & to my surprise, she drank every drop of it. She looked up and smiled. We both wore our clothes & she ordered for beer & we lit cigarettes. I spent a night with her. She was very good to me. We had sex twice in the night. My, god she was wonderful much better than many inexperienced young girls. While leaving, she handed me a bundle of notes as my fees which I refused as I had one of best sex in my life with her. We still use to date together. Any lady irrespective of age, size wants to have fun with me, contact me at [email protected] confidentiality guaranteed.