Big decision

Im a happily married man and I love my wife Renu very much, but for the last few years our sex life hasnt exactly been exciting. Ive always wanted a woman who was seriously wild. You know, a wanton slut willing and able to do anything and everything to please me in bed. Im not overly kinky or perverted, but my wife likes to do it in the dark, missionary style, and she always has some lame excuse when I suggest something to spice up our sex life. I dont know how many times I’ve heard her say stuff like “Someone might see us,” “I dont like the taste,” “thats just gross,” “Im not flexible enough,” or “Isnt what we normally do enough?”

I was beside myself with frustration and after a particularly unsatisfying night of jacking off I started surfing through an Adult Chatting Room I wasnt seriously looking for a date, but its how I met Komal, a gorgeous beauty who seemed to be the answer to my prayers. From the moment I saw her picture I was in lust, and surprisingly enough, she was receptive to an offer to chat online. It was innocent enough at first, at least thats what I told myself. I was just fantasizing about being with another women and technically it wasnt cheating, but we started chatting online almost every day and it progressed into an all out affair after about a month. It wasnt actually my idea to meet face to face. Komal talked me into it, saying it would make our online chats a lot hotter to know what we really looked like in three dimensions. Deep down I knew it was a thinly veiled ploy to seduce me, but at the time I bought it. I never thought I would ever cheat on Renu, but I agreed to meet Komal in a bar after work and we ended up fucking in the back seat of my car. It all happened so fast I didnt know what I was doing. I was overcome with complete lust for this woman and I knew I should have run away from the situation, but I just didnt have the willpower. I did tell her that I was married though, but it only seemed to turn her on.

I told myself that I could do it once and then forget about the whole affair, but that was also just a self delusion. After completely abandoning my marriage vows in one night of passion, it got easier to do it again and again. Even after I came all over the seats of my car that first night, I went back to her place and filled every hole she had twice over. I didnt even have a good excuse to tell my wife where Id been. I just said I was out with the guys having a few beers. Im very addicted to Komal now and I dont know what Im going to do with myself. I spend most of my time thinking about the little details of our sexual encounters. Stuff like the way she moves her hips when my cock is buried in her ass, or the slight moan she made the previous night when I came in her mouth.

I dont have any worries that Komal is going to want me to leave Renu. Its a mixed blessing because I know it would be easy to fall in love with her, but our relationship is strictly sexual. Divorcing Renu and dating Komal full time isnt an option because Komal is too wild. I dont know how else to say it. Shes open with me about having a lot of lovers, and she even tells me about all of them. I dont think shed ever settle for just one guy. In a weird way it turns me on, I suppose because its a different level of intimacy I’ve never had with any woman before, and of course I like hearing the details of what turned her on the most. Its definitely a weird situation being with someone so completely honest.

I also really enjoy not hearing excuses from Komal when it comes to trying something kinky. Shes always up for anything and no matter how much we fuck she cant get enough. Its sort of like being addicted to a drug. I know its self destructive, and yet I just keep doing it. I also know the danger of our relationship is part of the reason she still sees me, and every time we get together I have to push the envelope a little further. Its just a matter of time before she gets bored with me, but until that day comes Im going to fill her butt with as many loads of come as I can. Interested Delhi/Jaipur/Dehradun Couple/Married/Divorcee/Widow Women/Unsatisfied Bhabis/Unmarried Girls mail me [email protected] PRIVACY ASSURED.