Somrita bhabhi

Hello ISS readers! I am back with another real story. This time I seduced a widow and fucked her. It was an amazing experience to seduce her in a rainy night. Now let me write out the details of arousing her. When I was around 18 years, I developed a penchant to get involved in sex especially with married girls. I used to read out sex-magazines, watch blue-films that multiplied my huger. When I reached the peak, I started to imagine about women. Whenever I saw a women passing by me or going along the street, I started to think how it would be if I get her nude completely in front of me, how she would look like without bra and panty, how she would react if finger her pussy and bang her asshole, what the pose could be she would like. I usually made wet my bed-sheet with my cum because of regular masturbation. I started to search a woman to taste the pleasure of real sex as it had become inevitable for me. I really required a live body of opposite sex to play with. At last, I got my prey to play prank with.

We (our family) had a Bengali neighbor just 3 houses far to our doorstep. There were only seven members left in their family. Romesh was the 2nd son of the family and was my friend. I had never visited his place though he used to come frequently to me in relation to studies. One day he came to me and placed a proposal to teach his nephew who was in 1st standard. I immediately agreed to his proposal and asked when I had to start. He simply said to start the very next day if I wished. And it was the turning point of the chapter when I called him on. When I stepped into their house, Romesh greeted me with a firm hug and requested me to sit on the sofa. When I looked around the drawing room, I stood spellbound. Everything (the furniture, the paintings, the TV) was arranged artistically. I enquired Romesh about that and he told me, “The credit completely goes to his Bhabhi.” After initial talks, I requested him to call his nephew. He asked his bhabhi to come with the kid and ordered some snacks. When his bhabhi came to us with the kid, I could hardly avoid staring at her ignoring the presence of Romesh. I thought if there could be angels like her on this earth. Her feature was her breast and ass, just tight and hard with a figure of 38C-30-40. She was really gifted with a pair of inviting breasts and tempting ass. In addition, she had pink lips, black wide open eyes, black long soft & silky hair, a round large deep cut naval and a milky white physique with a height of nearly 5.6”. She was really a walking sex bomb. I came to earth when Romesh introduced me to his Bhabhi and nephew. He also told me that she was the widow of his elder brother Somesh who died in a car accident. He also added that she was working as head clerk in his brother’s office. On the other hand, little did I pay attention to his words? I was concentrating on her face and watching her pointed nipples that headed out through her black blouse. I was also getting the glimpse of red lacy bra inside her blouse. She was looking beautiful in saree. But she was watching me surprisingly as I was stranger to her. I came to know from Romesh that she was around 26 years. I thought how god could be merciless to her. She became a widow at an early age. I felt pity for and sympathized with her.

I visited her regularly the next day onwards to teach her kid. She used to bring snacks and a cup of tea for me when I was teaching. I was actually going to her to see her. I developed weakness for her though I used to call her Somrita bhabhi. Gradually we started talking to each other in relation to her kid’s improvement and within a short span of time we became so close that I passed comments to her openly in presence of her family members. We usually shared our problems and tried to find out a solution. I even sometimes shared sex jokes to which she responded with a gentle smile. While regular conversation, I generally touched her hand, tickled her or even pinched her round ass. Moreover I watched her half seeing silky & shining stiff boobs through her lower cut jumper. She never objected it and usually walked away with a giggle. I knew that it was green signal for me. But hardly did I dare to express my feelings to her.

One evening I went to teach the kid. But I found nobody inside. I surprised. But I realized there was someone in Somrita bhabhi’s bedroom watching the shadow on the floor. I approached to the door. I found the door was shut but not latched. I slowly pushed it and looked for her, without making any sound. I was about to enter her bedroom, the door was open and she was dressing. Her back was towards me and she was removing the towel wrapped around her breast. I saw the black straps of her bra from the exposed shoulders and thighs were shinning since she had come from a shower. I had never seen a woman so close that to half naked. She threw the towel on the bed. I was shocked at the scene; she was wearing a blackish green cotton panty, which covered most part of her ass and a black bra. My cock was hard as I started rubbing my cock. She was busy in her dressing, she applied some powder to her armpits, to her inner thighs and started to put on a black blouse and matching petticoat. Everything looked dark to me and I couldn’t control myself. I returned home and shoot out a heavy load of cum in the bathroom because of sudden rush of adrenaline to my brain through the veins. I thought I must trap her as soon as possible to quench my thirst for sex. One day when I went there to take tuition for her kid, she was preparing food. I simply gave the kid some math to work out and moved straight into the kitchen. I greeted her with a smile and stood behind her. Being unaware of my intention, she was busy preparing dishes. I looked at her fetish ass and fantastic boobs from side view and retained a tremendous erection. I gathered courage and all on a sudden clutched her big shapely boobs over her blouse and rubbed my hard shaft over her ass. She immediately turned around and resisted me. She told with a giggle that she was my bhabhi, not my girlfriend. She also added not to do such things when her in-laws were present. I got the signal and waited for the moment to fuck her.

One evening, I was returning from a near by town and there was a heavy shower of rain going on accompanied with thunder and lightening. I reached the bus-stop with difficulty. Fortunately I found Somrita bhabhi there. She was also waiting for the bus. But there was hardly any bus passing by. Even there was none at the bus stop. We were completely drenched. It was almost 9 p.m. I went near her and started talking to her. As she was wet, I could see her boobs being captured in the sexy black lacy bra and her ass in the red panty. The folds of her saree were completely scattered. I looked around to confirm anybody present in the vicinity. But oops! There was none. I surrounded her waist by my arms firmly and kissed her neckline standing behind her with my erect penis bulging out of jeans and touching her asses. She suddenly gasped out,”Ohhhh… Ravi!” I moved my hands upwards via her soft belly and paused at her big mounds. I clutched them and started pressing them so hard that she yelled out,”Oh No! Slow, slowly. Oouch! Ooooooh… aaaaahhhh… shhhhhhhhhhhh… Oyee maaaaaaaaaa…” Meanwhile I was busy kissing her earlobes, shoulders, cheeks and the neckline. We were on fire though it was raining heavily. Her hands were pressing hard my palms against her boobs. I made her lean against a tree and moved my hands over her to and fro in excitement. I stretched out my hands as far as possible and caressed her. I could feel the outline of her panty and bra with my finger tips. I continued kissing and kneading her breasts with equally round butts until we were interrupted by the headlight of the bus approaching us. Both of us broke off kissing and caressing each other and got up into the bus. In the bus we sat besides each other on one seat. As it was raining, the bus was not crowd. She opened the zip of my jean, slid her hand into it and started playing with my boxer all possible ways whereas I rubbed fingers over pussy over her saree.

When I reached home, I followed her like a faithful dog and stepped into her drawing room. Everybody was fast asleep except us. I hugged her tightly right on that spot and kissed her lips passionately. Then I sat on the floor on my knees and went inside her petticoat to have the smell of her sweet pussy. I lifted her petticoat over her milky white thighs and soon had a view of her beautiful wet pussy. She spread her thighs apart and I buried my nose in her crotch and she smelt really great. I started licking her inner thighs, slowly moving upward to her outer pussy lips and separated them with my fingers. She took deep breaths continuously. She was very wet inside and her pussy syrup was leaking down towards her ass. I quickly licked her juice and it tasted somewhat salty. I inhaled the smell for five minutes with rubbing my face on her inner part and it was intoxicating me. I asked Somrita to turn to the opposite side and keep one leg on the sofa so as to lick her ass hole. She lifted up her petticoat for my convenience and kept her left leg on the chair. That has given me good access to eat her pussy hole and ass hole simultaneously in good way. She shrieked out in pleasure. Then I made her sleep and came on top of her to capture her womanly assets fully in my arms. I pulled her saree and threw it away. Now she was in black petticoat and blouse in front of me. Her breathing was getting hot and rapid. I simply removed her petticoat pulling the string and unbuttoned the blouse. Her body was shining in the dim light. I massaged her pair of breasts quite hard over her bar. I pushed her bra straps to the sides of her shoulders and kept kissing and licking her nipples along with the bra. She cried out,”Raviii! Remove my bra and suck my nipples” and she turned to her side helping me to unhook her bra. I was sucking her nipples hard and she moaning heavily. It was so hard that tasted me like licking cherry. I slowly drew my hand towards her crotch and inserted my middle finger inside her cunt, which was so tight. Perhaps this was because she had not been fucked for over more than 2 years since her husband died. Her cunt was in-between a dense forest covered with lots of hairs. Somrita’s eyes were closed and she was in heaven, so was I.

She gasped out ooooooh… aaaaahhhh… shhhhhhhhhhhh… maaaaaaaaaa… uuuummm… aaaaaah… ummmmm… oooohhhh… aaaaahhhhh… aaaaa… offfffffff… I also moved my tongue along her panty outline which gave her divinely pleasure so that held my head by hair and pushed it to her valley. She removed my t-shirt and jeans. I was on top of her with underwear-covered cock brushing her crotch covered by the lace panties. I was getting horny and my dick was growing bigger and bigger in my jockey. It was rubbing her thighs and her waistline. Her boobs were on my chest and we were enjoying it thoroughly. I could feel her warm breath on my face. Our tongues were playing together and our saliva passing being interchanged. I was trying to grab her boobs fully in palms; but my palms were coming short to hold such big melons. When I got completely excited, I became ready to bang her. I removed my underwear, tore her panty and humped over her. But to utter dismay, she pushed me aside and got up. She shouted at me not to proceed further and ran into her bedroom collecting her clothes. I felt like a fish out of water. I got so angry that I wished to slap her hard. But I was helpless. I returned home with a gloomy face.

The very next day when I got give tuition to her kid, she came near me and tried to talk to me. Neither did I talk to nor looked at her. She tried all ways to make up me. But I didn’t respond her for a couple of days. The third day, she rang me up when I was taking a nap after lunch. It was a landline number as shown by mobile. I thought who it could be and received the phone. Surprisingly it was Somrita bhabhi from her office. She requested me not to slam the phone as she wanted to talk to me. I answered her with coarse voice to speak out. She told me, “Are you still angry with me for my behavior in that night? I know you love me very much and want to enjoy me physically. See, I am ready to serve my body to you. But it is not possible in presence of my in-laws. That was why I stopped you that night. Wait for the coming Saturday and Sunday. You will really enjoy a lot as my in-laws would have gone to a near by town to attend a marriage function.” When the evening of Saturday came, I reached at her place. I looked around to ensure nobody was watching me. I gently pushed the door and it was open. Perhaps she was also waiting for the ride. I latched the door inside and went straight into her bedroom. But she was not there. I looked for her in and around the house and at last found her in the kitchen.

Maybe she was preparing the tea and could not know my arrival. As I was angry, I went near her and slapped hard on her ass. She got dumbfounded and turned back with a loud scream “ooooooh…” When she looked into my lusty eyes, she could sense that I was still angry. I took her into my laps and marched to her bedroom. She shouted,”Hey! What are you doing? Let me prepare the tea.” I answered her, “No baby! No tea, no more chitchat. I just want to fuck you right now, you sexy bitch!” She laughed out and I got angry with her laugh. I threw her on bed and sprang upon her. I hugged her tight and she also responded holding me tight. I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks and lastly kissing her hungry lips which was licking all the saliva from my mouth. Slowly I started exploring her beautiful back over her blouse and I could sense the fire of desire growing with every move of my hand! Holding her head, our lips locked. Kissing went on and on. My hands now started caressing her round boobs up and down over her blouse! I slowly put my right hand on her waist and caressed it and then took the plunge, I touched her navel, she jerked a bit, I then started to put my finger in it and my hand was all over her stomach, and I brought my face up to her navel and gave a kiss, she arched backwards and I continued my act. This time I went up again to her breasts and kissed her cleavage and went and buried my face on her neck and kept it there and I could sense her breathing. It was fast and her fingers were on my hair and pulling them onto her. I slipped my hands over her breasts and started pressing, pulling and twisting her nipples. I went back and kissed her neck from back; I hugged her breasts from behind and rubbed my cock on her hips over the saree and squeezed her boobs.

I undid her blouse buttons and my hands were busy kneading her nice round 38C size boobs over her bra! Her tits were as hard as marble! I kept kissing biting her down from neck to her bare back and pushed her bra straps down! My hands went to the back and unhooked her bra and her melons were released from captivity. I tried to take them in my mouth as much as possible. She was moaning and I could hear the sexy voices coming out of her mouth like oooohh… aaaaahhhh… Oh Raviii… uuuoohhh… uuffffffffff my honey… mmm… umm… sshh… Then I got up and tried to remove her saree. I caught the folds and gently pulled it, it came out in a bunch and I put it in a heap beside her head. Then I removed the strings of the petticoat and pulled it down. Wow! What a sight, she was without a panty and I could see her pubic hairs around the crotch area and her big thighs that provoked me to fuck her badly. I laid back on her. This time she guided my head to her pussy. I could see her beautiful bushy pussy. I came there itself. I immediately put my face on her pussy and she spread her legs and put it on my shoulders and caught my head and pushed it deeper into her. I pulled apart the rosy lips of cunt and moved my tongue to and fro on her vaginal hole. I made it wet with my saliva. It tasted good to me and I could smell the fragrance of her wet cunt.

When I played with her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, she couldn’t control her feelings and gasped out long deep moans like aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaammmaaa… Oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, RRRaaaaaavvviii aaaahhhh. I pushed my tongue in out of her vaginal hole and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything. Her hands went backwards and caught hold of the bed sheet making aaaah and ooooh sounds. As she had not been fucked for 2 years, I had to finger her pussy to loosen her slightly! Firstly with index finger, I fingered, then with middle and again with ring finger. I did finger her asshole simultaneously inserting my little finger. She continued spelling out sounds like “Plzzzzzzz! uuuufffff! ahhhhhh! ooohhhhhh! Do more. Speed up plzzzzzz! Aaahhhhh! uuufffff! Raviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Oh Honeeeeeeeeeeey! What a magic you have done to me! I am feeling the fire in my pussy. Oooooohhhhhhh! Aaahhhhhhh! Hayyyyy I am going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh my god! Ahhhhhhh! Please honey! Hurry up! Make it fast. That feels good. She shouted like a slut wife. But as I was angry, I shouted at her, “Uummm… You horny bitch! Do feel the fire; realize the pain you gave me that rainy night.” And I continued fingering her for around 20 minutes and her wet cunt released the salty fluid as she reached the climax.

Then she tried to lead me. She removed my t-shirt and jeans off. She put her legs inside my under wear and drew them half way down to my knees and started to play with my cock. Your black cock is big and fat; it will tear my pussy-lips apart. She kept saying and moaning in the same time. I wanted to feel her lips and mouth on my cock. So I stopped fingering her and offered my long shaft into her mouth, which she instantly accepted. Then she stated to move her tongue on the foreskin of my cock with her soft hand pulling it up and down and kept pressing my balls gently. She pushed my huge cock against her lips. She sucked it hard with sounds like mmm… Mmm… Mmm…. coming out of her mouth. Gradually she took the whole of my tool inside her mouth with one firm push and sucked it like a lollypop. I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth. It was great and I let away a loud moan. It was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against my monster cock. Bhabhi sucked my manhood slowly and kept on increasing her speed. When I felt I was to cum I tried to put my dick out of her mouth; but bhabhi signaled me cum inside her mouth.

I shoot out a heavy load of cum inside her mouth. She also swallowed whole of it without letting out a single drop outside. And she again started sucking my penis. My dick got completely erect to its full length and width within a short while and was ready now for a bang. I made her sleep on the bed; she put her legs around my back. She co-operated me pulling apart her pussy lips with her fingers. I positioned my long black shaft with mushroom head at her entrance. As she guided me to her hole, I felt my dick gliding into a tunnel which was little tight, moist and soft to enter. Whole of my rod entered very easily into her pussy. As I pressed my dick in and she responded by opening up her legs more and more to accommodate me! I started to fuck her in rhythmic action, slowly in and out of her pussy! Entering her deeper and deeper every time with every stroke! Ummmmmmmm! ohoooooo! She kept moaning and shouting as my strokes became faster and faster. I speeded up my pace and fucked her hard with my full strength. She was enjoying it fully and moaning like “aaaaahh! Ooohhhh! Uuuffff! Hhhyyyyyeee! Oh! Give it to me, deep inside of me. Fuck me hard. I need more, much more of it.

Speed up and make it fast please! Her breasts were swinging with each of my stroke which was a must-see sight! I was deep down her vaginal valley where none including her husband had gone! I could feel her vaginal muscles flexing on my dick! I kept pumping her! I could feel the diaphragm as the resistance on each in stroke. She was enjoying every bit of it and she was biting her lips. Her body shivered and her vaginal muscles gripped my dick like a vice! Her body was sweating! She was really happy that she had a man fucking her cunt. I kept fucking her harder and harder. She was so excited that she reached climax. But I still hammered her damn hard and her pussy lips were damn red I could feel the eruption inside her volcano. Her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and made sounds with each of my thrust like puchh… Puuh phhhch puchh.. and my balls making sound thud…thudd… thap… thapp… against her hips. I shoved her pussy for 15 minutes and lastly shoot out a huge globe of semen inside her hole with a loud cry like ahhhhh… and collapsed on her arms. A hot stream of sperm came out from my capillary for 30 seconds. As I was not fully tired and satisfied either, I asked her to try out her asshole. She immediately nodded and came over me. She started jerking it with her hands and licked the rim of the cock to make it hard again. My monster cock regained its strength and shape. I positioned her like a bitch and her round fetish asses rose up to me. I fondled her ass and rubbed it hard. I moved my tongue along her ass valley for sometime and then tickled her asshole with it as my hands were squeezing her ass-cheeks. I was extremely excited watching her arch her back and attempted to raise her ass more to receive me more deeply and fully.

I then kissed, licked, and bit all the way to her pussy zone also. She was making sounds now oooohhhh, aaaaahhhhh, aaaaa offfffffff. My tongue explored into her wet cunt. My dick was ready to fuck her sweet asshole. She was full hot now. I spread her butt cheeks apart and saw a little whole my monster dick was still quiet wet and at full blast. I told her to get ready to lose your virgin ass form me as well; she closed her eyes because she knew that it would be even worse pain. I positioned my dick and rammed it inside her dry ass. She clenched her teeth as I started to push. I managed to get the head of my cock all the way in, and I watched as her sphincter tightened around my cock. I continued pushing until the remainder of my cock was all the way into her. I pressed slowly inside and sounds coming up aaaaaah, ummmmm, I increased the speed and her sounds also coming up. I began pumping my hips into her. I could feel the burning heat of her ass. I pulled out of her almost completely and then rammed myself back in.

She grunted at the force I was using. Meanwhile I cupped her huge soft breasts with huge pinkish brown areolas and twisted, squeezed, massaged at my will. I continued thrusting my hard cock into the tight little ass of bhabhi. “Ohhhhh! Its so tight and hot, bhabhi! Squeeze bhabhi! Squeeze it for me!” She tightened her ass muscles for me. “Ohh! Bhabhi Im going to cum in your ass! Im going to blow my nut in your hot little ass!” She screamed, “Im also coming! Fuck me Raaaaaavvviii! aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaaaa, ooohh, aaiiii, aaaaahhh, RRRRaaaaaavvviii, aaaahhhh” I could feel her asshole grip my cock spasmodically as I emptied my balls into her ass. There was spurt after spurt as I pulsed and pulsed into that hot clinging hole. It was amazing. “I love you, bhabhi!” I yelled, shooting my cum deep into her asshole. From that day onwards I fucked Somrita lots of time and I even made her pregnant with my semen’s. She was very happy to become pregnant though later on she went for abortion. By the way, rush your mails with your valuable comments to me. I am available at [email protected] I really welcome your views. Those bhabhis, aunts or widows who are in dire need of intercourse stealthily in and around Bangalore, do write me. I will be at your service. I am also ready for sex-chat over internet for all women in India to resolve their sex related problems.