Wife fucked by her boss

Hi, my name is Harish, I am married for the past couple of years, my wife works for a pharmacy company, she is a very sexy lady but at no point of time did I ever imagine she would betray me. One day when she was having her bath I accidentally saw a sms on her cell. It said lets enjoy today, it was send by her boss, incidentally that day I was supposed to go out of town on business purpose & was to come the next day, I was supposed to leave in the afternoon, she called from her office to check if I had left I told her I was on the way to the airport & would see her the next day. She seemed to be very happy, I was also feeling very angry & at the same time I secretly had a urge to see my wife being fucked by another man, I decided to see for my self how my loyal wife was about to have some fun with her elderly boss. I new her boss very well he was a elderly man of about 60 years a widower, but well built & strong.

My wife always had good words for him, now I understood the reason. I purposely canceled my trip & headed back home at around 6.00pm I new my wife would be home by now, below my building in my parking lot I saw her boss’s car parked he had a Mercedes Benz, my wife like good cars & all the good thinks in life. I slowly tool the lift up to my flat, the door was closed, I tried to open it with the keys I had but it was locked from inside I cursed my luck, I was feeling very impatient & now my cock was also getting hard thinking how my wife was sleeping with a old man. I went to the kitchen door & try to open it with the spare key, the door opened I slowly tiptoed inside, there was light coming from the hall, my wife was sitting on the sofa with her boss she was wearing a skirt & blouse which she normally wears when she in a mood to have sex, I could see her sexy ass when she got up to serve him tea.

Her boss removed a bottle of wine & both of them started drinking I was getting impatient on what was next in store. Her boss got up went a sat close to her & started kissing her, she tried to resist, I heard him saying that don’t worry he wont hurt her, they kissed long I was shocked to see my dear loyal wife in this state. He slowly made her sit & started pressing her breasts, & kissing her neck. She was slowly getting aroused her hands were on his thighs, she was murmuring sweet things in his ears, suddenly he caught her hand & placed it on his cock she held it tight started unzipping his trouser, she removed his cock & placed it in her hand, I was shocked at the size of the old mans cock. It was almost 10 inches long & thick & dark. My wife went on her knees & started sucking & licking this monster, I really was shocked with the eagerness she was sucking it, the was kissing & squeezing her huge breasts I could see the nipples were erect, he slowly started removing her blouse & threw than out, she was only in her bra, what a sight my wife almost naked in the arms of her boss. I shuddered to think how his huge cock would tear into the cunt of my delicate wife who always cries when I enter my six inch cock. Slowly she helped him remove his trousers he removed her bra.

She was completely naked from the top her huge breast were heaving with excitement, I could see the gleams of sweat on her face & breasts I realized what a sexy woman my wife was, she was really getting hot now she was the more aggressive partner she had his cock tightly in her hand & was masturbating him with she was making him squeeze her breasts she liked to be made love violently she was shouting at him to bite her on her breasts & he was doing so. He made her completely naked, he made her sleep on the floor & started licking her cunt, she was telling hi to insert his cock inside, but he made her turn around & stand like a dog on her knees, I was shocked to see he was going to enter her from behind which I had never done, my wife seemed to be prepared for it, my cock was rock hard thinking hoe the monster was going to rip her thru the ass.

He applied some cream she was telling him to hurry he bent down caught hold of her huge breast from behind & slowly entered her, she was screaming with pain as the 10 inch cock her, her & disappeared in to her ass the old man started pumping furiously, what a site it was her breasts were shaking violently, she was telling him to pump faster. He than removed his cock out, it was glistening like a sword, once more she made him lie down gave him a blow job, than she caught old oil & forcefully made him enter her from her cunt. He fucked her for almost 15 minutes. She was tired & exhausted. They rested for about a hour, had more wine both sitting naked. I could hear what they were saying; she was convincing I’m that she wanted to see him fuck his wife. Or next time she will not allow him to touch her, he agreed that next time he fucked his wife he would secretly allow her to watch him, they kissed & left… I now knew that other side of my shy loyal wife, if you liked this true story please email me at prem_musica.co.in, bye till another time.