Next door neighbor

This happened to me one year ago, in Bangalore. It was bright sunny day I was sitting on the roof of my house. The electricity went away and sitting inside the home was like baking oneself in the Owen. I decided to take umbrella along with reader digest to kill time. As my house on two units I could get a chance of looking at neighbors house. My next door neighbor had a daughter older to me. She had a perfect figure as I always blushed staring at her lower body part. There were times I leave my room curtain open as I used to do body building. I noticed she gave me appealing smile when my body was sweaty as each drop running from head to smooth curved chest, bumping through abs and disappearing under my skin tight shorts. She used to get erotic as her hormones arouse and her nipples erect shaping out from blouse. I couldnt concentrate on body workout as my pennies arouse giving a clear figure of 8 inch long cucumber. I thought she was not noticing my action directly but she read my action quiet well leaving flames of unholy desire burning in her body. I woke up from day dreaming as mother shouted to collect ice from neighbor house. I raced downstairs like a lightening and wore skin tight t-shirt. I knocked Sara my wet dream neighbors door.

I heard her high heal shoes coming towards the door. She opened the door and the first look in her eyes passed a wave of current into my body. I couldnt speak to her as my throat got dry. And without speaking a word I presented the empty ice cube holder. She grabbed it and the edge of her finger tip touched my hand. It was the most sensational touch I guess it was a sign of welcome. I was about to melt down when I saw her back, she was wearing a see through silk and her back gave no sign of bra her healthy round ass gave no lines of underwear. I thought she was about to take shower as I came to ask for ice cubes. My pennies started swelling and it was on the verge of wetting. I started walking behind her. I asked Sara that “where is your parent?” she told me that they went to meet friends and relatives and she couldnt go because she had to complete her assignments. I thought it was a good chance to get a little informal. Amazingly, she was reading my mind she removed her “dupatta” and the healthiest nice round breast appeared in front of me. She said its very hot and she didnt want to wear bra and nobody was at home. I couldnt believe the words I was hearing all I said in return was a dry and thirsty breath out.

Her soft round breast was sticking out from her silk “kurta”. I couldnt handle the heat I sat down on the chair and turned me face away from her. But in my heart I was forcing to look at her. I was surprised to hear that she was going to take shower and asked me to stay here to open door if his parents arrive and answering phone calls. Without thinking I said “I will stay till you are through with shower”. I sat on the living room and Sara went to take shower. She closed her rooms door and I heard her not locking it. It was strange, but she told me that “she is afraid of locking the door as she was locked many times in childhood”. One side of her rooms wall covered with mirror and from it a person sitting in living room can see her bath room. She turned on the knob of shower and water started splashing on the ground. There was pin drop silence in the house and I could hear her whispering a song while bathing. I heard her moan when the hot water touched her naked body. I badly, wanted to see her naked bathing, her creamy white body, pink nipple and fully developed vagina. My prayer was answered a strong wind wide opened her rooms door. My eyes was left wide opened to see her naked through the mirror.

She didnt closed her bath rooms door and her 59 milky flesh, two rounded breast thick pink nipples and her saved vagina made my fully erected pennies to drop off sperm. She was the most magnificent women I ever saw. I stared her rubbing each part of her body with body wash. I knew that she is being watched by me. Now it was my turn to proof how macho I was? And the sleeping giant wanted to reveal his potential. I unzipped my jean and let the 8 inch pennies to swing free in the air. It was like cucumber ready to get swallowed by her. She was pretending of bathing as her eye was stuck on my pennies which she was watching from the mirror. I was about to fulfill her wildest desires, unfortunately a doorbell rang. The whole scenario came back to normal as we were about to fulfill each other fantasies. It was her parents; I greeted them and went home with ice cubes. Every step I took made me the most unfortunate person of the world. But, I accept the situation as it was just a glimpse of how fearful, temping and desirable sex can be for two virgins. When ever I see her I dont have the courage to talk to her because I am feeling guilty of crossing the religious boundary lines and finding myself nowhere when I stare her body. Any females aged between 20 and 25living in Bangalore looking for fun filled short term relationship & for loving experiences feel free to contact me on my email id : [email protected] secrecy will be assured & guaranteed.