A helping hand

I have just come out of hospital after operation to my ankle after a football injury; my club is based in a predominantly Asian area, full of Indian, Pakistani and Bengali people. I have been told that I will be unable to walk without crutches for a minimum of 7 days but should be fine in 14 days… I’m 25, a professional footballer, single 57” with an athletic build. The story begins on Monday morning, 3 days after being discharged from hospital, every1 had left to go in2 London for work, its 7am and the house is empty and I wake up to find a note on the fridge, “we will be staying over at uncles house for a week, we have left house keys with Rekha, call her if you need anything.” Rekha was our next door neighbor, she is 23, single and works as a TV/film actress, she has starred in a few very big British movies and TV serials…

Her figure is similar height to me, firm ass, as later found out, nice perk tits and a very pretty face. I’ve always fancied her but being so close to other family members never actually have had a proper conversation with her. About 9am she called to check if I was ok, I told her I was feeling bored and lonely, she said she has to go into town and will be back in 2 hours and if I needed anything, I was thinking to myself a 12 pack of durex condoms but didn’t say anything. Rekha came round about half past 11. I didn’t notice her come in and was still in just my boxer shorts and with just bandaging on my leg. She came in a sad sorry but I insisted it was nothing I was just feeling hot from the painkillers I was taking… I put on a t-shirt and a pair of longer shorts. She introduced herself as if we have never met, which is an exaggeration as we have been in the same room a lot of times. I asked her to help me wash my body as I am into allowed to get my bandages wet, she seemed very eager to help so she bought a bucket of warm water and a few towels and a sponge.

As she washed my back the water ran down and wet my boxers and it jumped up and she apologized straight away… I asked her to get me a fresh pair from my draw which she did to my surprise she sat down in front of me between both my legs and started to peel off the wet pair wow this was a huge shock and I went red in the face the blood was rushing all over my body my ankle began to hurt as the wound was still fresh but my dick was beginning to harden, it was embarrassing but also exciting as well as painful. She used the sponge to wash my balls and that was more than enough I ordered her to stop right away I felt awkward she said sorry and she was leaving but I called her and said that I needed a helping hand an would she provide me with the assistance no matter what I need to be continued… Email me @ [email protected] for the rest of the 1st day 2getha.