The first time

Hi I have been a ardent fan of ISS for quiet some time now. Every time I plan to sit and pen down my very own experience something or the other shows up and it gets delayed. And then finally I decided to type it down. Myself Neethu. Married and settled. No kids yet since my husband is working abroad. Now this incident did not happen during his absence nor was I driven to sex because he was not here. It was the first time I had sex. And that was when I was doing my 12th standard. I had extra classes for Chemistry. And the madam who taught me was a professor in a nearby college. The person whom I had sex with was her husband. They had been married newly hardly few months back. He was a handsome guy though bit short in stature. He was also a professor in the same college rumor has it that they had a very gala time before they got married. My madam was a beautiful lady. I have seen many guys ogling at her whenever she passed by. My classes were usually held in the evening and holidays. Since it was exam season across schools and college she used to keep extra-classes and sometimes be late for teaching me. The usual routine in such case was that I would wait for half and hour and then leave. She would make up for the loss by taking the next day morning or some other morning. Our families were known to each other for quiet some time. So once when I had gone for the glass as usual she was not there. Her husband told me she had some extra classes and she would be back in few minutes.

Most of the days he would be outside engaged in some loose banter with his friends or neighbors. But today he was busy in the other room doing something. I was scanning through the magazines and newspapers wailing away my time. It was getting late than expected and I was planning to push off. When I planned to leave I saw her husband behind the door of the next room. He saw me too. I was a bit taken aback, I was feeling like he was peeping at me without my knowledge. I was no great beauty while I was in school. Had unusually lean figure though had good hair and a very good ass. Figure was ok but no way near to many other ladies who had some real assets. I had more or less projections reminding me that about the position of boobs. I have never been ashamed about this though. I had seen many porn movies during my school days. And this situations was going to be one like that. I had fantasized him having sex with me few times and had enjoyed to it. But then reality was not like those fantasies. It was all happening. He then moved towards the front room where I was standing near the sofa. I was still surprised. He was as tall as me and was bit stout. He was wearing a loose t-shirt and a lungee. He was not trying to hide the small erection that he was nursing behind his lungee. It was as if he wanted to show me that he was deliberately peeping at me. I was still not reacting to it. He was the first one to speak. He said he was looking at me for the past few minutes. I had guessed that.

He told me that he had been having an infatuation with me ever since he saw me when the newly married couple had visited our house. He said all he wanted me to do was give him a blowjob since his wife hardly ever did to him. He said she had done it few times before marriage and then she stopped it. For him sex was becoming more and more mechanical than what they used to enjoy while the courtship period. He repeated his request once again. I was still standing there. Half agreed to go down on my knees and do what he had just said. I had imagined doing that many times though not exactly this way.

He said my madam had gone to her house and would only be back the next day evening. I was almost agreeing to what he was saying. He then repeated to me again that I did not have to do anything else. Just this once and I could go. He somehow knew I had agreed since I was still standing there listening to everything that he was saying. He then went to the front room and put the hatch and locked it once and for all. I then decided to relax myself since I was convinced I was finally going to do it. I sat on the sofa while he came stood next to me and removed his lungee. I had only seen penis in porn movies and had never seen it in real life. Instead of clean shaven dicks it was a hairy one which was bit longer conflicting to his physical stature. It was looking meaty and there were veins criss-crossing across.

He then asked me touch it and feel it. I took it in my palm and wrapped my fingers around it. I could feel it pulsating in my palms. I knew he could feel the warmth of my soft palms. He then asked me to gently feel the balls with other hands. He was standing there all time. I then felt his balls with my other hand gripping it and squeezing it like they did in those movies. He then asked me to take kiss it and then take it inside my mouth. All I had to do was suck it. I had seen them do it in movies and I knew how it had to be done. I licked the tip of the penis few times and then finally took the tip of the dick in my mouth. He was trying to push it inside and I removed my self. He then said I could take my time and do what I wanted. He then stood there while I was busy working on his rod. After some time he pulled back his penis and then I saw him spilling out. He cleaned his white jelly with his lungee. He said he did not want to spill it inside my mouth.

That was it and that was all he wanted. He was beginning to recline back on the nearby sofa. He had enjoyed and I was still hot and yet to be explored. He knew what was going on my mind. He then came to me and asked me to remove my dress. I was wearing a jeans and t shirt. I removed my jeans as he had said. He then asked me to sit on the dining table nearby. I sat on it placing my legs apart while he sat on the chair. He then began licking my panties. Biting it off. He then removed it. He then asked me to spread my legs apart while he touched the lips of my vagina. I could feel the shiver go right up my spine. He then spit on my inner pussy and then began licking the clitoris. I was beginning to feel the quiver go up. He continued to play with my pussy for some time while I was reeling under pleasure. Suddenly I felt floating and then legs got strained and nerves tightened. I had cum right out. The juices secreted out.

He cleaned it with my own inner-wear. We had gone bit more than what we had planned. Only one more thing remained and that as to go and do it right in the next bedroom. I had been awaiting this for quiet sometime. I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked till you lost your senses. He then took me to the nearby bedroom the same room from where he was peeping at me few minutes ago. He then stripped of his t-shirt. I was still wearing my ts my jeans was now lying somewhere between the sofa and dining table where I last left it. And on the dining table I knew was my panties. He had used to clean my juices with that. I removed my t-shirt and also the petticoat that I had underneath it. He stood there naked right in front of me. He took one look at my naked body and he got excited again. He had got some cream from the other room. He then spent some time kissing my boobs and feeling the small hard nipples. I was reeling under his tongue. He left a small trail of saliva as he licked one nipple to the other. When he had enough of it he then stood up and applied the jelly like cream on his rod. He then applied little bit of the same on my vagina too. All I had heard was it was going to be real painful when it was going to go in for the first time and that there was going to be lot of blood. I was going to find out in few minutes whether it was true or not.

He first pushed the head of his rod inside me and I felt it as he went inside. His manhood squeezed right into me. I could feel it go all the way in bit by bit. Once he was real in, he began to rock gently. Then he began to speed up the thing while I let myself to be controlled by him. He was going in and out in and out. I was beginning to breath harder and harder. He was also sounding the sigh of pleasure. It was not paining me as they said it would. The whole thing was going in and out smoothly when he removed it right from inside. I could feel something being taken forcefully out of the place where it belonged. He then re-entered it. Then continuing the act again. It did not take much time from there. I could feel his body loose and all his efforts were pouring right into my vessel. While I too loosened myself. I lay exhausted and spent right next to him who was panting for breath. We lay like that for sometime. Then he asked me to clean myself. I went out to and fetched my clothes. My knees were feeling weak as if it was not strong enough to support my own body weight. I cleaned myself up and arranged my face and hair and then dressed up. An hour ago I had walked into the house. One hour later when I walked out I was not a virgin anymore.