iss lead to a thrilling exp

Hiiiiiiiiiiii every1 sahil again with my latest experience this is all about my new net friend to whom I met through iss. 1 st we exchanged mail for sum time then we exchanged ur phone numbs .and we talked a lot about sex on phone then once I asked her to meet in real and after a long chat we decided to meet in lajpat nagar new Delhi .i reached there on time and and she also arrived on time . On seeing that gal my mouth was wide opened she is really a sexbomb having figure of 34c 28 36 .she was wearing a tight top with a skirt and her designer bra is totalloy visible from her top this made me real hard we chatted sumtime and now its impossible for me to control myself . I asked her about my stories and the topic changed to sex . she told me that she is virgin and I can’t belive my luck I am sitting with a sex bomb and that too a virgin . then I made my 1 st move and hold her hand she said that it’s a public place sahil lets go sumwhere else .

In a hurry we entered 3cs movie hall to watch a movie there a English movie goive going on and maximum seats r vacants . as soon as I entered the hall I kissed her right on her cheeks she said sahil wait for sum time but I hold her hand and put that right on my dick over my [ant and I asked her nisha can u wait with such a hotness inside u ?

I kissed her on her cheeks I saw a glow in her eyes I started mving my tounge on her lips and then we smooched each other for a long time in the whole smooch I holded her hands in my hands then while smmoching we become so hot that I made her sit real close to me and I started my hand journey towards the 2 globes in the mean time I was kissing on her ears she tried to hold my hands but I take her hands too with mine towards her big boobs she was enjoying this to her extend she said in my ears that sahil sum 1 will see I said don’t worry babes just close ur eyes and feel the passion .

I was pressing her right boobs and she closed her eyes and started makind sounds sahilllll

I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu plz be gentleeeeeeeeee I opened her bra from behind and entered my hand inside her teee . this is our 1 st skin contact her skin is too hot at that moment and her nipples r hard also . I started playing with them ant I opened my zipper as its really impossible for me to control my hard on .i hold her hand and entered that in my jeans she got a shock by a single touch she had taken a back and said its too big yaar I said don’t worry its not going to hurt u my jaan just hold it . she entered her hand again with lots of guts in my zipper and then in my briefs I was in haven I smooched her hard and started pressing her boobs she was also enjoying the scene I told her to mmove her hand and she did the same . I kissed her boobs and had the left boob in my mouth she was saying eat them sahil its all urs I I was pinching them eating them sucking them and she was moving her hand on my dick I entered my hand inside her skirt it was a clean shaved pussy and already wet . what a moment that was she was holding my dick I am smooching her and my right hand on her boobs and left one in side her pussy hole

She is moving like a crazy doll in my hands .she stopped smooching and started releasing sounds from her sexy lips and I was busy now in sucking her boobs and then I made her stand up and I put her panty down through her skirt in a single blow and put that in my pocket .now I had taken my dick outside and made her sit on my hot 8 inch dick she sat there for a while and the move back to her seat . she said it’s a hall dear u can’t enter inside me here

I said ok but what to do with that hot rod she just hold it and guided it in her mouth and stared giving it slow circles with her hot tounge.slowly slowly she had taken the full lenght in and its straight touching the back of her throught and I was in seventh world at that moment and moved my fingers again to her pussylips I entered again in her pussy but this time with my 2 fingers and as she was a virgin she gave a loud scream but I hold her hairs so that she cant take her mouth out and shout I started moving my fingers and she was sucking I just came in her mouth but she spilitted it to the next seat she said I cant bear the heat more and lets go

I said ok

Then we both adjusted our clothes and went out of the movie hall and have our lunch she was looking like a model with a perfect figure the when it’s the time to pay the bill I got her panty in my hand she was sitting with me without the panty this made me more crazy

We headed towards our car and I again started kissing her madly I made her sit on the seat and went straight to her pussy lips and started kissng her there madly

This time she closed her eyes and asking me to stop I slowly and carefully entered my tounge inside her pussy

And she was maoning now like a mad I started licking her with great care she was moving her hands on my hairs . and biting her own lips . with in moments she came there and i am licking her juices like a mad dog having milk .she said that sahil plz enter me now I wanna feel ur dick inside me plz fuck me now. I opened my zipper and entered it in her mouth which she accepted with pleasure now its really difficult for me to control my self I made her lie on the seat and opened her legs and started rubbing my mushroom on her sweet lips she closed her eyes I just made a push and my mushroom was in her glory hole she shouted with a great pain I stopped there and she was saying sahil take it out


Leave it

I just kissed her and said don’t worry darling now its mine and I will take care of or pussy

I started pressing and started moving in slowly slowly but its not going in its too tight

I locked my lips with her and made ca slow shot again she was having the pain and I am also realizing the pressure from her internal walls but still she is not saying anything

I then made a deep shot and entered fully inside her I stopped there and trying to make her feel better in this situation . but she was having a lot of pain I slowly started to mmove in and out of her she also started enjoying all this and she is also trying to move with me in rhythm .now she is on heaven again and I just asked her may I increase the pace she just open her eyes and gave the ans through her eyes and I am fucking her hard now and the car is also moving with us but thank god that it’s the back side road of shops and no body comes over now she was asking to fuck me harder sahil made me a real woman give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee cum on fuch harder yaaa yaaaaa plzzzzzzzzz cum on mmmmmmmmmmmmi am cumminggggggggg I also increased my speed and we both exploded at the same time we stayed there in the same position and then when we shattered I saw blood on my dick I congraluate her foe becoming a woman she hugged my and kissed me first and then gave me a bite on my cheeks and thanks me for this nwonderful experience

Nowe we are with each other and we r trying to have sum spice in ur life

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