Rekha aunty

This is in continuation to the earlier post about rekha and me for those who missed out on the first one, this is the true story about my first sexual encounters I was about 15 then and Rekha was 26 if i remember correctly. The story happens in one of the smaller towns in India. Those details hardly matter. Some people wrote back asking me to describe her. Based on my memory her stats would be 35 30 32. fair , with long black hair to her hips. Usually used to wear suits at home and being a teacher, school wear was Saree and salwar suits.

Back to the story: this happened on the same day.

Once we were in the bathroom, (i was only in the towel, rekha still in the nighty with my cum stains on them) she started the water and told me to get under it. i did that and started taking my shower what i did not realise was behind me rekha had taken off her nighty, i suddely felt her behind me in the shower and when i turned around my head was almost in her boobs. WHAT A SIGHT. for the first time i was seeing her totally naked and close to me. i can still visualise the water pouring from the shower and running down her body she had pink nipples which was another delight to me i always thought nipples were black till then and they were rigid and standing out. between her breast her gold chain dangled. she has a flat belly with a slit of a belly button and below that her pubis. she had jet black hair down there with the water running down they were flat against her and the dripping water had pulled her pubic hair into a point and it looked like she was peeing standing up. I think i kept staring at her for some time like that , taking in her beauty and she continued bathing next to me without any comments or being conscious.

What this did to me was i was sporting an erection again standing there like an idiot. Looking at me she smiled ” i see you like what you are seeing. you must never have seen a naked girl before” . I shook my head. I think it was like a wet dream come true for me. to watch her bathe like that her whole body exposed to me. when she turned i could see her tight butt. wow. it was like a valley was between them and she has soft hair there too. while i continued watching her , she was confident of the effect she had on me and said ” XXXX come here let me bathe you, i dont think you can do it urself” and she smiled. I was only too willing to let her imagining her hands all over my body.

She took some soap in her hand i remember it was pears and started putting it on my body starting from my neck going lower she moved her hand over my chest and nipples and my cock jerked at that contact she also noticed and came back to my nipples and touched them again it felt so good, like a current went thru me. this was the first time i felt pleasure from my nipples being touched she kept running her fingers over them and suddenly without warning pinched them. Ouch, that hurt. but in a nice way too. with a smile her hands then went lower over my back and stomach and then she was rubbing my butt with her soapy hands and here i was desperately waiting for her hands to come to the front. She deliberately kept rubbing my butt spreading them and even putting soap there she tried to push a finger into my ass but it hurt so i told her. she then moved down my legs soaping them and kneeling in front of me her head was touching my cock and i felt like rubbing against her. finally the only part on my body left without soap was my cock and balls, I knew i would love this the best . she looked at me and said ” are you feeling like last time? if i touch you there will you come?” i said i dont know aunty but yes it is feeling very tight like last time. ” Ok, let me see” she said and with her palm she cupped my balls and with the other hand fore finger and thumb she made a circle around the base of my cock and gently begin to put pressure wow it felt amazingly nice and at the same time the urgency of my erection waned. I knew i would not come soon now. noticing it ,she then tool some soap in her hand and put it on my cock and gripping it with her palm she pulled back i felt like my cock was being stretched i had myself never pulled my foreskin so far back my cock was all red and purple with this treatment and to be honest the soap was stinging a bit.

She knelt down and her face was almost level with my cock and told me to turn around i was too disappointed it meant not being able to see her naked, but turn i did. and boy things did get better. With one hand her left between my legs she was cupping my balls and her other hand went around my hips and was stroking my cocks this was too much sensation for me and in a very short while though i tried to enjoy and delay it as much within mins i was coming all over again the first few spurts of cum fell on the wall and floor and the later ones pooled into her hand. I noticed she took her hand and it was sticky , while she washed it under water.

She then asked me to step out as she also had to finish bath by now my brain had caught up and i said can i also put soap on you? she looked at me and said yes if you like i didnt wait a second (maybe she would change her mind) she was slightly taller then me then so she sat down on the plastic stool that is usually kept in bathrooms and like her i started at her neck , i didnt want to seem to be in a hurry so slowly went downward and touched her boobs wow they were so soft , it felt like touching a soft ripe mango not knowing how but by instinct my hands were going round and round over her boobs and rekha was sitting there with her eyes closed. i could feel her boobs feel tighter and tighter and her nipples were standing out remembering her touch i gently moved my fingers over them and surprise an “aaahhhmmm” escaped from her mouth i knew she was loving this and returned to her nipples with both hands rubbing them with soap they had become quite slippery by then when suddenly she said ” Press them” . i squezed them taking care so that it did not hurt ” press harder ” she said …harder… till i was almost pinching them between my thumb and forefinger.

i did not know about womens arousal much then but i could make out that something was feeling good to her her hips were moving and her body was all red and glowing.

gathering courage i moved on down over her tummy and making it a point to dip into her navel. it felt erotic. she then stood up as it would be difficult for me to soap her while she is sitting and turned around i was presented her back which i rubbed with soap and then cupped her buttocks they felt plump and nice in my hands and i squeezed them too, as much as i could. then moved on down her legs and covered them also in soap.

finally like me only her pussy was left without soap with trembling hands i took the soap and put it on her pubic hair and lathered it up it was like doing shampoo, i then reached lower and covered her pussy also with soap being a novice i did not have the knowledge about going between the lips and all so with my palms and fingers went from top to bottom of her pussy she stopped me and then spread her legs wider while standing and there for the first time i saw her pussy so close and clearly i could make out the skin of her pussy lips between them and reached for it with my fingers, they were so soft and pliable i was twisting them she had long vaginal lips and it was a pleasure to touch them i still did not know to go between them my fingers by this time had no soap on them but neither i nor she were noticing she reached down and with her fingers opened up her lips to show me the pink slit between them and said “clean me here also but be gentle” i almost reverently put my finger in that and immediately her hips bucked i knew this was the spot. My finger was getting coated with her sticky liquid and it felt nice insitinctively i kept moving my finger up and down that pink slit she had shown me. when my fingers reached towards the top of the slit i would gently brush against her clit which was like a hard button there and her legs would quiver.

here our position was sweetly reversed here she was with her hands digging into my shoulder and me looking down at what my fingers were doing. suddenly she raised herself on the toes and went all stiff and i could my finger and palm fill with more liquid and her legs came together to clamp my hand between them i tried to move my fingers again but she jerked my hand away and said dont touch me there now it hurts. my brain then registered that maybe i had given her an orgasm too. and it made me smile

Both of us came out naked like that after wiping ourselves and I knew that this was the best situation to be in a older girl willing to play with me sexually without the risk of anyone knowing

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