Tumara intazar

I miss you so much. The time we spend apart makes me want you more. How I yearn for your touch; your hot breath in my mouth as your tongue plunges deep, the gentle touch of your fingers as they slowly move over my body. Mmmmmmmm… I can almost feel them now. Tilting my head, you lower your mouth to my lips, gently licking them, your eyes burning into mine. Slowly they close, as your mouth fits over mine, your tongue moving deeply into the recesses of my mouth, tasting me, making me shiver. Your hands begin to move down from my head, fingertips stroking the sides of my face, and down to my neck. Feeling the heartbeat there start to pound. One hand moving across my chest to brush against the swelling of my breast. My body arches up for more contact, as I suck on your tongue. I feel my nipples grow taut against my bra, as your palm rubs one, then the other. Your hand moves down, feeling my ribs with your fingertips.

Reaching beneath my top, it moves upward, teasing little strokes, touching the underside of each tit, working your finger under the bra to barely touch my hard nipples. Your mouth leaves mine to trail down my neck, sucking gently, leaving little marks as you go. You reach down with your other hand, and push my top up to my chest, and while staring intensely into my eyes, undo the clasp of my bra. Pushing it aside, your mouth sucks my left breast into your mouth, biting the nipple, as your tongue flicks over it. God, babe…. I love the feel of your mouth on my tits. Makes me so wet, so hot. Your hand reaches up to pinch the other nipple, pulling it away from my body, as you roll it between your fingers. I am now gasping, as your talented tongue flays my swollen nipple, causing an unbearable ache deep in my pussy. I feel your cock growing against my thigh, as I undulate my hips. I am so wet, my pussy is throbbing.

I need more, babe…. I want more. Sensing my need, you begin to trail your tongue down my stomach until you reach my navel, delving deep, causing me to gasp. My legs are spread wider apart, anticipating your next move. You settle yourself between my legs, and pull my hips up closer to your face. I feel your hot breath on my cunt, as you kiss it softly. Your tongue snakes out and buries itself deep, as your mouth closes around me, sucking my lips. I feel myself start to buck against your face. My need is so great. Your arm moves across my stomach, to hold me still, as your mouth moves up to suck my clit, and I feel two fingers being slowly worked into me. My cunt muscles hold them tight, as you begin to finger fuck me. With each stroke you rub against my G, causing a shock to run though my clit. With your mouth closed tight around me, I hear, and feel, you moan… deep in your throat. The vibrations hit a nerve, as I feel myself start to cum. Your fingers are slamming deep, as you suck my clit harder, biting it gently. I feel myself convulse, and my pussy muscles contract, as your fingers rub my G harder, and you suck even faster. I hear myself scream, as my juices flood your hand. I have no time to think, nor even catch my breath, as you position your body over mine, raising my legs high, and slam your thick cock deep into my cunt.

Your mouth searches for mine, and I smell my essence on your face… I lick your chin and lips, tasting my juices, before plunging my tongue deep into your mouth. You suck my tongue wildly, moaning, as you hold yourself deep within me. I feel your cock pulse, and my pussy begins to milk you, squeezing gently. Tongues dueling, your hips begin to move in small circles. My long legs are around your waist, keeping you deep, as I move with you. My hard clit bumps against your mound, causing me to shudder. Your hands move down to grab my ass, and you begin to slam into me… harder and faster. Groaning deeply into each others mouths, our movements become frenzied, as I feel myself explode. Squeezing hard with my cunt, I feel your cock swell, as it shoots white hot cum deep into the recesses of my pulsing pussy.

As we lie there, still joined, our mouths move gently together, basking in the afterglow. I open my eyes, and find you staring deeply into my depths. With a devilish grin, you pull out of me, and turn your body around, so your mouth is once again at my pussy, but this time your beautiful cock, still dripping with our juices, is an inch from my mouth. I grab your hips and pull you closer, as I feel gentle lapping of your tongue, as you begin to clean me. Taking your thick cock into my mouth, my tongue lazily begins to lick the juices there. Mmmmmmmm…. I love the taste of your cum. You again begin to swell, as I suck deep, taking you further into my mouth. My finger reaches up to play with your asshole, as I feel your tongue in my pussy, greedily sucking up our cum. That gets me so hot….. Knowing how much I love for you to do that. My finger presses lightly against your asshole, and I feel you relax, as I slip it in.

You moan gently, as I suck harder, and begin to slowly finger fuck your tight hole. Your mouth has moved to my clit, and you begin to flick it quickly with your tongue. Moaning deeply, I take you deeper into my throat, my finger moving faster in your ass. Your hips begin to move, pushing your cock in deeper. Your hands reach under my ass; your fingers open me wide, as your tongue again snakes into my wet depths. I hear you noisily lapping up my juices. I start to feel that ache deep within me, and know I wont last much longer. My finger is now slamming harder into you; my mouth is sucking faster…. we are moaning together. Your tight sphincter is gripping my finger in rhythm with your thrusting hips, as you fuck my throat… my nose is nuzzling your tightening balls, and I breathe in your musky scent. Your tongue is again at my clit, moving in small quick circles. I feel consumed by the intensity, as my body begins to tremble.

Moaning deeply in my throat, the vibrations trigger a shock through your cock, and it begins to throb. Your pull it from my throat, but I keep it deep in my mouth, sucking hard… wanting to suck the very essence from you. I feel a finger tapping lightly at my puckered asshole, wanting entry. Oh baby…. fuck me with your finger… make me scream. I feel it slip into my tight, hot hole, and you gently begin to saw it in and out, while sucking hard on my clit. Oh God!!! I cum hard and fast, the feeling so intense, it is like a tidal wave…. washing all over me, again and again. I groan loudly around your cock, sucking harder. I want you to shoot off in my mouth…. I want to suck you dry. I feel your body tense up, as your cock begins to pulse. Your orgasm is so deep… so intense, your cry is completely primal. Spurts of white hot cum hit the back of my throat, and I swallow rapidly. You collapse, exhausted on me, as I again gently lick you clean, my tongue soft on your still sensitive cock. We rest for but a moment, before you move up and take me in your arms. Your tongue gently lapping at the drops of your cum still clinging to my lips, before your kiss me deeply, sharing the taste each others juices. We snuggle close, and drift off into a contented sleep… fuelled by our lust and desires, but also by our love… Love NAINA Hope I’ve made you cum!!! Let me know.