Tenant V

“Usha, mujhe bahut maja aa raha hai aur aapko” I grunted, fucking faster and faster into her with a maniacal frenzy, my heavy-lidded eyes filmed over by the force of my sexual excitement. “baat mat karo, meri chooth ki chudwai karo” she said as she rhythmically thrust her crotch into mine. I could feel my hot white cum boiling up in my heated balls as they beat hard against her up tilted ass. I was ready to explode. I savagely shoved my tongue far down her throat and with harshly kneading hands brutally squeezed her breasts as her hungrily grinding buttocks rammed hard up against my jack-hammering pelvis as I rammed my expanding cock all the way to the hilt inside her soft, now gratefully-welcoming cunt.

Usha was rocketing to a new and thrilling height of pleasure and her breath whistled and rasped from her throat in cries of pain as I squeezed her nipples. I fucked mercilessly into her willing vagina and with the depth of each lunge, she screamed from the sheer pain, lust and pleasure that she felt urging me not to stop. I could feel her insides stretching painfully as the head of the deeply-sunk cock suddenly flared into a hugeness that threatened to tear her belly wide open. At that moment my cock head suddenly entered her cervix and then it began to spurt out its thick creamy load like a firehouse gone wild! The force of my ejaculation deep in her cervix hit her hard. The muscles of her cunt clasped around it, absorbing it, erupting in reply! Again her cum juices flowed out around my cum shooting penis head. My cum never seemed to stop as it flowed in a steady pulsating stream into her. Reaching frantically around under her hungrily squirming buttocks with both hands, she began to desperately milk at the excitedly emptying balls pressed tightly into the split of her widespread buttocks. Her long shapely legs kicked out, quivering uselessly in the air on either side of my heavily plunging body. My huge, rhythmically-throbbing cock continued to shoot wads and wads of semen through my four weeks sex starved penis, the white warm spurts filling her womb to the bursting point and seeping out of the hotly-contracting lips locked so tightly around it. It dribbled out from her cunt and spread itself on her arse and my balls.

“Oh, fill me, fill me some more,” she babbled incoherently to me, milking my penis shooting cum organ like a sucking starving mouth, until it gave one last spasmodic jerk, the last drop sucked dry from it. I collapsed limply across her wet sweating body, feeling her insides still gushing forth around my rapidly deflating cock. It seemed to go on forever until, atlast, she too sighed and quivered to limp stillness. Her legs fell lifelessly out on either side of my semen-drained body and one arm dangled wearily over the edge of the bed. Her still warmly contracting belly was filled with the obscene mixture of our hot sticky cum as it dribbled out her cunt . I lay panting besides her.

After a while I snuggled up to her. We both were happy. We embraced and hugging each other tightly, she thrust her vagina into my penis, my penis plugging her cunt, we fell sleep. We lay like with my penis buried in her cunt till we dozed off. When I woke up the sun was now rising . My penis was hard and ached for a fuck. Turning over I noticed the early morning pinkish orange rays were shining softly on Usha’s bodyusha was asleep on her back , her legs were parted with her knees drawn up and the effect Of the soft sun light on her swollen parted cunt lips made my penis ache and urged me to fuck her again. Slowly I crawled between her legs and kissed her softly on her cunt and started licking up and down the slit between her engorged puckered cunt lips. Lightly I slipped my tongue into the slit and licked her along her inner damp lips. Usha groaned and spread her legs further. I now started sucking on one of her cunt lips and chewed on it lightlyusha caught my head and pulled it into her crotch and wrapped her legs tightly around my head. “Come on suck my cunt suck hard make me cum”. I looked up and saw her lusty sleepy face and smiled at her. I then put my lips onto her cunt and started sucking on her clitoris. She thrust her hips towards my face, forcing me to accept her cunt into my mouth. Without any hesitation, I kissed her offered cunt and with my open mouth I was sucking on her inner labial lips. Soon, my tongue found that little bump of flesh located right at the front of her cunt. I started to stroke it with my tongue. “That … Aaaaahhhhhhhh Suck it harder … Harder!”, she cried, as she spread her legs wider to let me get a better angle. “Take your finger, finger fuck me..suck my clit”, she exclaimed in a voice choking with lust and desire. I found her love hole. Sticking my finger into it, but, before I could commence finger fucking her, Usha started to hump her crotch against my face. Her vagina muscles started to contract, then expand, as she seemed to try and swallow my finger with her cunt. Her hips swayed back and forth, pushing her cunt against my finger and her clit against my tongue. “Move your finger in and out slowly”, she told me.

As I did so, I realized that her body movements became synchronized to my finger movements. The faster I moved my finger, the faster her body responded. By now, her breathing had become very audible. In fact, she was panting as if she had just completed a long run. I tried to stop and pull my face away from her love mound, but she pushed it right back, so I continued to finger fuck her cunt and lick her clit, doing it harder and faster all the time. Her breathing now was a rasping intake of air. Her body was jerking around so much that I wondered how she could remain standing. “III MMMMMMMM CCCC UUU MMM III NNN GGG!”, she yelled, as her body jerked violently up and down in front of my face. I suddenly felt my mouth and hand becoming drenched in her love juices, as it squirted from her hole. I tried to suck it all up, but she moved too wildly for me to follow with my mouth. Her inner thighs became drenched with that great tasting wetness. I licked that sweetness from her thighs and her cunt as best I could once she slowed down. My ministrations to her thighs seemed to work. She thrust her cunt to my mouth , but this time I put my mouth into her cunt and started lapping her cunt juices with my tongue, thrusting my tongue deep into her vagina. I continued sucking her clit and pumping her love hole until she begged me to stop. “Please, please stop! I beg you, stop and give me a chance to recover”, she cried. “I cant stand it! Anymore. Pleeeease stop!” I slowly removed my fingers from her cunt.

She had clenched her thighs together so closely that it was difficult for me to remove my hand. When I finally did, she pulled me on top of her. “Oh that was great! Come here, hold me tight. Let me regain my breath. Let me feel all of you!” Her legs encircled my back. Her hands had grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips down onto hers. I kissed her, and quickly found her tongue darting back and forth inside my mouth. My cock, caught between our two bodies, buried its head into her slitusha wiggled her Hips, massaging my cock with a combination of her cunt and tummy. She felt the urge in me to bury my swollen penis and release the cum in my aching balls into her cunt I could feel my balls threatened to explode. Sensing this, she stopped, and pushed me away from her. “Come let me feel you in me, you can have me fuck away to glory fuck me hard.. But come in me”, she said huskily. “I want you to hold yourself until we get into my favorite position. This way, we can both try many different things today and tomorrow” as she got on her knees and hand in front of me. I grabbed her hips and held her by her waist. I positioned my cock head near swollen cunt lips and rubbed my cock head along the slit up and down. With a powerful lunge I thrust my penis into her cunt. I moaned out loudly in and erotic pleasure as I felt my thick long penis forcing its way into her cunt.

She got silent and then started panting wildly as I held her hips and was pummeling my penis into her cunt.long slow powerful thrusts. I had complete control of her entire body now and was fucking steadily. My arms were now around her back and were squeezing her nipples gently. She let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. Her tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of my dick. ‘OH MY GOD! ITS SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! I then pushed her forward onto her huge heaving breasts, propped her ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck her earnestly. I was like a man possessed. I shoved the entire length of my cock into her time and again ramming my hard rod deep into her. Thrusting in and out non-stop. All the time she screamed for more. I was now brutally squeezing her nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of her stretched cunt made her buck into my thrusts. I felt the familiar stirring in my cock and I was about to cum. I grabbed her hard and thrust deeply into her right upto my balls. I felt the familiar ripple and shot my warm cum all into her. ‘AAAAAAAGG GGGGGGG GGGHHHHHHHH she moaned out in pleasure. I could feel her cunt clasp tightly on my cock and she was moving her hips trying to milk out all my cum. I collapsed onto her back on the bed.

After a while I rolled off her and kissed her. She smiled at me and was gently running her hands across my chest. By now dark clouds had gathered and started raining heavily. “Thank you” Usha said “Thank you for what ?” I asked “Thank you. Being alone over here really drives me crazy with no sex life”I said “Its the other way around I must thank you”. She said “Its almost after three moths that I have had some fucking and for that I must thank you. After I gave birth to our son mind you it was three years after our marriage he seemed to be just not bothered about sex” she continued. “I am sexually very active by nature get aroused quickly and need sex” Usha said. By now Usha was gently massaging my penis and it had started to grow hard. Feeling my urge in her hands Usha smiled at me, grabbed my head and thrust it into her crotch “Go on take mefuck me.. Offer your penis to my chooth after a long time I am really enjoying it all, wow satisfying my sex starved cunt early in the morning” She said “Till you leave, I want you to fuck me thoroughly, devote your time to this temple” Usha said as she thrust her crotch into my face. I looked at her naked swollen pussy.