Beautiful Milk Aunty

My name is krish ,30 from hyderabad. I stay in a apartment in a flat. About six months ago a new neighbour came to stay near us. It was a family consisting of uncle and aunty and they had a baby about 6 months old. That day they rang our door I came out to see and uncle were there they told me that they are our new neighbours that day I saw aunty for the first time she was gorgeous, fair as milk, she wore spects and that gave her just the sexy looks and her main attraction were her boobs they were very big boobs and her husband was just bad looking very short in height, fatty and bad looks.

Uncle shaked hand with me and introduced me to her wife I told her my name she also said her name Mrs. Chinni(name changed). Her baby was in her arms I went near her to play with her baby there I saw her cleavages oh they were visible from her odhni. Many days went by after that I was really attracted to aunty. One day while I was masturbating I was thinking of aunty I really wanted to see her so I put my cock in and straight went to auntys house I rang the bell. She opened the door what I saw was mind blowing she was in a gown. Her gown was giving the print of her boobs I think that she was not wearing a bra her right boob were having some wet spots I understood that she was lactating I went near the baby on the babys cheek some milk was sticken I licked it wow it was so tasty. The taste of auntys milk was very sweet. I came back home and masturbated hard thinking that aunty was lactating day when I was watching TV suddenly the door bell ranged I opened the door and saw gorgeous aunty she told me that her TV was not working and she called me to take a look at it. I went to her home she showed me the TV when I was taking a look at it aunty came to me and said that yesterday u licked my milk from my babys mouth arent u ashamed of such a act I was just trembling she said that if u want milk than come to me after hearing that in a millisecond

My cock just got tight and rock hard I never had before such a hard on. She said common let me feed u I was just mad she was wearing a saree she took me to her bed she took of the saree in front of me and lied on the bed she opened the buttons of her blouse and took of her left breast out of the blouse oh it was a gorgeous boob it was very big and the nipples were light brown coloured and tight she asked me to come to her and suck all the milk from her breast. But I said aunty first I want to see ur gorgeous face to my hearts content I saw her face it was so fair and it was so soft there was hardly any blemish on her face her lips had a natural pink colour her nose was wonderful it was straight and perfect as any gorgeous girls have her teeth were snow white I took off her spects to see her eyes oh it will make anyone fall in love with her she had everything to fulfill a mans desires she would even make a impotent wild. I went to her and took her face in my hand and started licking I licked her nose, head her soft cheeks her chin her neck and bite her ears and I also licked her lips finally I took whole of her lips in my mouth and started sucking inside her tongue was tingling my tounge we sucked each others juices from the mouth now I took whole of her nose in my mouth and sucked it now I lied in front of her I took her boob in my hand and started licking it than I sucked her nipples the nipples showered her milk in my mouth oh the taste of the milk was wonderful it was the tastiest thing that I have tasted in my life I sucked her boob like a baby. I sucked it till it was totally empty. Than she stood up and took me in her lap Just like a baby and she got her right boob out now I took of her whole blouse and threw it. Now the two boobs were hanging they were the first naked boobs I saw in my life in real. I sucked the right boob now as I was sucking the milk of her she hold my cock and took it out I was horrified to see it was really big I never had such a big hard on she told me that she loves me and she wanted to have sex with me right from the day she saw me she said that her husband is not able to fulfill her desires and he has a cock about half the size of me and he fucked her only once in two weeks and that really makes her mad for big cocks. I sucked all the milk from the right boob also I said aunty that it was very tasty I said ur baby is so lucky to have such a milk daily she said from today its all yours u can have it any time u want I said but what will the baby drink she said now he is bigger and doesnt require milk. I said thank u very much aunty. Now she took all my clothes off and took my cock in her hand and started licking it her pink watery lips were torturing my cock she now took my cock in one hand and in the other hand she took her breast and squirted it she showered the milk on my cock my cock had a bath with auntys milk now she sucked my cock and made it clean. She swallowed my cock and sucked it hard. She licked my every part of the body now I opened her panty off and lied her on the bed oh the pussy was so sweet it was not big like any aunty would have she told me that her husband cock is so small that it easily goes inside and out. I said aunty from now this pussy is mine dont let that small cock inside I will now take u on a ride.

I licked her pussy it was pink it she was moaning ah oh ohhh ohh krish plz fuck me fuck me common then I licked her ass hole. I bite her ass hard . Now I was ready to put my cock I took it and put it in it was not getting in I gave some more power and finally it was in aunty shouted ahhh my pussy. I started giving her shots oh oh oh she was screaming she said fuck me fuck me tear my pussy get the shit out of my ass fuck me I was dabbing her boobs too. Finally I said to aunty that I was going to cum she said dont let a drop be wasted give it to me I gave u the milk u give me ur cum she took my cock and sucked it I cummed inside her mouth while sucking she sucked every drop of my cum when I got my cock out there was not a single drop of cum and not also in her mouth I was not able to see my cum. From than onwards aunty is mine I fuck her everyday when her husband goes to his job. From that day aunty stopped giving her baby hers milk she would give each and every drop of her precious milk to me and I also stopped having any kind of milk I drank only auntys pure and fresh milk she even makes tea from her milk and gives me it is the tastiest tea on earth she also made sweets from her milk any hyderabad aunties& couples(i like three some) :[email protected]