Multiple Orgasms 2

My ploy to side-step further ‘mixers was working; Rida informed me over breakfast, that there were a couple of girls in The Twin cities left to check out before they could decide; Tickets on the inter-city ‘Daewoo Shuttle-Coach Service had been booked and we would be leaving by lunchtime.Just pack whatever is clean, the dirty laundry will be washed while we are away,” Rida said stuffing her face with food. Unlike me and Faisel, every calorie she ate, multiplied and stuck to her as she ate it. If she did not start dieting soon, she would be twice the woman she used to be. She was almost there already.After carefully packing my white shirt, stained with Zainabs virginal blood, carefully in a plastic bag at the very bottom of my suitcase, I dumped my clothes haphazardly on top. I wanted the trophy (what else to call it) of Zaianbs deflowerment forever. Now I have never until fucking Zainab had a ‘true virgin; a few girls, who some ‘pencil dicked lucky idiot had busted; but not properly stretched, but never a truly ‘un-stretched and ‘unsealed Cunt. Zainab was therefore a very special case to me on so many levels.Ammi and Papa sat beside each other and Rida sat beside Zainab on the coach. Leaving me beside a bearded religious scholar, wearing a very impressive skull cap, who spent the first 40 minutes of the trip, telling me what I needed to do to find salvation.I smiled politely and noticed that his lecture did not stop him checking out the rather attractive female bus stewards that moved along the aisle asking if we needed anything. Private enterprise Zindabad (long live) I thought.

Left to the state, these young women would have been replaced by hard faced ‘warhorses with serious attitude problems and steamroller hips; designed to flatten anyone daring to obstruct their passage up and down the aisle.The state for some unknowable reason likes to project the image of the ‘Ugly Pakistani Step-Sister whenever and where ever it can.I caught the breaded lecturer giving one stewards with a very fine looking gaand (ass) a hard look as she bent to serve a passenger across the aisle from us, she had a nice butt in her beautifully tailored uniform, and nudging him I asked, “Is that the reward that awaits us in heaven, Haji Jee?”He gave me a filthy look but shut up for the rest of the journey and got off the coach the moment the bus stopped.”Hypocritical bastard” I thought to myself. I at least never tried to pretend to be what I was not. Islamabad like Lahore was a surprise too. Where had they sent the natural beauty of the place? It looked like some kids crazed building block town, now painted by someone high on some illegal substance.Squadron leader (Rtd.) M.K. Chauhan; an aged relative of my father met us at the Adda (Bus Stand) and drove us to the ‘Falcon Complex off Latherer road; the retirement suburb for air force officers. Incidentally the aged relative had been the link that had tied Rida and Tariq together. My father had been in the forces long ago but had not stayed in after his brothers death in a car crash, although he had kept up his links. Just as well really. I couldnt see my father as a fighter jock although he was a damned good mechanic

The girls who I was supposed to meet were there at the aged relatives house as we arrived. It soon became obvious that they were as uninterested in me as I was in them. Attractive enough girls but like all the daughters of military men, they were after other military men to marry. Why not? The life of an officers wife in any of the defence services was a pampered one.The military of South Asia, I often thought were the ‘true successors of The British Raj.

Zainab and I finally got time alone to make out; chat and make out some more. While the family compared notes and sifted through the now complete list of candidates.If my family thought that the green light from me would make things easy, they were soon proved wrong. Rida and my mother had very different ideas about the ‘perfect girl and so I sat back and let them fight it out.It was the aged relatives idea that we spend a few days in the Hill Station town of Murree. I had fond childhood memories of vacations there and the neighbouring hill stations. My Parents wouldnt go as the list of candidates had still to be analyzed and fought over. It was one of the few times I appreciated Ridas sheer bloody-mindedness. When she wanted to be a bitch she could take on Mike Tyson for ten rounds and still come out smiling, I was sure.Without my parents or Rida, I thought the plan would die. I was wrong. There seemed to be a general consensus that I should have a ‘proper vacation in the forests and mountains of my homeland and with me along, Zainab would be properly chaperoned.

When Zainab and I heard the news, we both smiled and I whispered “Bring that black cock pleaser out fit and any other sexy under wear you have”The ‘Daewoo Shuttle-service from Islamabad-Rawalpindi (the twin cities) to Murree was comfortable and fun, for me at least. It could not however change geology or geography and Zainab suffered, from the endless bends and ups and downs of the road as we wound our way up the mountains to Murree.I was sorry to see that the Alpine architecture and look of the town had given way to ugly ‘modern buildings with neither style nor charm; Just functionality. Easy money chasing every tourist buck it could.It was a great relief when the porter we hired at the Adda (Bus stand) led us off ‘The Mall, the old and well known main street, with its once breathtaking view of the pine forested valleys and snow capped peaks now obscured by multi-story hotels and Motels, past the British Era church and up a steep long driveway that led to the very same guest house I had visited as a child. It hadnt changed one bit. This building had been lovingly cared for and any alterations made to fit in with the original chalet type building.The receptionist/manager was calm, welcoming and very relaxed; with very pleasant people skills. In fact, the whole place felt warm, homely and very friendly.

The staff members were casual but not lazy or slow and each one seemed to have a genuine smile on his face that made me feel happy.The paper work over, the receptionist had simply said “take Mr and Mrs. Fahad to Chalet four.” I decide not to correct his mistake that we were a newly married couple as he seemed to assume, and since our ID cards shared the same address details, the receptionist had obviously not bothered to study them too closely.It was a quirk that I and my father shared exactly the same name also on official documents.The Chalet was actually one of four arranged at different angles to take advantage of a particular panoramic view. They were situated on a daisy cover hill above the main reception building with a huge very old Oak tree towering above the single storey structures.This was new, but built in the same style with exactly the same type of stone and timber material as the original 100 year plus building. It was a dream to walk up hill along a small path under cypress and pine tress to step onto a wide shady veranda and then enter a chalet that although old looking from outside, boasted the latest facilities in side. There was a sitting room with a round dinning table in a bay window and a door leading into a small corridor, past the spotless bathroom and dressing room and into a large bedroom with a high ceiling supported by thick wooden beams.

One thing struck me at once there were no fans or air-conditioners to be seen. When I asked about this, the porter gave me a bemused look and said “Sahib, they arent needed up here”.The bedroom windows looked out onto a long deep valley and forested snow capped mountains.”That is Kashmir sir” The porter said helpfully as he placed our bags down.I tipped him and he seemed impressed by the size of the tip.”My Name is Juniad sir; please call for me if you and your wife need anything”After he had gone Zainab giggled and said “Seems we are married Jaan””In that case wife” I said pulling my cloths off “Get your cloths off and spread your legs for your darling husband”We stripped in minutes and fell on to the bed arm in arm kissing and squeezing each other happily. As I sucked and handled Zainabs lovely tits, she did an expert job of fondling and teasing my ball and cock shaft. Her soft hands caressing and stroking me dangerously close to an orgasm, she knew had to handle a mans equipment.I was not going to waste my spunk outside her tight pussy and so I rolled her onto her back and quickly and roughly moved between her smooth brown thighs to stab my hard cock now smeared generously with pre-cum at the wet shiny gash of her hot Cunt.She took hold of my cock and aimed it at the target and I simply slammed in with one almighty thrust of my butt and hips.she gasped her hands pressed against my chest as she tried pushing me back “Aaaah OHHH That hurts” She groaned.I smiled with a sense of satisfaction “Get used to it baby sister. I am going to fuck you so hard you will remember our ‘honeymoon forever”

With her sobs of pleasure and moans in my ears, I took a firm hard grip of her ass, my fingers really digging into her buttocks as I rammed her like I rammed my sister-in-law, Naila and servant Beena, and every other choot that let my hard cock in their fuck holes.Zainab was still tight enough for it to hurt as I slammed into her; my Lund was throbbing with the dull pain of friction despite the wetness of her choot tunnel. She must have come twice because she tensed and arched her back, going rigid two times and clawing on my back with her sharp nails as I rode her. Each time I felt the wetness around my invading Lund grow and felt hot sticky liquid on my balls as they slapped against her ass.”OH YESSSSSS!” She groaned “Yes! Yes! YES! Fuck me hard my Husband, my Jaan, my Fahad! Make me cum over and over”I was happy to do as asked, pausing only to suck on her hard pointed nipples or slap her buttocks hard urging her to move her butt as I fucked her.I felt the pressure build in my balls to an intolerable level and panting I moaned as the first of several long blasts of spunk erupted up from my balls and splashed into her orgasming Cunt. The timing was perfect, my seed flooding her womb as she opened the flood gates to her own third orgasm.

WE collapsed exhausted and happy on the bed and soon fell asleep,We slept for at least 3 hours. By the time I got up to piss, the sun was already set and the garden lights along the path down to the main building and the externally controlled veranda lights were the only sign of habitation.I woke Zainab up with a lick of her choot, savouring the flavour of dry spunk and cum on her smooth warm flesh.”Ummm” She moaned “You make me sooooo horny, Fuck me again”I pushed her legs up and back, trailing my tongue from her now exposed butt hole, along her slit and Cunt opening to her hard little clit. I gave her clit a suck as I teased her fuck hole with a finger tip.

“Do It “She sighed and I now rock-hard and ready climbed on top of her and then rolled us both, so she was above me, with her thighs and pussy astride me. Her tit hung like ripe fruit ready to be plucked Above my chest as she balanced her self.”Do some work my ‘sweet, horny wife, fuck the spunk out of me for a change” She smirked and took hold of my cock, feeding it into her hole with slow upward and down-wards thrusts of her hips.”You think I learned nothing from porno vids and the internet, husband? I can fuck your socks off and have you climbing the walls for more” She teased.”OH yeah my darling little fuck bunny? Prove it!” I challenged with a smirk, my fingers pinching her hard nipples until she gasped.She fucked me with all the skill and confidence of an experienced woman. She must have been addicted to porno I thought, to have learned so much. Then again, a girl can learn a lot from ‘dry humping a guy, which I was sure she had done in the past.Well we fucked at a good easy pace actually ‘talking dirty as she humped me.”You have seen many people fuck in reality?” I asked”A Few” She replied humping me with smooth experienced movements as I sometimes held onto her breasts and ass and sometimes concentrated on either her tits or her ass.”Like who?” I asked straining my head to lick a nipple I had been squeezing.”You and Beena; Naila and Faisel; Alia and Zain; Alia and Uncle Wajid and Samad and Auntie Kiran” She said speeding up her movements. She was panting and sweating despite the coolness on the mountain air.

“Auntie Kiran, who is she?” I asked watching my cock slide in and out of Zainabs hole. I was making no attempt to pump her; I wanted to enjoy the feel of her fuck tunnel”Auntie Kiran from next door” Zainab was getting close now, her breathing getting more ragged and her moans louder ….”You saw Alia take it in her gaand (ass)?” I asked now adding my own upward thrusts to her downward thrusts.She nodded panting and staring at me, her eyes glazed with a far away look as she licked her lips and groaned”Like watching Alia getting butt fucked” I asked, moving my index finger tip into the damp sweaty crack of her bouncing butt and teasing her butt hole. “Oh fuck Alia!” She sobbed “I am nearly there you sister fucker, do it to me, Sister-fucker! Ride me! Fuck me as hard as you can!”I spun her on to her back and gave her a couple of hard deep thrusts with my Lund that sent her quickly and very vocally over the edge.As we lay enjoying the post orgasmic pleasure of Cumming, I asked about Kiran.”Oh she migrated to Canada or some where” Husband kicked her out when he caught her sucking his best friends cock at the golf club” She said”Youre joking!” I said in genuine disbelief.She laughed “yes but I did see her taking Samad doggy style in his servant quarter” “Is that it for tonight?” Zainab teased fondling my cock mischievously.”You are going to wish you hadnt done that Zainab Jaan I said moving back on top of her a sticking my prick back into her pussy roughly.(email me [email protected])