Unsatisfied Housewife

A warm hi to all my dear friends and a wet kiss to all the horny ladies reading this true experience of mine. I am Vivek from Faridabad 28 years old married for the last 2 years to a sweet and cute female. I wont waste much of your horny time and shall pen down my real, memorable and still enjoying experience with a 37 year old horny, hot n unsatisfied with her hubby female from faridabad only. Just didn’t knew life had this in store for me and I would get a horny, terrific sex partner just quite near my house itself. Well this experience is with Natasha 37 years old living in faridabad only married for the last 4-5 years. I met her online through a chat site and we became friends. Though she tells me that she hardly makes guy friends but she herself didn’t knew y she started her friendship with me. After few days of chatting we started taking on the phone. She was also a housewife and I was slightly free from ny work pressure those days so we both had time 2 yap n share about ourselves. From her talks I found that she was a sweet, loving lady who was somehow unsatisfied with the sex part of her life and wanted a shoulder to lean on which would slowly turn to giving her whole body to me. I thought to myself ki y not become her shoulder and then gradually win her and enjoy with her.

I started becoming good good with her and helping in understanding and sharing with her problems. Indirecty during talk started hinting that wanna meet n feel like hugging her n all. N finally then 1 day she invited me to her house for coffee when her kids were away to school. I quite anxiously got ready n went to her house n knocked on the door. She opened the door n welcomed me. We sat on the sofa on the opposite sides and she offered me coffee. Honestly speaking didn’t knew that 1st meeting would turn out so bold n hot. While having coffee I started to tease her that y sitting itna far,On phione to u used 2 say ki u also wanan hug n all ab kya hua…my statements made her bold and I finally made her come n sit next to me…..time passed n I slowly with my acts tried hlding her hands and brot her more close to me. She resisted but then I created a scene which she couldn’t resits herself. And slowly she was near me n I kissed her hands n then kissed her forehead. She shivered and said no……plz don’t….but I didn’t stop and kept on kissing her softly……Well my dear horny females and housewifes….if u wanna know more as to what all happened then just mail me back with ur views and anxiery which would motivate me 2 pen down further quickly……..mail me at [email protected]