The Best 13 Hours

I am a 28 year old and live alone in my small house, and have just got a girl as a tenant for making up for my expenses. She lives on the first floor and me on the ground.She is not a head turner when you look at her first, but when you get a closer look, you ll find that Nidhi is damn attractive and sultry. Her black eyes, her thin yet delicious lips, her sexy feet, and her darkish and such smooth n sexy skin.The more you look at her, the more you would desire her on your bed, her soft hands with the light pink nail polish that she has, her sweaty body in the summers, her neck from which you can barely keep your toungue away, they all would make you crazy and hard.She had been living in our house for 1 year now, and every evening when she came back from college, I used to stand close to the window, get a look at her and masturbate.One weekend it was raining when she came back from college, she was all wet and I got a glimpse of her body through her clothes, that was enough for me, I told myself I wud end this today, such a beautiful and sexy girl cannot stay in my house without letting me take her even once, I decided that I wud tell her that if she has to continue living in the house, she had to make love with me, I knew she wud not agree and would leave the house, and I though it would put an end to my every day misery.

That evening I went to her and said “Nidhi, you are so beautiful, I have desired you for so long,I know this is wrong, but I have come here to tell you that either you be mine for a night or you have to leave my house before I rape you”To my surprise, she smiled, and said ,I know you have desired me, so I have a deal for you, I asked what was it??She said, I can have sex with you every month, but I will not pay you the house rent any more, she said that both of us wud get sexual satisfaction and she wud get rid of her financial woes.I agreed immediately, she said she wud be there with me at midnight.I had few hours to prepare for my long desired night, I bought some roses n covered the bed with rose petals, prepared some milk cream with chocolate powder, which I thought I wud make her eat and placed a bowl of honey in the room I don’t know for what.

I decided to wear a lower , and nothing else. At midnight my wait was over as she knocked on the door, I opened the door, I looked at her, she was wearing a thin white shirt buttoned upto her boobs, her hair untied, she was smelling of roses, and had a light pink lower on below, her feet looking sexy as ever.I could not resist any more, I placed my hands on her cheeks, ohhh they were so soft and smooth, I brought my lips to hers and electricity ran through my body, I sucked her lips and she placed her hands on my shoulders, ohh her touch felt so hot.I closed the door, picked her up in my arms and took her to the room and lay her down on the rose petal covered bed. I then went down and kneeled on my knees, my face in front of her feet. I raised her lowers slightly and kissed her ankles, mmm so nice I kissed the sole of her feet, slowly I parted my lips and my mouth engulfed her toes,I sucked upon em slightly as she let out a gasp. At her gasp I climbed upon her kissed her lips, my toungue stroked her neck wildly, I licked her cheeks, her nose, I sucked her earlobes, my toungue back on her neck as my hands start to unbutton her shirt,I slide away the shirt from her left shoulder and kiss it, I raise her body slightly and take off the shirt completely and also unhook her bra. I kiss her right shoulder and then let some of my saliva fall from my mouth on her skin between her neck and bra, ohh my sexy nidhii, let me love you tonite I say and kiss n spread my own saliva all over from her left to right shoulder, she places her hands on my back and caresses me. I remove her bra which I had already unhooked to reveal her young beautiful breasts, n small brown nipples.

I kiss her left boob and pinched her right nipple with my hand,she lets out a gasp and holds me tighter, I suck her right nipple and press the left boob, so soft n sexy. After playin with her boobs for quite some time I move further down to her navel,insert my finger into it ,she is breathing heavy now, I suck her navel, wet the area around it with my toungue.I grabbed the chocolate cream bowl kept alongside and poured all of it on her starting from her face and finishing the act on her stomach, she seemed to enjoy it very much as I began spreading the cream all over her body with my lips, I took her hands in mine and made her caress her own cream covered boobs, she looked so sexy doing that and it got the cream on her hands which I spread over her arms with my lips. I began sucking her boobs again as my hands now slid down her lowers and I went down and the sight of her lovely legs nearly made my dick tear its way out of my lowers. I kissed her thighs, slowly and slowly kissing my way down her right leg covering every millimeter of her lovely skin with my kisses, after reaching her right knee I went to her left thigh,mm the smell of her pussy was near and I could see the wet spot now on her lovely pink panties. I took off her pajamas completely and kissed my way down to her calfs, her ankles and her feet which I had already had a taste of. I slid upto her panties, kissed her panties, blew my breath on them and she let out a moan. I grabbed her panties with my teeth and slid them all the way down and took em off. I put her panties inside my lowers as she smiled, but it felt so good having something that has touched her pussy, now touch my hard dick.

I held her ankles and spread her legs, her pussy ,ohhh so beautiful, absolutely no hair, I asked her about what she used to shave , to my surprise she replied with a sigh that she had never grown any hair there, she was breathing heavy. Her pussy lips glistening with her secretions, I took my lips to her pussy and sucked it slightly, and heard her moan, it got me going even more and I darted my toungue into her pussy and licked her wild for some time, she shouted, grabbed my hair, I could feel that she was getting moist quickly so I withdrew my toungue as I did not want her to cum as yet. I now joined her legs back together, and grabbed the bottle of honey and spread it all over starting from her pussy till her knees, my lips rubbed it all over her legs and I collected some over her beautiful mound.My greatest sexual fantasy was now complete, it was havin Nidhi’s chocolate boobs and her honey dipped pussy on my bed, I stood up on the bed to have a good look at her this way, she looked like the sexiest mess on earth. I found it a good time to take off my lowers as her eyes were watching my hardness with attention,my dick sprang out , she looked at it and licked her lips invitingly, I picked her up holding her hands and now,she was kneeling on the bed and I was standing on it, her face right in front of my dick,she caressed my testes with her soft hands and I let out a groan, the she took the head of my dick between her lips and it was enough for me to realize that I could not let this happen right then as I would cum if I spent a few more seconds inside her mouth, so I withdrew my penis, I still had more for her, I picked her up in my arms as she wrapped her legs around my waist and my dick momentarily touched her pussy, it was so electrifying. I took her to the bathroom , put the shower on and began washing off the cream and honey that I covered her body with, I rubbed her boobs and her stomach with my cheeks as my hands washed her shoulders and neck, it felt so good. I washed her pussy and her legs and rubbed her feet with mine, then I picked her up in my arms again and made her lie down on the wet bathroom floor upside down, she had that “ what the hell” kind of a look in her eyes, but i was having my first gaze at her sexy back, I removed her hair which had stuck on her back due to the water, water falling on us and I kissed her back from behind her shoulders to the middle, kissing her wet back down to her hips, I bit her Hips slightly and she let out a moan, I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and licked her asshole,and she screamed again. She said “ ohh dear, please take me now, I want you to fuck me, fill up my pussy with your sperms, please do it now, fuck mee”.How could I hold back after hearing this in such a sexy voice. I turned the shower off, took her in my arms and laid her on the bed, kissing my way from her feet to her lips as I climbed over her, her wet body was a treat, I spread her legs, my hands holding hers, or fingers entangling in each others, I slid my dick into her, as her lips parted to let out a moan, my toungue found its way into her mouth, my lips over hers, our toungues rolling, and I began pumping into her, she was so wet, my dick felt so warm n wet as her pussy walls clenched around it, I had been playing with her body for so long, it had been 5 hours., it was impossible for me to hold my cum any longer, I pushed a bit harder and deeper, I parted my lips and asked her one final time “Nidhi, are you sure you want to take my love inside your pussy?” She said yesss with a big hiss and my lips were back on hers, I held her hands tighter, pumped in and out a bit faster and I spurted it out, I could feel I had never let such volumes of semen out ever before, I had four huge spurts and a few small ones after that, and laid my seed deep in her, she cummed with me and I cud feel all the fluids inside, some also touching my testes, as I gave some final pumps, my dick was inside for atleast half an hour after that and none of us moved, then I withdrew my penis, saw the clock, it said 5 AM, I hugged her and we went to sleep.Read the rest of the story on: