Matured woman lust satisfied

Hi everyone, I hope you like this incident My Name is Jayu (name changed). I was 43 then , i am not very tall i stand at nearly 57. But I am considerably Average looking.I live in Hyderabad(Tarnakas). My uncle and aunt reside in the same building as me and my parents.Both my parents are working. My uncle is also working , my aunt however is a housewife. A little about my aunt. She is 38 , she is dusky and a whole lot more than sexy. She is 5 foot tall.Great Buttoms and superb boobs).She is always in a sari. One Fine day i went to my uncles house to ask for my house keys as always. My Aunt(chachi), opned the door and i was informed that my dad did not give her the keys.So I had to stay that afternoon at her place. I got in the house and had water.No one was Present in the house except for me and my chachi. She was watching T.V. and sat besides me at the sofa. Unaware of me watching her she was glued to the TV. I was trying to get a sneak look of her cleavage through her black blouse that matched her black sari. She looked at me and asked me what happened not knowing what i was trying. I said Nothing. She said that she was having a miserable Back pain , i asked her whether i could help.she said she would appreciate me doing so. She got up and brought me a Iodex kinda cream. She then asked me to get up and she lay herself down on the sofa, with her back facing me. She Slid Her saris ”pallo” to her stomach and i applied the cream on her Lower back. I could not help staring at her ass….

I loved every moment of the massage that i gave her. She was still lying on the sofa and asked me to massage her more…..i did as she said and i on purpose went lower and lower on the contrary she asked me to go higher and higher i was on the edge of her blouse she asked me whether i would mind her pulling her blouse a little up, i was stunned and could not silence was a yes for her and she slid her blouse a little up but and was not really exciting. After a while she asked me to massage her legs …. I did so but was not erotic as she had her sari on her slowly i moved up to her thighs she stopped me. She then came close to me sat and was watching tv. , i was hardly able to keep my eyes away from her two great assets(boobs). She caught me looking….i was scared to death… She then moved her hands on my thigs and said do u know to kiss. I was speechless…..she moved her lip towards me. We had a great kiss. She then removed my shirt and i helped her blouse and bra away. IN minutes we were kissing…both wordless we kissed and she gave me a blowjob of a life time. Then we undressed . I sucked her pussy fine and clean. She then guided me into her hot cunt. We fucked twice. Any comments/feedback about the story are welcome at [email protected] Any girl/woman Want to contact me is surely welcome from hyderabad, chachis and aunties give me a feedback and you are most welcome to have some fun with me [email protected]