The night of silk

I had a beautiful neighbor. A gorgeous lady, fairest of the fair, full of flesh at places required, lovely lusty lips, big eyes, silky hair going down to her back, covering all her back. You could hardly see any part of her back, except black hair if was left open and she used to keep them open. The tips of the hair, dancing on the buttocks with every moment of hers. Shaped and fleshy ass tightly wrapped in silk. In silk running all through her body which was no less then silk. A silk smitha u can say. Lovely hands always half covered in a blouse and the rest half shining with their fair color. The breasts, ufffff, what to mention, never one could see her without the silk saree covering them. A hidden treasure. But for sure her rest of the body was mentioning that they were just the best of treasures hidden there. Always with open hair, a bindi at the forehead, lipstick on the lips, all the body covered in silk, and a mangal sutra in her neck with bangles in her hand , a lovely beautiful gorgeous indian wife. A wife of age 25. A fully matured one. One which has gone through the nights of initial sex desires. One which has blossomed her body to the full lust. She was a married lady for three years now. Without a child.a curosity to see her used to persist in my eyes right through the day. I used to call her bhabhi ji. A glimpse of her smiling face, a vision of her moving body, a moment of her open hair used to turn me on. But never could dare to mention anything to her.once my family was out of town. And being the immediate neighbor, she came to my flat asking me to have a dinner with them. Who wanted more. I said thanks a lot bhabhi ji, i am coming in 10-15 minutes. I changed to my kurta pyjama, a light green one and got ready to move to lovely bhabhi jis home. Though her husband was a very soft spoken man but i was more interested in seeing her, more and more. I pressed the doorbell. She was at the door. Opened it with her million dollor smile. And wow, what to mention. My fantasy lady was in green silk. Green plain silk, covering her fully except that little part of her stomach and the hands and the lovely neck portion.

Let me tell u, i dont know why, the covered body in clothes was making me hard and hard to resist, what is she comes nude. Uffffff. She smiled and greeted me. Saying ‘please come. I too smiled and said ‘thank you. She pushed back the door. And asked me to sit on the sofa. I sat there and was curious to know where her hubby was. She went to the kitchen to get some water. She came and offered me the water leaning a bit. Her hair come to the front from the side. Long hair has always been my fantasy and long hair of this gorgeous lady were remarkable. I took the glass with having the first touch of her fingers. Running waves in my body. And asked her that where is sumeet, her hubby. She said, he has gone to mumbai this morning. And that was nothing less then the biggest wish of mine at that moment. I am alone with her tonight. In her flat.she asked me to come for the dinner and i was behind her, looking at the silky body in front of me, lovely hair, falling on her ass. We had a lovely dinner, but i had a lovely feast of seeing her. Seeing her eating, looking at me now and then, smiling, talking to me, hands going here and there for dishes.after the dinner, she brought some fruit cream. Came near to me to put some in my bowl. While doing so, she was most near to me. Not a touch but still i could smell her and the almighty was with me. I couldnt control and my hand went up her ass giving her a small touch of my fingers. She could sense it but didnt say anything. Or probably didnt sense it. While moving away, by mistake, the bowl turned and the cream fell on my laps. She said, ‘oh i am so sorry, very sorry. I said ‘nahin koi baat nahin bhabhi ji. Main change karke aata hoon (never mind bhabhi ji, i shall change and come). She said, ‘ab kahan jaiyega, i will give u one of sumeet, come (where to go now, come i shall give

You one of sumeet) and she was walking to her bedroom. I was walking behind her, to her bedroom. Where my dreamgirl used to sleep, used to change, used to get naked and also used to get laid under her husband. The room was a tidy and nicely decorated one. With light blue silk bedsheet on it. Now i was curious, i couldnt resist asking her that does she love silk and only silk. She said why. I said i have always seen u in silk sarees only. And this bedsheet is again a silk one. She smiled. Looking deep in my eyes. She caught me that i used to see her and note her practises. She said, yes she loved silk and loves it a lot. She offered me another set of kurta pyjama coming near to me and saying ki lijiye aap change kar lijiye (take it, change it). I said thanks and changed to them in a couple of minutes using her bathroom. Bathroom where she used to bath.when i came out she was sitting on the sofa and i too went and sat next to her. She said, ‘lijiye ab aaram se khalijiye and by the way, aap ache lag rahe hain.(now eat this and by the way you are looking nice) i said, ‘sub aapki meharbani hai. ‘Aap bhi bahut achi lag rahi hai (even you are looking fine) i could say gathering courage. She turned her face smiling and said ‘ thanks. I asked her further, sumeet kub aayenge (when would sumeet be back). She said, ‘kal (tommorow). I asked ‘aapko akele darr nahin lagta itne bade flat mein (are you not afraid being alone in such a big flat). She said, nahin aap jo hai saath mein (no, because you are with me). I was not able to calculate what was in the store for me. I said, ‘main to abhi chala jaunga then you will alone na (i will go in some time and then you will alone). She said, ‘aap nahin jayenge then to i shall not be alone (if you dont, then i am not alone). This was more and more then enough for me.i slowly took my hand to her face, covered it fully from one side, turned it to me. And believe me, she was having tears in her eyes. I could not understand. I said, ‘whats the matter. Why are you crying. And before saying anything she was close to me. On my chest. Hiding her face in my chest. Sobbing. Sobbing badly. I was confused. What to do. I caressed her back. Her hair. Though not in good conditions, but i got a chance to caress her body. I took all her hair to one side and caressed her body slowly. Consoling her.

I held her to me. Close. Her sobbing was in control. I said what happened bhabhi. She held both her hands around me and said, hiddingly ‘promise me, you will not say anything to anyone. I am in deep problems. I said ‘i promise you. Please tell me. She said ‘three years of marraige and she is not able to concieve. Sumeets mother wants a grandson, hence is persuing her son to leave her. And has called her son for this matter to mumbai. She said ‘ i have got all the tests done. I am perfectly ok. I said, ‘has sumeet also got them done. She said ‘no, he says, males are always healthy and dont require any. He is fine and good. I lifted her face to look directly in her eyes, she saw in my eyes and was blunt to tell me, ‘mera ghar bacha lijiye. Mere uper se yeh banjh ka label hata dijiye(save my home, remove this label from me). I have faith on you. Please dont tell anyone.. I was stunned. Stunned to my heart. My dreamgirl was begging for it but all the things were changed.she was looking at me with all her smiles gone, with dried tears on her face, with a questioning mouth. I said ‘bhabhi, i too desired you since i saw you. I promise you to not to break your faith in me. I will not mention anything to anyone.. Holding both the shoulders, I brought her close to me, my heart. Saying ‘i love you bhabhi. She said, ‘nita kaho na mujhe ya neetu (call me nita or neetu). ‘Neetu, my darling neetu, love you neetu my hands were on her back. She said ‘you relieve me. Am i acceptable to you she said. My hands were saying it all. I took one

Of Them to her buttocks, pressing them, i said, ‘my hands shall give u all the ansers. She said, ‘let us go inside. She was desperate. So was i.we were both in the bedroom. The room was mine. Minutes before i wished it and it was mine. I hugged her. Hugged her close. Tight. With al my might. She too responded. Her chest was widely on my chest. I could feel her breast for the first time. The hidden treasure was mine. I lifted her face. Her eyes were down. I asked her to see into me. Shyness was all around her face. Looked at me for a sec and her eyes were again down. My lips were on hers. Ohh my dream was coming true. I was kissing her lovely lips. Slowly rubbing her lips my hands were travelling down to her hands from her shoulders, brought them both to my neck and asked her to club me in her arms and love me. She obeyed the unsaid. She opened the lips and i was sucking them. Sucking them, stroking them with my lips and the tongue. With my tongue moving inside her mouth. The fairest of the fair lady was in my arms, her face was nearest to me and i was kissing her, licking her mouth. I was badly rubbing all her body with both my hands. She too felt the hunger of my hands and responses were coming as her hands were tight on my neck now. My hands went on her buttocks, pressing her to me. And she moaned. Freeing her mouth from my mouth, she moaned looking in my eyes, i could not resist more, my hands were on the silk there, more to float. The silk was helping me. She hide her face in her hands, anticipating the future of this night. The night of silk. The night of passion. Slowly my hands were on the side of her buttocks, i was moving one of them slowly, slowly to the place of love. To the hot point of my dreamgirl. My other hand went up. Up to her stomach. And

Still continuing up. And believe me, i was on her breast. Oohh, the soft press of that breast, made my cock, run into shivers. Ufff, i pressed it. Pressed it and she moaned. She moaned saying ‘slowly… i was beyond control. My other hand was on her legs. Just there. In the midle of the legs. Where the union of legs is there. At her pussy. Yes she was mine. My hands pressing her boobs, my hand rubbing her pussy all in clothes. Sorry in silk. I wanted her now. I was dying for it . I asked her in my eyes, and she too invited me in her hand removed the saree from her breasts. And two aroused fruits were standing in that tight silk blouse. She hide her face in my chest. But that denied me the view of that lovely body. I held her by the shoulders, pushed her away from my chest. In front of me. Looking and touching them slowly. As though they were something i have desired for years. I couldnt resist pressing them hard. She moaned. My hands were rubbing them hard. She stood and moaned. She wanted the rubbing i suppose. She was erectly standing and allowing my hands more and more. And i could not control. My hands were busy unbuttoning those lovely ones. There wasent any question of any resistance, she was mine as per her wish. I opened them all, and inside was a white net bra, covering the breasts of my darling neetu, more was out of the net of the bra, because it couldnt handle the heat in them. I removed her blouse and was holding her shoulders. Bringing my hands slowly to her breasts. I said ‘neetu, you have a lovely body. Your breasts are just making me mad. She smiled and said, ‘they are for you. Come, have them. Rub them, suck them dear, lick them ‘. I was feeling my response in my hard on cock of whatever she said. I took one of her hands in my hands and took it there. Placed it on my cock. And the indian wife was dying of shyness. She just hide in me. Holding me. Saying, ‘mujhe aur na maaro sharm mein. Lights off kardo na ( i am dying of shyness, puts the lights off). I said ‘no neetu, aaj

Mujhe yeh sangemarmar sa badan, pure ujale mein hi dekhna hai. Mujhe ab mat roko. And my hands were removing her saree. The silk was in a hurry too. It was off her body, on the floor. Leaving my love only in the white lacy bra, long open hair, hungry body, and why a petticot. I opened the side knot of the same and in a flash it was off to the floor. My lady was in a white matching panty. And her lovely legs, the smooth silky body naked in front of me. For me to touch, kiss and love. I touched her thighs. My hands were uncontrollably roaming there. On her thighs. On her legs. On her panty. And she was dying of all the shyness in the world but was allowing me to. I said ‘marvellous. Tum bahut sundar ho neetu. She said ‘aapki hoon, jaisi bhi hoon. I was busy now getting rid of my kurta and pyjama. I used to wear a vest and an underwear. The bulge there, looking at it she smiled and looked at me. I teased her, yeh aapke liye hai neetu. Lo, apne haathon mein lelo isko. Her hand was rubbing me on the underwear. I removed it all of a sudden and her hand was there, on my naked cock. She said, oooh oooh. Shy wife was mixed with a lusty and hungry women. I removed all my clothes. And asked her to do the same, she said, aap hi.. Itna hi kah payi woh. I got the message and my hands were opening the hooks of her bra, the front opener is always more sexy you know. I opened it and removing both the cups of the bra brought the lovely bare fruits of her breast for me. The nipples in between, those aroused ones, those brown coloured cherries were so inviting. I just left the bra hanging and my lips were there on that nipple whhich was invitng me. She moaned but all the same the feeling of feeding her lover was there. Her hand was below the breast holding it and with the other hand she took it in my hair and holding her nipple with both the fingers she said, lo lo, peelo isko. Aaj iski pyas bhuja do please, peelo. I was above the world. I was sucking her. Sucking her with all my hunger.

Rolling my tongue around her nipple. Taking it as much as i can. Smooching it. Biting it gently. I could do everything i enjoyed the feed of my dream lady. My hands meanwhile have removed her panty down on her legs. And there , she was naked in front of me. All her body, viewing for me. Giving me all the looks. Those lovely standing breasts, that great hair now all around her shoulders, her naked legs, close to each other, trying to hide what it couldnt. The clean shaved pussy the fairest color. And she was not shy now. She put both her hands forward asking me to come to her. And that was a surrender. A surrender of love. A surrender of sex. Maine usko gale se laga liya. Both of us touching all the parts of our body. My hands and my one leg, exploring the lovely naked beauty. I said, chalo na neetu, ab aur nahin bardasht horaha mujhe tumhare andar sama jana hai. Mujhe tumhara badan bula raha hai. Take me in dear. Take me inside your organ and give me all the shivers of love you can. She said, aaiye, chaliye.. And we both were on the bed. Exploring all our bodies with each other. She was not at all shy now and was enjoying all the touches of my lips on her legs, on her thighs, i kissed her pussy, but couldnt go further because i wanted to take something more there. I kissed her belly button, i was pressing her legs below my body. She was caressing my hair and pulling me too. I was moving towards .Her breasts. I pressed them both. I fiddled with them mercylessly. Her moaning wwas all increasing with every of my press. She took both her legs out from under me, locking them around my waist and making all the room for my to enter her. That was the time when i asked her, meri neetu ko main apna bana lu na, and she said, haan jaldi bana lo, nahin to main marr jaungi. And i took my cock, placed it at the tip of Her pussy, pushing it a bit and

There it was moving inside her. A bit slowly, aah,,, she could say. I was not in a mood to control it now and all my thrust pushed it inside her wet pussy and deep into her. Her hands were at my back and the face was near my lips. I started kissing her passionately and started my thrusts at the bottom. She accepted me accepted me and started in rhythm to my pushes. I was fucking her slowly and then how could one control , my pace went on and on and her body was flaying under me with her hands badly roaming all around me saying to go on and on. I was stroking all her pussy, and licking her face. It was becoming wild and the thrusts increased. Increased till i could say, neettu, take me neetu, i want to cum now…. And she said, hmm tthheeek haiiii.i came in her. The silk smita was mine that night. We enjoyed and enjoyed all our wishes. The night was as though filled with our love. I loved my dream neetu, again after a couple of days. But this time it was a different way. I shall share that too with u.