My Home 2

Hi Readers, This is Suma again; continuing with my story. For 1st time readers – I am 26yr old lady from Kerala, 5’ 6’’ tall with a 36 30 36 fair skinned body, married to a moderately high class family at Cochin where I was turned into a horny cock loving slut (which I was even before longing for) by my Father in Law and a couple of his friends. My stories would be partly from true life and partly from my imagination. Do give me reviews about my stories on [email protected] I am not planning to meet anyone in person; so please avoid personal questions. I made Hema play with me for some more time but I knew she was out for another couple of hours since she had cum so heavily. I too was tired but I was still horny. I switched off the video and went for a bath planning to go out to get some luck. I wore a thin pink see through saree well below my navel and its deep cut blouse showing a lot of my cleavage and back. I got into my 3 inch heels and slammed the door behind for my day. First went for a shopping, looking here and there, giving and getting a lot of eyes, but nothing turned out nice. I could feel a lot of people undressing me with their eyes but no one turned up. I got fed up and thought of going for a movie. I left my car back at home and decided to take a local bus ride. Though I waited for a bus with a rush all were relatively empty since it was afternoon. I got into one and went to a theatre where some old Hindi film was playing. Theatres are just opposite to busses. U get fun in a bus with rush but if there is rush at theatre u probably wont get any fun. I took the tickets and went inside to find that there are only very few people inside sitting spread out. I went and sat at the right back corner seat leaving a couple of seats on my both sides making sure there are no people in a couple of rows in my front. Just before the movie started two guys got in. They might be around 22 yrs or so. They looked around and saw me sitting alone.

They were discussing something between themselves when the main lights went off. One of them came and sat on the chair next to me on my left. I could see that the other person sat at the entrance of my row. I looked at him and he smiled at me. I returned it and sat in the way I was seriously watching the movie. Soon his mobile rang and from his talk I understood that he is from Pune and is here for some study purpose. While on mobile he had his knees touch mine and slowly started rubbing it there. I knew things were getting started. I sat as if I didn’t know it at all. He switch off his mobile, put it back in his pocket. When he kept his hand back on the arm rest his fingers were touching my thighs lightly. His hand slowly descended and was now resting on my thigh. He gently squeezed my thigh and started rubbing over my saree. I held his hand still and kept it back on the arm rest looking in a hard way. I didnt want things to be easy for them though I was really wet down. He waited for a couple of minutes and started all over again. I let him continue for sometime and then again played the decent girl. Third time he started doing the same, I looked at him “What r u doing?” He smiled and said “Rehne dijiye didi; Aapko achi lagegi”. He was looking really handsome. I could see him squeeze his bulge a couple of times. I tried to concentrate back on the movie while this boy ran his hand slowly on my thighs. His fingers crawled on to the inner aspect of my thighs. I slowly parted my thighs to give him access and sighed. I saw him motioning his friend to come in. He came and sat on my right side. I looked at him as if I knew nothing. He looked as though he was seriously in the movie. I too tried to concentrate but I could feel my panties getting badly wet because of the fingers on my thighs. The one on my right put his arm around my back holding my shoulder in his palm. I looked at him “Leave it Didi, mein aapko kuch takleef

Nahi dunga”. He too must have been from the other guys place and he looked handsome too. We started watching the movie. The hand on my shoulder too started to move slowly inching its way down. There was no point in playing the innocent girl now. All had their eyes on the screen but minds were running on my body. The hand on my thigh started moving towards my pussy over my saree. Without my consent my thighs parted more. But I held his hand to stop him for fear of the public. He took my hand an kept on his bulge and made me squeeze it. He leaned to me with eyes still on screen saying “Kyoun didi, pasand aayi na?” I smiled but never took my eyes off screen. The other guy was poking my cleavage when my pallu fell down. I looked at him. He turned to me and said “Hii Im Manu”. I said “Hii Im Suma” All I knew was that soon we were kissing each other frantically. He was sucking on my lips and squeezing my tits openly over my blouse. I was probing my tongue in his mouth with my hand massaging the other guys cock. He had raised my saree until my knees and was feeling my thighs under my dress. As soon as I disengaged from Manu the other guy turned my face to him saying “and I am Shyam”. Soon his tongue too was deep down my throat. His fingers had found my panties and had pulled them aside. Manu took my free hand and placed it on his boner. He had taken it out from his pants. I ran my fingers up and down over it while he started unbuttoning my blouse. Soon I could feel his mouth on my bra clad tits. I dis engaged from Shayam and said “Slowly beta, U r tearing my lips”. “Kya karun didi; aap to bilkul randi jaisi lund daba rahi ho” Then only I realized that I was jacking on both the cocks hardly. I just cant imagine I am doing this is open public; In a theatre sitting with two guys on both sides, with my saree well above my knees and a couple of fingers up my pussy, my pallu fallen to my lap, blouse opened and tits being sucked over my bra by one guy and tongue playing with the other whom I had just met. I pulled shayam to me saying “dheere se shyam, mein aa rahi hunn” and covered my lips with his to conceal my moans. Manu was busy on my tits and with his free hand was pawing on my other tit ans my thighs. Soon I could feel his mouth becoming tight on my tit and his hand grasping my thigh hard paining me.

I knew he was cuming but I was myself taken aback in a series of orgasms on shyams fingers. Manu pulled my face from shayam and kissed me hard while he held my hand and made it still. He was jerking and pouring out a lot wetting the seat in front. Shyams lips moved to my neck and was licking and sucking all over. I was cumingg again and again and tried hard to conceal my moans in kisses. Shyam suddently removed his fingers from me, turned fully to my side and started cum. He raised my saree and skirt further up and started shooting on my thighs. I kept stroking him until the whole thing had drained and wetted my thighs. He fell on to the seat completely drained. I left his cock and slowly massaged the cum on my thighs all over. I brought the other hand with manus cum to my mouth and started licking it from my fingers. Manu leaned to me and said “Suma didi, u r better than A class whores”. I smiled and pulled down my saree. I had just put one button of my blouse when the movie proclaimed interval and lights were cum up. I pulled my pallu over my chest with the rest of the blouse left unbuttoned and ran to bathroom for a quick wash assuring them that I will be back. I am sure that the doorkeeper would have seen my bra through my unbuttoned blouse since my saree was very thin and see through. I freshened up taking my own time. Looking at the mirror I saw I was having few love bites here and

There. I was sure that daddy would definitely find them out. I redressed neatly and covered myself in saree properly. When I was coming back the doorkeeper was giving me an eye. I didn’t mind him at all and went straight to my seat giving my guys a sexy smile. As soon as I sat down shyam put his hand around my back right on to my shoulder and said “aapko kaisi lagi, behnji” I pushed his hands back saying “Lights off karne do baba” and winked at Manu. He held my hands through my fingers and leaned to me “Aap to sachmuch mast maal nikli. Pasand aayi naa?” I smiled at him looking on to his growing bulge in his pants. “Naughty boys. Behn bolte ho aur aisi baten karte ho?” The lights went off and the movie was starting. Manu leaned to kiss my neck saying “Agar randi jaisi behan mili to kaise baat karun, behanji” He took my hand to his bulge. I turned to shyam and saw that the door keeper was watching us. I pushed manu away and said “See, he is watching us”. “Dekhne do na” “Chup reh. Kaise baaten karte ho?” His hand descended to my tit over my saree squeezing it lightly. “aap hamare saath chalogi?” “Kahan” “We few students have rented a house and we two are alone there today”. I was squeezing both the bulges. I had a hand on my tit and a hand on my thighs roaming all over. I looked on my cum stained watch. It was nearly 5.15. “Will u drop me back by 8’o clock”. They both jumped with excitation. “Sure didi. Bhala koi apne behan ko raaste mein chod sakte ho kya?” I said “Haa kyon nahi. Mein raaste mein bhi Chod sakti hun”. We all laughed. We all straightened our clothes and prepared to go out. Though the door keeper opened the door he stood partly blocking it. The boys got out and when I went through he squeezed me with the door feeling my body all over. I smiled at him and went straight behind my boys. They had a bike and decided that me and Manu will come by an auto. Shyam left by the bike. In the auto Manu kept his hand on my thigh all along but I told him not to do anything funny on the way. He asked me my personal details. But I told him that all wrong details.