Fucked in Train

Hi Readers, I am Dinesh from Madurai, I am a Engineer. Madurai is my Native Place. Past a couple of months ago, I had some official work at chennai and i had completed after a month and i was returning to Madurai by train which I will prepare every time from Egmore Station and i have confirm my seat as its side Lower, but in the Side upper berth, an Lady was conformed and other regular seats were carried by the olds at an around age of Above 55s. So the train started, The lady was around at an age of 26-28 only, I introduced to her and shee too introduced to as her ..Name is Maha(Name Changed due to privacy). Her figure was 38-26-38,with big boobs,and in so we have a chat till 11.30pm. And she requested me to take the Upper berth,and i too taken the berth for sleep, but while chatting with her i was came to know that she had got married for 3 months ago. And without afraid of me as an Unknown person she told that she suffers of sex from her husband who is working as a marketing Exe. So he comes to home late and he wakes at around 8:30am only. So she was thirsty of sex from her husband and then we have a chat, then we went to sleep. After a long time I went to toilet at 2am. But i have not noticed her in the berth, and i went to toilet door and i just pushed it was opened and i was shocked and Maha was inside and she had forget to lock the door,inside she was fingering, By seeing me she imediatly pulled me in and she met me in shy and she hugged me thight I had a courage and i also hugged her as a chance and i had locked the door.

And i have note the time and i have planned to have for fun within a hour and she to accept it. And the first she saw my pant which was bulge, and she kept her finger,and we had a soft kisses. Then i kept hand on her hip and i just got her thightly and we kissed for a long time and after that i just removed her saree and i was amaze to see her big huge boobs. And i kissed on the boobs with the blouse and i squeezed them both and i removed. She was wearing red bra, which was too tight to her and then i removed and i suck them nicely. Then she went down removed my pant and she took my rod in her mouth and she sucked with great pleasure and she said that its too big than my husbands cock. Then she sucked for more than 20mins at that time i was in the heaven and i was out of control and shoot in her mouth. Then i make her naked and me to . Then her pussy was wet, and i was too horny to see her pussy and i kissed there pussy and i sucked her pussy. And she moaned softly and low voice and she too control due to other would be hear. Then she cummed in my mouth and i too tasted.Then again my cock became hard and it again starts to hit her cunt, then slowly i started to fuck her. But it was too tight because of her waste husband. So its too tight and i sent my cock slowly but it was pain and pleasure to her, but in too of pain she said to fuck me, and i too started to fuck her and i fucked her for more then 40 mins and atlast i cummed in her pussy and we both found pleasure and then i saw the time it was 3am and we both dressed ourself and slowly i opened the door, there was no one and slowly i went to my berth and after few mins she came and slept, and at morning she gave her no and she said to call me when i am free, then it continues for more than a month and she carries my baby with her and her husband also thinks as his baby. So send my your comments my mail [email protected]