fun with stranger

hi ird story at iss. in my previous stories i told how i fucked my mami and her lets come back to todays story for those who dont know me iam aslam from lahore,pa-kist-an.iam 25 years old.

this incident occured 2 months backthis is aslam again with my th i want to mamis house to get a quick fuck from her when i reached her i saw that her niece has comed to visit mami i was shocked to see the girl she was a 18 year old beauty with good assets

she had 32 size i became mad on seeing her and wanted to fuck her but she was mamis niece and she would want me to hurt her but luck was with me mami got call from mamu and mamu informed her that they had to go outstation for a night

my mamu and mami requested me to lokk after the kids and ilaiha(the niece) i accepted and they went to thier work and i started watching tv ilaiha was playing with the kids. after about an hour ilaiha asked me to take her to market

i took my car and took ilaiha and kids with me. we spent a good night with eachother and had dinner.we came back at midnight the kids went to sleep ilaiha and i started to have a conservation soon she asked me about my girlfriend

on which i told her that i have no girlfriend. so she asked wether i had sex i was suprised on this question but still told her about my experience with mami(as i knew she also wanted a fuck) first she didnt believe me but than when

i explianed her every thing she enjoyed my story than i asked her about her sex life on which she told me she was a virgin and became quiet and ran out of the room i thought i would not get a fuck and i started watching tv at about 1am

she knocked on my door when i opened the door she was standing infront of me in a green shalwar kameez.

Before i could say a word she started to french kiss me i was firstly shocked but still responded to her and kissed her for 15 min then i took her to the bed and made her sit on the bed and again kissed her and than took off her kameez she was wearing no bra

i became mad seeing her beautiful boobs hey were the best oobs i had ever seen i played with her boobs for 15 min than i also became naked on seeing my 7 inch cock se became happy and told me she always wanted a good cock . i dont like sucking pussy and dont

want my lover to suck my cock so without wasting time i took of ilaihas shalwar a applied some oil on her pussy as she was a virgin so i lubricated her pussy wellso that she could easily take my cock with less pain than i took a condom(which i always keep with myself)

and placed it on my cock than slowly i placed my cock on the entrance of the pussy and slowly entered my cock in her pussy she started to cry so i stopped i saw that she was bleeding. after afew mins she said aslam please continue to fuck me than i again started to

pump slowly she co-operated fully with me after 5 min she started to enjoy and told me to fuck her faster so i increased the pace sonn she started too shout she enjoyment like oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i also enjoyed this a lot after 15 min we both came together i slept on her for an hour in the same position after an hour she again wanted a fuck so i made her a dog and inserted my cock from behind this time she enjoyed alot and we came after 20 min

and than slept in morning i again fucked her and we both took a bath together we both enjoyed the whole she told me that she would never forget the time she spent with me i could not also foget her before going back she gave me her number so that we can take i specially went to her

home town to get a fuck and till today we talk and enjoy.

sooo if u like my story u can send ur comments at [email protected]