My name is Raj. This story is being told by Tina, my beautiful wife, who has a colorful past which she can best describe in her own words. She is at present typing the words while I am playing with her beautiful round big boobs, well rounded and firm (not hanging at all), fingering her large dark aerolas and peach like nipples. The nipples are darkish red and every time I see that I cant stop myself from sucking it. Her flat stomach and deep navel leading to her shaved pussy choot is really sexciting. Her well molded buttocks is very curvaceous and when I move my hand over it, the fleshy skin just oozes sex and ignites my passion. The best position I like her is to be sitting astride me while I am relaxing on a chair. Her buttocks pressing against my thighs and when I move my hand (fingers) over it, I can trace the folds to the anus where I insert a finger or two. Her vagina exposed and open to me when I look down and her full blooded pointed breast and nipples pointing at me and finally her wonderful face with the lovely luscious lips kissing and caressing my face and nipples and chest. Readers, I can go on and on and still not be satiated. She is really a sexy, fucking slut of mine. She is like Mamta Kulkarni and a mix of those south Indian heroines of yester years. She oozes sex. Recently, I have stopped her shaving her pussy and there are small brownish hairy growth which covers her clitoris leading to her anus and I love moving my hand on it and feeling the roughness. Her vertical pussy, the cunt lips has thick folds which I always try to pry open when I lay my hand or lips to it. I am not sure what to kiss first, her cunt lips or her mouth. Her face is round and her dark penetrative wide eyes, reflects innocence. Her cheeks are prominent and her nose and perfect honey tasting lips really can make any person go crazy. Let my wife write to you her story and about how I happened to marry her.

I, (Tina) was getting very nervous as the time approached where I would have to present myself as Vijays sister (Rekha) to the people who were coming to see Rekha for marriage. I had been married to Vijay only three months back. Vijay has a younger sister Rekha, who was physically not a good looking girl. She had thick coarse skin, squint eyes, wore thick lens (glasses) which gave her a goofy look. Was very darkish, had thick lips and protruding teeth. Her height was about my height 53″ and she was stocky built. At one glance, she had been rejected by a lot of suitors and in desperation, I was asked to take her place so that once the would be groom agrees and the marriage is settled, they could switch, Rekha back in my place and get her married. Vijay and his family thought that once Rekha gets married of, it would be difficult for the groom to walk out of the marriage as per the traditional marriage norms.

>From childhood, I have been described as a beautiful girl by my family, friends and also my admirers in school and college. I had a strict upbringing so had always known that I would be losing my virginity to the man I marry. I come from a lower middle class background. Due to the attention I received, I always dreamed about a prince charming coming on horseback and carrying me away to a land of gold and silver where I would be the queen adored and loved by all. I was supposed to be a classic beauty and when I walked, I would receive lot of attention and catcalls, whistles. Yes, such attention did make me feel precious/unique and somehow, I felt it was a matter of time when a handsome, rich guy would take my hand and make me his life partner forever. As I started blooming, with my breast/boobs becoming more visible, my parents were worried about my future.

There was one boy Ashok, in college who was close to me ( was a very very distant relative too) and I could see the yearning for love in his eyes, but I never encouraged him much. Those days, I used to wear the traditional salwaar kameez to college with a duppatta around. Ashok was a good friend of mine and a couple of times, if he caught me alone, he would try to take me in his arms and embrace me, and kiss me. Those times, I would feel a tremor in my heart, a warmth spreading in my body and a wetness in my lower part. Bur somehow, I used to extricate myself from such situation and walk off.

The day I finished college, I was married of to Vijay. Now, Vijay, aged 32, was from a middle class family, a senior executive in Bank with a bright future. My parents were happy to get such a good proposal (even though we had a 10 years age difference). He was thin, fair, about 57″ in height and serious looking. He had been a good husband and sexual life had been okay as I had no other experience to compare with what sex I had with him. The first night he had walked in and embraced me, then slowly removed his garments and mine and then switched of the light. I had closed my eyes in anticipation to what I was about to feel. He had kissed me a few times, played with my boobs (breast) and sucked my nipples. This was really exciting for me as my skin was experiencing a tingling with the contact of other naked body and then I had felt a sharp jab on my choot as if something was trying to enter there. He had spread my legs and entered forcibly. It was painful and I had yelled and for a few minutes the pain was intense. Vijay realized my predicament and had while kissing my nipples and pumping his lund in my choot stated that I would be enjoying the pleasure soon and to bear the pain for sometime. After he had pumped for a few more times the pain subsided and I could feel his lund (live rod) penetrating my vagina and pounding me there. I had liked the sensation and after some time he had released his sperms in me. I had felt a thrill and would have loved to have his lund more in me or to feel and taste them but by then he was alseep. We had talked the next day and also continued our sex the same way and my life was moving along. For me that was the sex which I was introduced to, found it enjoyable and a _expression of love with my husband for whom I should be ready to fuck and screw at anytime he wanted (for relieving his tension and pleasure) and my pleasure being secondary.

Now Vijay was the bread earner for the family and he felt responsible for his family. We stayed with his parents and his sister. He was consulted on all family decision and overtime he was accorded a unique status in his family. The reason he had married me was because he had seen me at a marriage gathering and fell in love with me. Hence, without taking any dowry he had married me but now-a-days he felt compelled and under pressure to get a good groom for his sister. That had become his goal.

The family felt that the only way to get a good match for his sister was to introduce me as his sister. Hence I was requested by Vijay to act like his sister in front of strangers on his sisters behalf. I was opposed to the idea as I felt that would be cheating somebody plus, I was already a wife to Vijay. But being new to the household, Vijay and his parents barraged me with pleas and forced me. Finally, I had to give in. From their talks I could gather that the next groom being considered was a rich man, well connected and also a successful businessman.

That day, I was dressed in blue colored sari made of mix of cotton and nylon, with a low neckline blouse. I had been to a beautician in the morning for facial and also to shape my eyebrows and eyelids. I have long hair running till my waist and it was shampooed and let loose behind. I was told that I should cover my head when I walked out to meet the groom and his party. I was nervous. I could hear talks going on in the hall and laughter. Vijays mom was standing close to me and then I saw Vijay walking in and telling me that I could go out. I gave him a pleading look but he said that dont worry, everything will be all right. . Slowly I walked to the hall carrying the tea for all, on a tray. My head was covered by the sari paloo and I could feel the sari clinging to my body, projecting my curves and my well-rounded buttocks. The moment I walked in, all talk stopped and I could feel the stare of everybody on my face. I kept my head down. Somebody broke the silence and asked me `Rekha bitiya, dulha ko nahi dekhogi. There was laughter around. I stood in silence in one corner. That was when I heard a deep male voice saying ” Mujhe Rekhaji se kuch akele mein baat karna hai. There was silence from Vijay and his parents but the boys family said-” koi baat nahin, baat hi to karna hai, karne do, jawaan hai aur modern ladka aur ladki hai, inki tasalli ke liye inhe baatein karne do”. I held my breath awaiting Vijays familys reply. Finally, I heard Vijays father say- “theek hai karne do baat”. Suddenly, I felt a presence nearby and the same deep voice stating, “chalo, jara bahar chalte hain”, saying this he walked out. I heard Vijays father asking me to follow him “jaa bitiya, kar le baat”.

I looked up and saw Vijays eyes on me. Since there was no other choice I walked out with him. We went around the house and there under a tree which hid us from the house and shielded anybody from the house from seeing us, he stopped. He said-`kya tum is shaadi se khush ho”. I was still quiet. He said `jara sirr (head) uthake mujhe dekho” saying this he lifted my chin up and I was looking at a very attractive face. He had a naughty smile on his face and was staring at me intently. Our eyes met and I felt a strange attraction and a compelling force holding my eyes to him. He was tall about 511”, fair, athletically built, wide shoulders, narrow waist and long tapering legs. His hair was combed back revealing a wide forehead, wide eyes. Strong jaw, thin lips, white teeth and a nice pointed nose. He oozed an animal like charm and masculinity which was attractive. I seemed to be at a loss of words. I was trembling at the situation I was in. I was nervous and there was no way I could be talking at that time. He said- tumhari photo dekhne ke baad mujhe icha hui ki tumhe ek baar dekh loon”. ” Ab lagh raha hai ki mein koi apsara ke saamne khada hoon, tumhari jaisi khobsoorat ladki ko meine pehle kabhi dekha hi nahin tha”. I was feeling trapped. Again he asked- `kya tum is shaadi ke liye tayaar ho. Now I had no option but to say yes as he was to be married to REKHA. So I just nodded my head. He said ` kya tum har samay itni sharmatee ho”. I mumbled ` har samay nahin..”. He just laughed ` bhagwan ka shukr hai ki tumne apna muh to khola. Ab tum batao ki mein tumhe pasand hoon ki nahin. I shyly said -`jee haan. He said- ` Janti ho, meine bachpan mein hi mere parents ko kho diya tha aur meri parvarish ek door ke rishtedaar kar rahi hain. Wohi meri maa hein aur sub kuch. Pehli baar zindagi mein mujhe aisa lag rahaa hai ki mein bahut khush kismat wala hoon. Pehli baar mujhe zindagi se pyaar ho gaya hai. Ab to bas mujhe shaadi ka intezaar hai aur us pal ka intezaar hai zab mein tumhe apne bahoon mein sadaa zakde (bandhe) rakhoon”. His deep sonorous voice was like music to my ears and I was getting carried away by it. I never realized the passage of time as he started cracking jokes and making me laugh. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a strangers company. Suddenly I felt two strong arms lifting me and I was face to face with him. He gave me a deep passionate kiss. It was as if my life was being sucked out. I could feel his tongue all over my mouth and a tremor seemed to be running through my spine at the back. I could feel a passion building within me which I had never experienced before. With failing strength I was telling him to stop, but I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I seemed to belong to him. Suddenly we heard footstep and Vijays voice calling us inside. Immediately he lowered me and I was trying to arrange my pallu which had slid down when Vijay came by us. He looked at us both and at me. He seemed angry and asked me if everything was okay. Raj interjected and said -” Vijay bhaiya everything is okay, bus meri aur se to haan hai aur rekha bhi maan gayi hai, to ab der kis baat ki, shaadi ki tayaariyan karo”. Seeing that I was nervous and looking frightened, Raj said-“rekhaji, kis baat se dar rahi ho, chalo ab hi shadi kartein hai, agar tum chaho to. Saying this he took my chin in his hand and kissed me on my cheek. Vijay was angry. He said `Raj behave yourself, hamaare ghar mein shaadi ke pahle yeh sab nahi ho sakta. Raj said -`Vijay bhaiya, shaadi ke baad to izazat hain na- bas mein intezaar karoonga”. We all walked back.

Now this meeting with Raj had changed my world upside down. Even though I knew that Vijay was my husband, I started thinking about Raj a lot and remembering his kiss I used to et excited. To the extent that the same night when Vijay came to sleep, I was all excited. That night Vijay came late to the room and was trying to avoid me. I realized that Vijay was hungup on the days occurrence and told vijay “That I was just acting the part he wanted me to and he need act so jealous. He knew the consequences of his action and he has to be careful”. Suddenly Vijay embraced me and said- `Darling- mein tumhe khona nahin chahta hoon. Aaj jab Raj ne tumhe gaal pe kiss kiya to mujhe acha nahin lagaa. Bus ek jalan si hui.”. I was still excited about Rajs kiss and my body was all hot by then. I embraced him tightly and started kissing him. I clinged to Vijay and asked him demurely to kiss me. Vijay was surprised at my passion and he kissed me and was in no time fucking me. I was responding wildly and for a change, I was on top of Vijay fucking him and controlling the lund. As I sat on his lund with my head thrown back and my balls bouncing, I closed my eyes and in my mind, I felt as if I was fucking Raj. He also responded wildly and he was fucking me hard. I was shouting at him `aur jhor se. I was on top of him and my choot was pounding him up and down. He was trying to reach my boobs and press it but I was in my own world. My eyes were closed and I was seeing Ashok, Raj and Sameers face in my mind. I was visualizing being fucked by all three at the same time. I could feel a sensual tingling feeling in my spine being carried to my brain. My back was arched and I was trying to get his whole cock in my choot deep inside to fill me up. In this state suddenly I had a shattering climax and I could feel my fluid and Vijays cum mixing up and flowing out. I fell on top of Vijay.

In my school days and later in college there was this girl Renuka who was my classmate. We were close friends and I used to share all my dreams with her. After my marriage, we had lost touch and imagine my surprise when I met her recently. I was buying vegetables at the market, accompanied by my mother-in-law and Rekha when I happened to meet Renuka at the local market. I was very happy to meet an old friend of mine from and all my tension seemed to evaporate on seeing her, a friend with whom I could share my true feelings. Now Renuka became a constant visitor to our house. One day I opened up and told her about the marriage switching plans and made her promise to keep it secret. She was troubled and she advised me that I should desist being a participant, as I would have to pay the consequence for my action. But both of us realized that other than agreeing to my in- laws and husbands demand, I had no recourse.

The next few days, the house was all ready for the marriage. I could feel a tension in the air and most of the time I saw the family in deep discussion. Vijay was all tensed up and seemed to be avoiding me as I was the only person who had been opposing this whole planning. My parents were not informed as the situation was delicate and Vijays family did not want them to know the trick being played for marrying Rekha and Raj.

A week earlier, Rajs old bua came and said that she would like to take Rekha (meaning me) for selecting clothes and ornaments. Now the house was in a dilemma. They agreed finally to let me and Rekha go together with her. We went to one of the expensive sari emporiums and both of us were selecting dresses. I was trying to select good saris which would suit Rekha. After sometime, the old bua asked Rekha to accompany her to toilet as she was not feeling well. Rekha left with her and while I was selecting, I felt a male presence nearby and it was Raj. I got all nervous. I was not anticipating this moment. Raj had his mischievous, naughty smile on his face and said “Thank God tum akeli ho”. Acha hua bua ne akal se kaam liya. Acha batao, tumhe kya pasand hai”. He was standing very close to me. I had worn a loose half shirt and a tight jeans that day. The top button of the shirt was open and my cleavage could be seen clearly. From where Raj was standing he could see my boobs and cleavages clearly. I have good rounded boobs and big areolas and peach like nipples (Raj later told me that). It was trying to come out of the shirt. The bra size was smaller hence the boobs seemed to be trying to burst out of the bra. Suddenly, I was feeling very conscious. At one time, I could feel Rajs hand going round my buttocks and I could feel him squeezing it. I could feel the heat building within me. Suddenly Raj turned to me and asked whether I would like to accompany him to the restaurant for a bite. I declined and deliberately tried to pay attention to the dresses. He stood there and kept entertaining me and the sales girl and occasionally had his hand on my body, patting and caressing my backside. I was in a very delicate stage there. Suddenly I heard Vijays voice and Raj immediately pulled his hand back. Vijay asked Raj on how he came there and Raj said his Bua needed some money so he had brought it. Raj gave a packed bundle to Vijay and said give it to Bua and then with his standard mischievous smile told me that `Rekhaji- tayaar rahna, tumhara intezaar hai”. Then he left. Later the Bua came and we selected the saris. There were a few good sized bras and the sales girl asked me to try it on. Both Rekha and myself selected a few bras and went to the dress changing area. We were both assigned two different cubicles. On reaching my cubicle, I opened the door and walked in. Before I could realize anything the door was closed and I found myself in Rajs embrace. Raj seemed to be a person who was everywhere and could getaway with anything he wanted to do. I was terrified then. Rajs hand was on my mouth and his mischievous smile was back on his face. He whispered- `Rekhaji, awaaz math karna, bas tumse milne bechain tha, who sales girl ko manane mein bahut time lagaa aur badi mushkil se razi hokar mujhe yahan chupne diya hai. Usine tumhe yahan beja hai. Mein kuch nahin karoonga, bus tumhe kapde badaltha hua dekhoonga”. I knew that Sameers family was looking forward to Rekhas marriage and there was no way I could do anything then. If I shouted both of us would be exposed. I just wanted Rekhas marriage to be over with and also I did like Rajs personality and his charm. I said `bus, ab chup chap baitho raho. Mein tumhare saamne kuch nahi badloongi aur thode der ke baad mein chali jaaongi, Tum baad mein nikalna. In that crammed place it was difficult for two person to be together. Raj just pulled me on his lap and started passionately kissing me. Initially I did not respond but there was a magic in his kisses which was forcing me to respond. His hand came down to my boobs but I brushed it off. I could feel his hardened lund on my buttocks. I could hear my husbands voice outside and I was also feeling terrified at what would happen if he knew I was with Raj inside. Finally after a deep passionate kiss, I got up and said Raj, ab bas- mein jaa rahi hoon. Before he could insist, I opened the door and walked out. Rekha was still changing and came out after some time, while we were leaving the sari emporium, Raj appeared again and playfully suggested that we all go to the restaurant. Vijay immediately declined as by now he was loathing Rajs presence because of his own personal guilt and my involvement. Vijay insisted that they had to leave and we all left.

The previous day morning Rekha and myself had gone to the local beauty parlour for a complete body bath and facials. I had all my hair removed from my hand, armpits, legs and finally when it came to my vagina (choot), I was a bit hesitant as I always used to do it myself. But the beautician impressed upon me that she would do it and made me lie naked on her chair, with my legs wide open and placed on a leg stand. She was sitting in between and gently applying lather to the vagina. I could feel a tingling and a nice sensation whenever the blade or lather or her hand brushed the vagina. Finally when it was done, she moved her hands on it and then uttered a sigh of satisfaction. She looked at me and said with a smile -do you want anything more. I would have loved for the experience to continue but since time was running short, I stopped there and then left.

Afternoon my friend Renuka came and while she was with me, Rajs bua with a few ladies came to our house and calling me, she handed me a big packet. Bua told me that the packet consisted of Rajs personal mementos by which I should be adorned. On opening the packet in front of Rajs bua, I was astounded to see a kanchipuram sari, bright red in color, which was ordained and knitted with gold threads and zaris. There were other saris too all sparklingly attractive and just enough o cause a mild earthquake. The whole 9 yard sari was beautifully crafted and the silkiness seemed to be flowing in ones hand. I was dazed at the richness of the cloth. There was also a golden bichua (toe ring), a bindi ( a sparkling diamond adorned the sticky red bindi), a full set of chuda (bangles) gold bangles with diamond and pearls embedded in it, Nathni(nose ring) which again was a gold piece with a sparkling ruby in it and finally a set of gold and diamond chains / necklaces. Bua informed me that Raj wanted me to be adorned by all the glitters sent by him for marriage. This caused a lot of tension in the house. Vijay and his father insisted that they would provide all the dresses and ornaments required for the marriage, which bua shot down stating that how does it matter if Raj wants his future wife to be decked the way he wants. I was astounded by the richness and quality of the products sent. Also Bua was accompanied by a beautician and a Henna (Mehndi) artisan. Bua said that I should have the Mehndi work done immediately as per Rajs request. NOW I WAS GETTING REALLY INTRIGUED BY THIS RAJ CHARACTER. The presence of Renuka there was creating tension in the family as Renuka knew that It was Rekhas marriage and not mine and Rajs Buas interaction with me would reveal their secrets. Samit approached me and took me aside and asked me to send Renuka packing but by now Bua and Renuka seemed to be getting along well and also I was gainst Renuka leaving me at this time. (How was Vijay to know that Renuka already knew the whole story of deception).

Demurely I agreed to the mehndi demand and the lady started applying the same. Renuka was beside me and started teasing me stating that `Raj would be happy to see the beautiful mehndi on your hand and would start kissing all your fingers and then probably your toes too. The toe ring (bichua) was sexciting. While holding it Renuka said hey, is raj going to kiss your toe and remove the ring with his mouth or is he going to suck your toe. All this talk was arousing me even though I was acting as if I was just an uninterested person. Rekha had been with me initially but had walked out in a huff when she realized that she was not wanted there. BUA was very kind to me and caressing my forehead she said that beti, even though I am a distant relative of Raj, Raj is like a son to me and I really am happy to see that he has found a beautiful person like you. I would like to only see you and Raj happy together all your life. The ladies who had accompanied Bua were by this time all around me and laughing and cracking sexy remarks at me. Somebody started singing that -`banegi dulhan raj ki, hogi raat me us saajan ki, raat ke andhere mein hoga inka Milan, kyon, sajani, jaanti ho kya karma hoga us raat mein… The songs went on and there was a gaiety and fun in that room. My heart was beating with tension and a unique excitement. This was the type of marriage I had always visualized in my dreams and now I was in a embarrassing position. I could see Vijay getting angry outside and all the ladies were pulling his legs saying kyon bhaiya, behna ki vidai mein kya dukh ho raaha hai. Ab to who Raj ki hai aur Kal to who raj ki hamesha ke liye ho jaayegi. By this time the Mehndi designer had applied the mehndi and designed a very intricate ancient design artwork on my hands, front and back, till my wrist. The artwork was very beautiful and when I joined both my paws together, the design seemed to blend and the name of RAJ seemed to pop out. Mehndi was applied to my legs till the ankles and I was totally captivated with the design. I was lying with my legs on a stool and hands on the sides, not able to move and the hair stylist started working on my hair. Renuka was sitting near me and her face was glowing. She said- dear, your dreams seems to be coming true, your rajraj is just around the corner and I am feeling jealous with all the wealth you are about to receive. I could see Vijays dilemma and was feeling at times sorry for him but in my heart I was also angry at him for getting me in this position.By this time, Bua and the other ladies had left and even Renuka took leave. The hair stylist had just shampooed my hair and said that she woukld be coming the next day early morning for setting my hair.

Vijay seemed angry at me and I just let him vent his feelings. His anger made no sense to me as I was in way responsible for what was happening and he could always stop this charade. But Vijay was more concerned for his sister and even though he was educated, he still was trapped in old tradition and nonsense thinking that his sister Rekha would be well off once married even by deception. That night Vijay came late to room and I woke up feeling a heviness on me. It was Vijay looking at me hungrily, on top of me, all naked and pressing his lund in my choot. I spread my legs and as in the evening I was all excited and wet down there, I readily accepted his lund in. He seemed to be angry and was fucking me with a violence which I had never seen before in him. Vijay was banging away and his balls was slapping my underside as he fucked me hard. I was also reacting with the same pressure and each fuck was hard and vigorous. It was a matter of minutes before both of us came very strongly. HOW WAS VIJAY TO KNOW THAT THIS WAS HIS LAST FUCK WITH ME.

Vijays family had invited only a few of their close relatives for the marriage. The marriage day arrived and the whole family was in tension on how and when to make the switch. I was supposed to be constantly beside Rekha so that for any of Rajs family, it would seem that I was the bride. On the day of the marriage, both of us were dressed in wedding sarees (it was banarasi). Even Rekha was looking good in her bridal attire. Renuka was with me from morning and that was a relief for me. The marriage was to be officiated in a nearby hotel and we had booked rooms in it for dressing. I knew that all our family members were tense and my heart also was beating fast. We reached the marriage pandal and hotel. Rajs Bua and a few of his distant lady relatives came to meet me and were surprised to note that I was not wearing the sari and jewels sent by Raj. They were told by Vijays family that I would be dressing up soon. Vijays family insisted on complete privacy while the bride was being dressed up and Bua after some hesitation left the scene. Immediately, the effort was to dress up Rekha with all the beautiful items sent by Raj. There was a pang of jealousy when I saw rekha wearing the beautiful Kancheepuram sari and also the jewels, nathni, toe ring, Rekha was all decked up and a veil was placed on her face to cover her face. Just as the marriage time neared and everybody was ready to walk towards the marriage mandap, Rajs bua with a few ladies forcibly entered the room to see that the bride was dressed up. Inspite of Vijays familys objection, she walked upto Rekha. The room was all silent. There was a tension in the air. I was standing at a dark corner in the room, worried and by now I was on the verge of crying.

My hands were shivering and I could imagine what rekha must be feeling. Poor girl, in all this issue she was just a puppet. Bua probably felt the tension and knew something was wrong. She whispered something to a lady accompanying her and that lady rushed out. Bua walked upto Rekha and went around her. Then she suddenly raised the veil and seemed dumbstruck on seeing a strange face under the veil. She looked aghast at everybody around and sat on the chair nearby as if she had lost the strength of her arms and legs. Her eyes went around the room as if searching for somebody and finally she saw me standing in a corner (with Renuka beside me), my mouth agape and tears streaming down my cheeks. It seemed as time had stood still and suddenly the door was sprung open and in walked Raj, accompanied by a couple of his close friends. These were the same people who had accompanied Raj the first time when he had come to see Rekha and had seen me. He walked upto Bua and embraced Bua and said Bua sub theek ho jayega, and asked another lady to escort Bua outside. Then he turned and looked all around and asked everybody to clear out except me and Vijay. By this time, Vijays father was openly pleading with Raj for mercy and saying repestedly Raj beta, mere izzat ko bachao, tum hi isse bacha sakte ho... Rajs friends ushered them out and now there were only me, Vijay, Renuka ( as I was holding her hands tightly) and Rajs two friends. Raj had a hardened angry look on his face and was staring intently at both of us. He turned to Vijay, who was still quiet and probably shivering in his pants, and said Vijay, your game is over. I can put you in Jail right now alongwith your parents her (pointing to me). The choice is yours. This marriage with the girl I saw will proceed as planned, else, you will have to bear the consequence. Vijay was stunned and seemed to grovel under Rajs threat. Suddenly a sob escaped from me and Raj came near me and wiped the tears from my cheek and lifting my face kissed both the cheeks saying darling, this eyes are not meant for tears. This is to see the paradise which will be yours for the asking. I said `mein shaadi shuda hoon. Raj mockingly laughed and said `Tumhari shaadi nahi huin hain. Shaadi to ab honewala hai aur suhaag raat to ab manana hai. Vijay pleadingly said that -Raj, yeh mere biwi hai. Mujhe maaf karo aur jaane do. Raj scathingly said- Tujhe kaun maaf karega. Biwi ka dalal. Ad to yeh meri hai aur har din usse mein chodunga aur usse who sab karunga jo mein chahta hoon. You lost her the day you sent her to me. You are stupid and now in a bigger mess than you can think of. Only your action will save you from being jailed with your parents. You bloodywell agree or else. I have no time to waste on people like you. Saying this he called Bua and other ladies in and asked them to get me ready for marriage.

Raj before leaving walked upto me and said I have a collection of designer wear for you and wants you decked with that. He turned to Vijay and said- I have only pity for your sister Rekha and since you have sold your so called wife to me, you can keep all the earlier materials I sent for my love here. That is my dowry to you guys. Saying this he walked out. My heart was beating and I was nervous. I could see Vijays dilemma and confusion and all his family members had by then left the scene.Renuka had stood by all this in silence and had been pressing my hand all the time. She whispered to me Madhu, tu to bahut lucky hai, yeh raj to bahut handsome and shandaar lag raha hai, kaash mein bhi tere jaise lucky hoti. Aaj raat to tujhe bahut maaza aayega. By this time Bua and other ladies were all around me, decking me in a glod lined zari sari which seemed to be very soft and clinging to my body. The hair dresser had made a big bun of my hair behind and left a couple of streaks of hair sliding in front on either side of my face. There were a couple of heavy gold chains, big broad and different style. My fingers were covered with thin gold chains connected to my wrist and finally there were goldlining in my hair falling on my face. I was staright escorted to the marriage pandal and then the ceremony started. Vijays had tears in his eyes while I was being escorted and he made a last appeal to the Bua but I knew that Raj meant what he said and I was also afraid that I would be treated as an accomplice and may be jailed. The hall was well decorated and I could see a stage set up where the marriage was to be conducted. The background of the satge was decked with roses (of different colors). The whole hall had a garden look with plants and flowers in abundance. The marriage pandal itself was decorated with fowers and huge teak wood pillars. It was as if the marriage was being solemised in an ashok vatika (remember the name…). The moment I was escorted in the whole hall was downed by a wild shouts followed by shehnai vaadan. It was as if a princess was being escorted amongst the masses. I was led to the marriage pandal and the priest started chanting the hymns. I was following the ceremony in a daze and when the time came to exchange rings, I was adorned with a beautiful, magnificent big red ruby. Somebody handed me Rajs ring which I put on his finger. Then came the garlands and the flowery garland made of petals spread a perfume around us. After exchanging that, Raj tied a mangalsutra around my neck. It had black beads and pearls embedded around. Finally we were asked to walk around the sacred fire.

Finally the marriage was solemnized and there were shouts around. We were thronged by people and I sometimes wonder on how I went thru it without getting lost. Probably renukas presence was a big support for me. Raj seemed to be a very popular person and by the time he could extricate himself, it was around 5.00 P.M. All these time, he was keeping an eye on me and slowly he escorted towards a limousine which was waiting to take me to his house. It was an hours drive to his house and we were alone in the car. I was loaded with jewels and my sari paloo was covering my head and face. He lifted it and asked me whether I was OK. There were still tears in my eyes as here I did not know where my fate was taking me. He embraced me and said darling, dont worry. You will have me from on all your life. Why do you think I married you inspite of knowing that you are married. God created only a few people like you ands I am blessed to have you as my wife. Rajs words were providing me a soothing effect and I was enjoying his strong arms around me. It was as if I was being led to a cocoon of love and luxury and pleasure. I enquired then that fi he really loved me then why does he not let me go to my husband. Suddenly, he got angry, started at me and then said- you will go when I feel like letting you go, till then you are mine and if you insist then I will fuck you right now and also at home till you agree with me. He fiercely held me and then passionately kissed me. I was just like a limp doll in his hand. Finally, we reached his house and I was led in by the Bua and Renuka. It was as if I have entered a hotel lobby. The house seemed to look like a mansion. I was led into a room which was huge and was tastefully decorated. In the centre of the room was a round bed which had satin covers and satin pillows strewn around.i would like to have online sex/chat share there experiences with aunties babhai and horny ladies if you are inserted mail me at [email protected]