Desires at peak

At 26, Sheetal was in the prime of her sexual life with no intention of slowing down. She and Neeraj enjoyed an extremely fulfilling sex life, making love at least 5 times a week. Her husband always encouraged her sex drive and both enjoyed a very fulfilling and at times adventurous sex life. Neeraj loved Sheetal’s willing to try new things, and explore the boundaries of pleasure as much as possible. Neeraj had been afraid that Sheetal might end up like a typical conservative Indian wife because of the way their courtship had been, but was happy to learn that he had hit the jack pot! Sheetal was dynamite in bed.

Sheetal smiled as thoughts of last night continued in her mind and started to reminisce of how it all started. How she took her first steps into her world of sexual explorations. She was 20 and fresh out of college. She had landed a respected position and for once she had time to think about life outside her books and schooling. She started making more friends and meeting new people, going to parties, and social gathering. She saw people around her getting into relationships, but chose not to get into one herself though it was not for lack of opportunities. Sheetal was a looker, at little over 5’ 6”, she was slim and fair which long flowing dark hair. Regular exercise kept her waist trim and her hourglass figure was often envied by women around her. Sheetal was a head strong girl with strong convictions who didn’t want to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons. If nothing else, she was an Indian woman with her set of values. However, Sheetal was also a young woman and time was going by, they needs were making themselves more and more aware of themselves.

One night after coming back from a club with her friends, Sheetal was in a rather high mood. Some of her friends had come with their boyfriends and girlfriends and as the night went on, they had retreated into corners for some rather intimate encounters. Seeing them had stirred certain desires in Sheetal and had left her feeling unusually horny the rest of the night at the club. She got home and dressed for the night in the pajama bottoms and t shirt. She tried to sleep but couldn’t do so as the images of her friends locked in a passionate embrace kept flashing in front of her.

Waking up Sheetal turned on her laptop computer and on an unknown whim, started reading some erotic stories. As she read she felt her face and her body slowly get hot. The story was about a couple’s first sexual union, and as the two couples were making love, Sheetal hand slowly crept inside and pants and started to rub her crotch over her panties. As the story couple’s lovemaking became more and more passionate, Sheetal slipped her hand under her panties and was shocked to find her pussy very wet.

This was the first time Sheetal had felt her pussy in a sexual way and felt her lips very slippery to touch. She was a novice and had no idea that she was doing. She slowly started rubbing her finger up and down her wet slit and felt tingling of pleasure that she had never felt before. However, this was soon too much for her, and she stopped abruptly and felt into an uncomfortable sleep.

That night Sheetal took a hot bath before bed and got into her comfortable t shirt and pajama bottoms and got into bed. Unsure of how to start, she decided to take the popular approach and logged into the internet. She did an internet search and found some adult pornographic websites. She downloaded some porn videos and started watching them. However, she did not find them arousing at all. Being of a very romantic nature, she found the lack of romance in the videos more of a turn off and turn on.

Being an avid reader, Sheetal decided to look for adult stories like the one she had read the previous night and found several websites which had what she was looking for. She read through a few stories and felt the familiar sensations of arousal awakening in her body. After a while she came across a particularly well written story that was not only erotic but had all the romantic interludes that simply melted Sheetal and ignited her own passions.

The lovers in the story were had harbored a secret desire for each other though kept it hidden. Through a series of unfortunately (or fortunate) events their love for each other became apparent and finally when the two lovers embraced in passion, Sheetal’s mind got lost in them. The lovers kissed each other passionately and Sheetal looked at them as if it was happening right in front f her eyes. The lovers caressed each other giving into their desires. They undressed each other with the impatience that only true lovers have experienced, moaning each others names, louder and louder, aching to feel each other, to consummate their love in the purest sense.

Sheetal started picturing in her mind their naked bodies naked bodies engaged in a variety of sexual acts. She squirmed in her bed, her crotch getting wet, her mouth was partly open, and her breathing was causing her mouth to dry. Her nipples felt like they were trying to rip through her bra and the crotch of her pajama bottoms was actually dripping wet. Sheetal’s breasts were a perfect 34 which filled her bra’s C-cups quiet nicely. Her nipples her brown in color but were a start contrast to her fair skin. Her nipples were also an object of pride for her as they were uncommonly large and made her breasts look even more appealing. Her areolas were almost two inches in diameter and when hard, her nipples stood out almost most two centimeters. Often Sheetal wore padded bras to ensure that the sudden hardening of her nipples in public did not cause her too much embarrassment by becoming prominent.

As the action in the story heated up, she slowly began to play with her breasts. She lifted her t-shirt, opened her bra, and gently started massaging her breasts, squeezing and kneading them, stopping every once in a while to rub her nipples. Every time the woman in the story had her nipple sucked, Sheetal unconsciously pinched her nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

Sheetal’s panties were soaked through. She was so much wetter then shed ever been as a result of one of her dreams or thoughts. It felt like the panties crotch was trying to crawl up her pussy, pressing tighter as her pussy lips swelled around it from arousal. She reached down to try to pull it out and shivered as she made contact with her stiffening clit, sending a jolt from her pussy to the pit of her stomach and the tips of her nipples. The slightest movement made her pussy twitch. Sheetal kept her pubic hair semi-trimmed and at this particular moment they were longer than usual. The hairs were adding to her arousal as they tickled her clit through her panties.

As the couple in the story began their love making in earnest, Sheetal completely stripped down, dropping her clothes in a pile in front of her. Her nipples got even harder as the cool air hit them, and she moaned softly as she teased her nipples with the tip her finger again. She trembled as strong sensations overpowered her, traveling from her tits to all the way down to her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened and closed her legs rapidly. Slowly she moved her hand down her stomach, lower it further till she could feel the heat on her fingertips and then finally pressing her middle firmly against her clit.

“Oh God!” She groaned, unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure it caused

Carefully, she teased it again, softer this time but gradually increasing the pressure, until she was moaning in short gasps. Sheetal’s pussy was a hot, glistening, swollen split between her legs. She continued to rub her finger up and down her clit and every time she brought her finger back her, her clit got wet with her own juices. She pressed her wet fingertip on her swollen clit and gently moved her fingertip in slow circles around it. This sensation was mind boggling and she could feel the pressure starting to increase in her loins down to the pit of her stomach.

Sheetal closed her eyes and spread her pussy lips open gently with her index and ring finger while rubbing her middle finger around her pussy hole. She started to move her hips slowly to meet her finger and gently slid the tip of the finger into her pussy. She was lost in her desire as she moved her finger in and out slowly, parting her pussy for the first time. She was not surprised when her finger met resistance just past the entrance. She pushed a little harder, but still couldnt move it any further. Her pussy started to hurt, but her lust was urging her in further.

Not wanting her pleasure to end, Sheetal spread her legs further, moved her knees up and slid her finger in and out frantically as much as it went. Then taking a deep breath, she gave a hard thrust and her finger finally pushed deeper. The immense pleasure was accompanied immediately with a sharp pain unlike shed ever felt before. She squeezed her eyes tight as the room began to spin, the pain a dull ache deep in her groin, afraid to continue her movements.

When it subsided, Sheetal gingerly eased the finger out and examined it. She was initially alarmed when she noticed that it was coated with a thin reddish sheen. She was still very horny and the pressure in her pussy was far from easing, she returned her finger back to her pussy and rubbed her clit again.

Within seconds her clit was throbbing again and she was flooded with the intense pleasure she had been feeling. Sheetal responded by moving her finger into her pussy again, bracing herself for the pain shed felt before. It slid deep the first time, and she noticed that the pain wasnt as bad as she remembered. Sheetal paused, letting it pass, then pumped slowly as it receded until she was able to slide the whole finger in without any discomfort. In her lying down position, Sheetal’s finger rubbed against her clit every time she pulled her finger out, which made her pussy wet and slippery, helping the finger slide in deeper and faster.

“Ohh…Ohh” She moaned in short burst and she pumped the finger faster. She bent her finger in her pussy like a hook and her finger tip brushed against the rough fleshy part of her pussy which was the gspot. She started teasing it by moving her fingertip in short strokes and then pressed on it hard by instinctively pulling her hooked finger up.

Without any warning her breath hitched deep in her chest and she felt a rush of heat spread through her pussy, her ass, her stomach, her breasts her nipples, all over her body. She pressed her thumb on her clit and pressed on her gspot in her pussy at the same time, and tried to hold still as she rode the crest of her first orgasm.

“Mmphf!!!” Was all Sheetal could manage through clenched teeth. Her clit was so sensitive at this point that when it brushed her finger on its way out, her legs gave away and they fell on the bed completely lifeless.

Sheetal was panting from her orgasm and noticed that she her whole body was sweating. She was completely out of breath and the room was still spinning around her. When her strength finally returned, she slowly wore her clothes and fell asleep with a sense of peace and tranquility that she was not felt in a long time.

The next morning Sheetal woke up more refreshed than ever and felt that last night she had made one of her best decisions of her life. She felt back in control of her life. She was her usual confident and focused and once again on the track to success. She continued her self pressure and exploration sessions whenever she needed it. It was usually once a week sometimes twice depending on her stress level.

This went on for a couple of years, and then one day at work she met Neeraj. Neeraj had been hired as a consultant by her firm and his responsibilities included supporting Sheetal’s group. Everyone found him to be very intelligent, hard working and professional. At 6’ tall, with rugged feature, he was also very handsome. Sheetal enjoyed working with him and found him to be pleasant company with a remarkable sense of humor. He always kept his cool under pressure and was recognized by the company for his contributions.

Since he was hired as a consultant, on the last day of his assignment, Sheetal’s group took him out for a farewell dinner. It was a moment of mixed emotions for Neeraj for he had really become attached to the group, one group member in particular, and for him parting was hard. When the party ended, Neeraj took Sheetal aside for a moment.

“Sheetal, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you, and it was a pleasure to be around your company.” Neeraj said

“Thanks, Neeraj, I really enjoyed working with you too.” She replied sincerely.

“I don’t know how to quiet say this, but since I may not get another chance i’ll say it as it is. I feel i’ve gotten to know during my time here, but I would really like to get to know you a lot more. I think you’re a wonderful woman and actually perhaps one of the most beautiful ones too.” Neeraj turned a little red as he said it and Sheetal could see him start to get nervous.

“What I’m trying to say is would you like to go out with me sometimes, to dinner or a movie?” He finished.

Sheetal felt her heart flutter as she had been hoping for something like his and replied in a controlled and calm voice “I would love to.”

Sheetal and Neeraj’s first date was a very simple but very pleasant one. They had dinner at a quaint restaurant and the talked for hours. The plans for the movie were forgotten and neither wanted their moment to end. Sheetal loved his sense on humor, his charm, loved listening to his deep baritone voice. He was a perfect gentleman, refined, polished, yet since had a sense of wonder about the world that Sheetal found very sweet. Neeraj kept admiring Sheetal’s beauty and was amazed at her charm, her poise, her deep intellect. He was amazed at her commitment to her profession, and her desire to succeed.

They were the last people to leave before the place closed and Neeraj dropped Sheetal home hoping that with would not be the end.

“Thank you for tonight, I had a wonderful time.” He said.

“So did I, thank you for dinner.” Sheetal said.

“Can we do this again?” Neeraj asked.

“I would like that.” Sheetal replied.

They got out of the car and Neeraj walked her to her door like a gentleman. They said good bye and Sheetal entered her house. Outside, Neeraj took a deep breath and as he walked back, he had a bounce of elation in his walk. Inside, Sheetal just leaned back on the closed, took a deep breath and she just let herself melt with a use smile on her face.

“This night was perfect!” Both of them thought at that exact moment.

Neeraj and Sheetal continued to see each other over the next few weeks, doing to lunch or dinner. They even managed to see a few movies. Of course in the theatre, Neeraj managed to hold her hand, which Sheetal loved. It made it hard for both of them to concentrate on the movie, but they didn’t care.

After their fourth date, when Neeraj dropped Sheetal at her place, neither wanted to leave. They continued to look at each other without saying a word. In the silence of the car, Neeraj slowly leaned forward and to his delight Sheetal responded by leaning closer to him. Taking courage he leaned in towards her, stopping just inches from her, and Sheetal completed the rest of the distance for this first kiss. Sheetal lips felt soft and moist, like gentle petals of a flower.

Sheetal heart was beating so fast she felt it would come out of her chest. She felt as if her body was on fine. Neeraj lips felt perfect on hers and she again got the desire to melt into his arms. Neeraj kissed her again, and gently their lips part and she could feel his urgency equaled hers. She kissed back on his lips and his musky aroma was arousing her. She felt her body start to respond, but this was a lot stronger than the way it responded to her touch. Knowing that her body would lose control, she mustered all her self control and will power she could, and broke apart the kiss.

Composing herself, Sheetal whispered, “I better go, it’s getting late”

Neeraj nodded understandingly, and walked her back to her door. Sheetal closed her door behind her and went straight to the bathroom to wash her face with cold water. That night she wondered to herself that if a kiss would make her body react so strongly then what would happen if he touched her, felt her or something more. Her body shivered in response to her thought.

Their next date was after five days and during dinner it was apparent that neither could really concentrate much. Sheetal’s thoughts were still lingering on their first kiss, and every time she would look at Neeraj, her eyes would keep going to his lips. She wanted to feel them again, to touch them with hers, to kiss them, to press on them, aching for them to make her lips feel alive.

When parked his car to drop her again, this time neither of them waited. They both leaned over, their urgency evident, and locked their lips in a passionate kiss. Neeraj reach around and pulled her even closer to him, pressing his lips as much as he could. Sheetal was gently sucking on his lips devouring them as much as possible. Not only could she feel herself get hot, she could feel Neeraj’s body rending as well. Finally their lips parted simultaneously and their tongue met. Sheetal felt a jolt of electricity run though her. Her chest started burning up, her nipples hardened instantly and her pussy felt as if there was a fire it and she was getting wet in response.

Their tongues explored their mouths and their kisses became more and more passionate. When they finally broke the kiss, Sheetal noticed that the windows of the car had gotten steams on the inside and beads of condensation were trickling down the glass. Again composing themselves, Neeraj and Sheetal walked to her door, and that night for the first time since she and Neeraj had started dating, she fingered herself to orgasm thinking of and stilling feeling Neeraj on her lips.

Neeraj and Sheetal were now an item, and spent as much together as they could manage. A month after their first kiss, the New Years was approaching, and along with some of their friends and family, they decided to spend New Years ever in Goa. It was a rather big group and while everyone knew Neeraj and Sheetal were a couple, being their good friends they made it a point not to give them too much privacy. Both were getting rightly frustrated but there was no relief in sight. Both shared rooms so there were no nightly visits allowed.

On New Year’s ever, the whole group was at a club and they rang in the New Year. Neeraj and Sheetal had a passionate embrace and kiss, and then slow danced. Neeraj held her in his strong arms and Sheetal felt completely as peace, very comfortable and extremely safe.

Around 3 in the morning, the group decided to walk around the beach regaling in the New Year. For once there friends gave them their privacy and Neeraj and Sheetal walked hand in hand along the beach, the water wetting their feet with every wave. After walking a while in silence, Neeraj stopped. He looked at Sheetal, and without saying a word, he dropped down on one knee.

“Sheetal, I love you. You have brought me more happiness and joy in the past few months than I have felt in the past few years. In this New Year, I want to ask you to please allow me to be as happy for the rest of my life as I am now.” Neeraj said to a shocked Sheetal.

“What I’m trying to say is Sheetal, will you marry me?”

“Sheetal just looked at him in silence, and then said “YES!”

He kissed her under the stars surrounded the sound of the waves and knew this night was perfect!

Their hotel was along the beach, and Neeraj and Sheetal walked backed to her room. Since everyone was still at the beach, Neeraj picked her up, entered her room, and gently laid her on the bed, and slowly laid down beside her. Sheetal looked up into Neeraj’s eyes, and Neeraj slowly lowered his head and their lips met again. Instantly their passions were ignited and Sheetal wrapped her arms around him. Their lips parted again, and their mouths welcomed each others tongues will vigor.

Neeraj rolled over and pulled Sheetal on top of him. They continued to kiss and Sheetal was lost completely in him. For her the world did not exist only he did. Neeraj gently moved his arms back and forth on her back and gently slid his hands under her shirt. Her touched and bare soft skin with his finer tips and gently roamed his fingers up and down her bare spine.

“Oh Neeraj!” Was all Sheetal should manage.

Neeraj then reach back and with one hand uncooked her bra. Sheetal felt the release of the strap but was so lost into Neeraj that she did not care. Neeraj started rubbing her whole back with his hands and pulled her more into him. Then he rolled her on her back again and with out breaking their kiss, slipped her hand under the front of her T-shirt and gently ever so gently moved her bra cups up and uncovered her breasts.

Neeraj gently cupped Sheetal breast and pressed with his fingers. The heat from his hand drive Sheetal’s mind blank. Neeraj finally broke their kiss and gently kissed her neck while still caressing her breasts.

“Ohh” Sheetal moaned.

Slowly, he lifted her T-shirt exposing her breasts and the cool air suddenly caused her nipples to harder. Neeraj took only a second to admire her breasts, and then gently kissed her nipple. He opened his mouth, took her nipple in and sucked on it. His tongue rolled on her nipples in slow circles while his other hand continued their caress her other breast.

Sheetal was on fire. She hugged Neeraj harder her making him suck on her breasts harder. Her nipples had never felt so alive before and her pussy was soaked. She could feel the center seam of her jeans pushing into her crotch, and the teasing of her clit was making her crazy. She knew she didn’t want to get carried away, she wanted to save her virginity for after marriage but she was fighting a loosing battle. Neeraj was on top of her and she could feel his cock already hard and pressing onto her leg. He wanted her, she he was letting her know it.

Suddenly she heard people outside walking by here door and with a jolt she came back to her senses.

“Ok, we have to stop, Neeraj,” she moaned.

“What?” Neeraj asked in surprised exasperation.

“We can’t do this, we’re getting carried away.” She panted.

“Do you really want to stop?” He looked hoping against hope for some sign to continue.

“I don’t want to, but we have to dear,” she managed.

Neeraj just looked at herm and after a moment sighed, “Yea you’re right. I’m glad at least one of us is thinking straight.” He managed smiled.

Sheetal realized how much that smile must have cost him and finally understood how much they loved each other. Neeraj kissed her good night and then walked back to his room. Sheetal was still very horny though so she immediate called Ananya, her friend who was sharing her room.

“Hey Ananya, I’m going to bed. Wanted to make sure you had you keys and when will you be coming back?”

“No I don’t have the keys, but don’t worry. We’ll probably be here till sunrise, then i’ll just crash with the other girls. So just chill, and get some sleep. See you in the morning” replied Anaya and then hung up.

Sheetal then locked her door and made sure the curtains of the room were complete closed. Turned off all the lights and took off her jeans, top and bra. She wore her nightie, jumped into bed, took off her thoroughly soaked panties and immediately shoved her finger into her pussy and finger fucked herself till she not only came one, not twice but three times. Thoroughly exhausted, she finally fell into a sex-filled dreamy sleep.

Three weeks later was Sheetal’s birthday on Saturday and Neeraj had planned a beautiful evening out for her. He picked her up looking exceptionally handsome in a suit he had worn just for the night. He took her to a very classy restaurant for dinner and throughout dinner he kept admiring her.

“You simply looked beautiful tonight.” He kept saying repeatedly.

“Thank you,” Sheetal kept replying, never tiring.

“I want you to know that I love you more than anything.” He would say now and then. He felt like a school boy and he loved him even more for that. He was her sweetheart.

After dinner, he took her back to his place, and lit a fire in his fireplace. Then turned down the light very low and put on soft music and simply held her and danced around the room slowly. They were lost in each other and just let the music guide them.

“Happy birthday, my love,” He said and kissed her softly.

Sheetal hugged him closer and they sat in front of the fireplace. Neeraj kiss her again gently cuddled her in his arms. Sheetal closed her eyes and felt his tongue invading

Her mouth immediately. He ran a hand under her upper garment to fondle the flesh of her back. He then kissed down her neck to the juncture with her shoulder. Neeraj came back up to her lips. They embraced tightly as the kiss grew increasingly intense, their tongues becoming fully engaged. The edge of his hand brushed against her breast, feeling the softness, but he resisted cupping it. He ran his lips across her cheek, down her neck, then up again to tongue her ear.

Sheetal was getting very aroused and again could feel the familiar longings in her body. She kissed him back and felt his hand move up and this time gently cup her breast.

“Please!” she whispered, but did not pull away.

It was getting harder and harder to say no. With arms tightly around his neck she responded passionately. Neeraj licked her neck, tongued her earlobe, then gently raised her garment to expose her beautiful but bra covered breasts. He moved his head down and kissed the exposed breasts that were not covered by the bra. Then gently he kissed he clothe covered nipple.

Sheetal gasped as her nipple responded to her hot breath and she was desperately clinging on to any sanity that she could muster. Neeraj came up and kissed her again, Sheetal sucked his tongue and pulled him in closer. Their bodies pressed in she could feel his hard cock starting to come out. Feeling his hardness she again came to her senses.

“Let’s just wait a bit longer, we’ve come so far,” She murmured.

Neeraj looked at his beautiful fiancé and just melted into her eyes. As hard as he was and as badly as he wanted her body, he wanted her heart more.

“Ok honey.” He sighed and asked, “Do you want me to take you home?”

“No, I want us to go to bed. We don’t have to have sex, but we can sleep together.” Sheetal replied

Neeraj smiled and picked her up and took her to the bed room. Since Sheetal didn’t have a chance of clothes, he gave her a long shirt and a fresh pair of shorts. He himself got into his sleeping shorts and took off his shirt.

“I sleep bare-chested.” He said, “hope that’s ok.”

“it’s great for me, “ Sheetal smiled back and added jokingly “but I’m not doing that.”

“you will, but i’ll wait for that.” He smiled back

”It will be worth it, I promise you that.” Sheetal said

“I know” Neeraj smiled, switched off the lights and got into bed with her.

Sheetal cuddled with Neeraj and could smell his manly aroma, as they kissed again. She trusted Neeraj explicitly and knew he would not take any advantage of her. He loved her with all his heart. They stayed awake for a long time, kissing each other and while both very extremely horny; they did not go any further. Sheetal fell asleep in his chest and whole the next morning to find herself in his arms. She also found herself VERY wet and could feel her body not only needing, but demanding release.

After breakfast, Neeraj dropped her off back home and after their good bye kiss in the car, Sheetal rushed back inside and within moments was in a hot bath, trying to relax her nerves. She finished her bath and got ready to spend the day with her friends. But while she was physically there, her mind was with Neeraj. Sleeping in his arms had awaked a sleeping monster that needed relief. Her pussy was continuously wet and Sheetal was glad more than once that she had decided to wear a long skirt instead of trousers that might show her wetness. Her panties were soaked and well being pulled into her slit as she walked.

Sheetal came home hornier than she had ever been, and her face was flushed. Knowing what she had to do, she wore her sleeping t-shirt and thinking of her steamy and tantalizing night with Neeraj, Sheetal solemnly made her way to bed. Wearing only an over sized t-shirt and cotton panties, she took her hair down from a ponytail and tucked herself in. Thinking of her virginity, the ways she wanted to loose it and now that she knew who she wanted to lose it to she only made her warmer. She had decided that she wanted to have an all out, wild sex session with Neeraj. But how can it be, she was an Indian girl who still valued her customs. She would wait till marriage, but till then she would practice.

She laid down on her back, staring at the dark, tossing and turning. She felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach down to her crotch. Desiring the caress of fingertips, she brought her cold hands to her chest and stomach and rubbed her delicate skin. Her thumb pressing down on her nipples, she felt hair on the back of her neck rise. Taking a deeper breath, she slid her hands down her panties and gently caressed her pubic mound.

Squirming in her bed, Sheetal tried to find a comfortable position, enjoying the sensual touches. Spreading her legs apart, with her knees up, she feels her juices dripping down her panties. She slowly inserted her middle finger between the lips of her virgin pussy and found her flesh very warm and wet. She let out a tiny moan while her other hand started playing with her breasts.

While touching herself, moving her fingers in and out, Sheetal can only imagine what it will be like with him. His strong, muscular body next to hers, exploring all of her uncharted virgin territory. She closes her eyes and puts herself in the fanciful state of mind.

Slowly, she inserted her middle finger, moving it back and forth she stimulated herself. She plunged her finger all the way in and then bent the finger and started rubbing her G-spot. Sheetal loved doing this as it was her quickest way to getting to a sexual frenzy. Reaching in herself to the max, immediately she hungered for more than just her fingers. She wanted him deep in her, thrusting himself in and out until she couldn’t take any more pleasure that her body can handle.

Sheetal wanted him firmly in her, holding her waist down while she sits on him, lying down. She wanted to bounce on him, hanging on by his shoulders to give her support, while she thrusts herself on him. Deeper and deeper she desired for something more than her fingers, but she was alone, all dark and quiet in her room.

She took her fingers out, which was all wet and covered with her own juices. Not wanting it to touch her bed sheets, she sucked on her fingers, cleaning off any slight sex scent she might leave behind. This drove her into an even higher frenzy imagining him enjoying her pussy juices, intoxicating, making him want her even more.

Turning over to her bedside table, Sheetal reached for the 8-inch candle, its diameter is about an inch. It was a typical candle white in color but she new that this candle was more than just a source of light for her. It was her source of sexual bliss. Loosing control, Sheetal took her panties completely off. She lied on her back, her legs spread apart, her left hand making an opening on her slit, and Sheetal took the candle and gently slid it in her. The pressure it made inside her blew away the finger that was once inside. With only 3 inches in, her body weakly tried to reject the foreign member. She felt herself being opened apart. The sensation was unknown, yet she craved it more and more. The pressure deepened when it reached 5 inches. Indeed she was tight and small, but she knew her virgin body will soon learn how to handle the member completely submerged in her.

Lost in her bliss, Sheetal hit a pulsating sensation that caused her not to push the candle in any deeper. Slowly she pulled out, but without the presence of the candle, she felt empty. Again she inserted the candle back in, more relaxed this time. It didnt go deeper, but she pushed on that sensation, deep inside her. It caused electricity to run around her stomach and spine. Her back arched as she moved the candle in and out, faster and harder every time. Not brushing as much to her clit, she only felt the fullness the candle was providing. The pussy was responding by getting hotter and wetter with every thrust. She could feel her pussy make squishing sounds as the candle went in, and she her juices flowed out of her pussy and down her ass-crack making he tingle even more.

Sheetal was a woman in heat now, who would not be denied. She wanted more than the 5 inches that she can push into herself, she wanted more force, and she realized that lying down wont ‘force her to push the candle in deeper. An idea hit her. With the candle still in her, about 3 inches protruding out of her, she sat up, her legs to her side, as if shes going to straddle someone, but shes sitting on her bed.

She decided that she will sit on the candle, having her weight on her the candle; she was going to feel the pleasurable pain the candle will provide her with. Raising her buttocks up in the air, she slid right onto the candle, her left hand holding the base, while her right hand held onto the pillow as her support. Her silky black hair stuck to her moist back, and face. She could smell the slight scent of the shampoo. Gravity pulled her down to the candle, she strongly sense its presences in her, pushing in her hard.

“Oh Neeraj, I love you!” She managed a tiny, squeaky moan that was let out of her mouth, slightly opened, sweat running down her face, she desired more than the candle.

The pain that she felt was heavenly; her tight virgin hole had never felt so full and complete in her entire life. Taking the 7 inches of the candle in, she wanted to slowly bounce on it, watching her breasts bounce up and down; she could only pretend that Neeraj’s groping hands are on it. In and out, faster she went, she looked so perfect, riding on the candle. Every thrust she wanted him to hear her voice, her crying out for him to fill her ever so deeper. She wanted him more than ever now.

Still sitting on the candle, knowing that she is about to explode with orgasm, Sheetal pushed herself down so hard that the candle got lost in her. All 8 inches, she felt as if she was torn, but it felt so damn good she no longer cared whether her juices flowed all over the damn sheets. How she wishes she could moan to him that shes coming, tell him not to stop what at what hes doing.

Her body pulsated with pleasure; she tightened herself around the candle, the grip she made on the candle was tight and fit, she knew he would love his dick being in her muscular hold. She could feel the pussy contracting all over the candle, the entire length of the pussy felt alive. Never before had she felt so much like a woman before.

She laid on her back again on the verge of her orgasm, reach down gripped the base of the candle, pulled it out gingerly, got a better gripped, and then moved her hand as fast as she could back and forth. She fucked her pussy hard and fast the way she knew Neeraj would. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Her pussy was aching for him and she fucked it hard, feeling his cock buried in her. With one final thrust, she pushed herself over the edge.

“Neeraj, I’m cumming!!!” She groaned as her pussy sucked on the candle harder than she could have imagined. She continued to fuck her pussy and her orgasm didn’t seem to end. The more she fucked the longer her orgasm continued until she count move anymore and completely exhausted, out of breath, and trembling Sheetal collapsed on the bed with the candle still in her.

Sheetal basked in the after glow of her sex, her pussy still contacting involuntarily on the candle. Her clit was still throbbing and she realized that never before had she had such a power orgasm or was it orgasms. Sheetal caught her breath and slowly eased out the candle that was glistening with her juices. Instinctively she brought it to her face and licked the length of it. Her juices were amazing to her and she realized that this is what Neeraj will taste when he enjoyed her sex and smiled. Her orgasmic juices tasted very good and she knew again that Neeraj would love them.

Sheetal and Neeraj continued their relationship and were officially engaged a month after her birthday. They got married six months after that and just as Sheetal predicted, their wedding night was indeed spectacular and everything she dreamed it would be. Neeraj was a romantic yet dynamic lover and he loved that fact that she was sexually comfortable and confident or as he called it, he had won the Lottery!

This was almost a year ago and even today, Neeraj and Sheetal have a very sexually charged yet romance filled relationship. Now every time Sheetal exhausts Neeraj after sex, she coyly reminds Neeraj that patience pays!

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