Getting hot

Her name was reshma (not exactly somewhat near to that) and i was studying with her for the past 4 to 5 years. In fact i was very serious in that affair but she doesnt seemed to be interested as she considered me just as her friend. But i used to see her stealing a glance at me very often. Maybe it was my imagination.

She was tall and a little chubby but she was really fair-looking. She had very attractive body shape with nice round boobs,curved soft buttocks and a very very pretty face. Im sure youd fantasy her if you happened to see her once. Anyway i kept my deep passion for her in my heart for a long time.

It was some days ago that i went to my school for getting some signatures as our classes had ended. I saw this girl and she asked me about my studies and all. After the conversation i parted her and went away with my friends to wander around the school for sometime. Actually that was our habit. After sometime they decided to go out to eat something but i didnt.

I told them to go and come back and went to an old shed- like room a little away from the schools main compound. I decided to go in and sit there as i always preferred such loneliness in such deserted places.

After going someway inside i decided to cease my exploration and started walking outside. When i was at the edge of the door i was crashed and knocked down by reshma who was coming the other way. We both fell down and she was practically lying just over my body.

You dont know the pleasure i had when i felt the body of the girl who had been my queen for the past few years. Her soft boobs and sexy body pressing against mine……we looked into each others eyes for sometime just like in a movie and something inside me told that this was my chance. So i slowly took out my hands and started to move it through her back and reached her fluffy buttocks.

I pressed both the halves with my hands feeling real ecstasy. She trembled with fear and now i placed my hands on her sweet little pretty face and directed her lips towards mine. She tried to get up but will i miss such a beauty? I forcibly pulled her back and slowly put my lips on hers. Wow wow wow!!! What a pleasure it gave. The first romantic kiss in my life.

And that too to a girl whom i dreamed for so long a time. But she was still not supporting my action and pushed me back while i was just starting to suck her tongue. She stood up and attempted to leave. A sudden courage came to me and i stood up and pulled her back again.

“reshma, you cant leave me,you dont know how much i love you” i said. “but this is not at all right, i never saw you in this way” she said. I was getting more and more impatient that i realised there was no use in speaking to her anymore.

I took hold of her shoulders,grabbed her and placed her tight near the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was standing against the wall her back facing me. By then i was out of my control. My rod had become more & more thicker and i pressed it very tightly to her buttocks. Oh what a time!

Then i placed my hands by the side of her lovely face and began to move it down slowly to the neck of her churidar. She had become motionless by now and was perspiring hard.then i began to slide my hands inside the neck of her churidar. I felt her bra and finally her soft boobs in my hand. Now she had started to moan slowly at the same time whispering “no please”.

After playing with it,i took out my hands and reached her buttocks. Again i slided my hands through her dress and at last reached the lace of her bottom. I untied it and it slowly fell downwards. Then i took her tops up and finally with a supreme effort, i managed to make her stand in her bra and panty alone. What a girl she is! Really fantastic.

I quickly removed my shirts and pants to become nude like her. I pressed her shoulders hard and hugged her very tightly. And by now she was also starting to enjoy my proccedings. And the rest you know. I made her lie down,removed her bras,started my giant kissings from her forehead to toes.

I pressed her big boobs tightly,put my tongue in the gap and licked very hungrily. I shifted my tongue to her stomach. She started to say aaahhh mmmmm with pleasure and passed her fingers through my hair. I reached her panties which were as wet as anything. I removed it and saw a lovely,clean shaved,virgin pussy.

I licked it,sucked her juices whenever she released and we both were lost in heavenly pleasure. Time went away and i decided to get into the climax but since my love for her was a true one i decided not to fuck her pussy. I made her lie back licked her smooth buttocks,her soft back and placed my thirsty penis deep into her buttocks.

I know thatd pain her but i had no other choice. She started to cry out but i covered her mouth with my hands saying “sorry reshma,but i cant cheat you”. After inserting my rod a long way inside i took it out feeling some real orgasms. I cant forget this experience ever in my life. But now i feel i have to do it again.

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