One night with my fiancee

Hello friends, myself deepak from delhi, 31yrs old and 58”tall. I work with a very reupted mnc company at delhi.

Let me start my story…i was looking for my life partner and met one girl through and we start dating each other since to know her before marriage was very important for me. This was in dec2005.

So during some initial meeting we remain a little far from each other…means no body touch sex, kiss etc etc. She was really a bomb, she was 5’5’’ and with beautiful body which every one would like to have.

One day we kiss in my car and afterward it become routine for us…we used to go to lodhi garden and enjoy all our time there as n when she get time. Mainly on saturday and sunday so tht we have enough time. She was working in a mnc for last many yr earning good amount and traveled out of india many she was independent girl with attitude which was very dangerous for marriage life.

One day she told me that she is going for a evening meeting with some delegates to moradabad and would stay at hotel in night. And with body gesture she invited me to that place. Moradabad is around 170km form delhi would took 3-4hrs by car.

I stuck up in a meeting at noida and could only start my car at 9pm. I didn’t tell her otherwise she could hv sa y no to me,,,since i drive very fast and it was not a safe road and highway too.

So when she called me at 10pm i cross almost 80km, so she couldn’t say no to me..i reached at 0030 am at her hotel. She was not staying with her delegate but booked a separate hotle so that we can enjoy and no one could get any information abt us.

As soon as i reached her room, she hugged me was a very sweet surprise for we never hugged such…..her body oh my god was so soft and sexy..i couldn’t control myself and kissed her on red invited lips….she also did the same…now she asked me toget freshed. When i changed my nght suite..she was in a red caprie and white t-shirt….and she was laying on bed and reaing a book.

It was a double bed so i come next t her…she don’t react and aftersometime i pulled her towards me and kissed her…she was also waiting for this time and she cooperate with me fully…our tounges entuing with each other and my jr. Was in full shape….slowly i removed her t-shirt..and was her beautiful skinnn…what a seen.

I was kissing her body,…eyes, ears,,,neck and as i reach her melon she breath heavily..i unhook her bra and two ripen mangos fall out if it….i suck both and she moar ahhh..ohhh.

By that time she was fully hot and i also forget everything except her….

After 15min she removed my nightsuit shirt and start sucking me nipple she had awesome lips so hot and juicy….i never touch any girl before her…so for me it was first experience…

After sometime i unlock her caprie ans saw that her pantie was totally wet…i kissed her whole body and she was enjoying it….

Then i removed her panties and saw tow petals for the first time…i start rubbing her clitoris and she was mad of this estracy… she had a orgasm and i removed my underpant and she start stocking my jr. She licked it and start up and down….i enjoyed it….

Then she asked me to fuck her….i was not in mood to fuck her as i wasn’t to stay back with some surprise for my first marriage night….but it was hard ot control..i insert my penis into her cunt and she start crying….i think it was her first time tooo…

She start nailing my chest and back in pain but i keep humping it and she was not enjoying it…..after 12min i come but i take it out to split on her body….she also had orgasm by this time….

My whole chest and back had her nail …but i could realize that it was her first time otherwise not girl would nailed partner body in pain or in bliss.

We had sex in 69, 68 and all possible manner that night and could left hotle only in evening at 4….it was a memorable night for me…a dn we both were commited to eachother…..

But due to some unresolved reasons we couldn’t marry eachother but she got married to a very rich family from haryana…and i am happy abt it…