Intimate times with divya aunt

Let me introduce myself. I’m callboy aged 24 from tamilnadu. I have lots of experiences in the sex matters which are still continuing and am ready to share those. Nothing i say is false or something inexperienced by me. This is the first time i’m writing and will proceed if the readers like my narration. This is an incident which i had during my college days. I had my studies in a reputed mixed college in thrissur. I was a student of english literature. My parents wished me to take physics or mathematics rather than the literature which according to them was a trash to study. I was too good in mathematics and physics. My dream was to read english in any of the colleges or university department. My only support in this matter was my aunt who was younger sister of my dad. Her name is dhanya. Herself a student of physics, she strongly argued for me stating my romantic visions and dreamy moods would not match the learner aptitudes of physics student. She was my fathers pet and his resistance came to an end very soon. Let me introduce my beloved dhanya aunt. She’s fair; average built and has whitish color. Have long, thick hairs. A big speck was her mark in our house where even my grandma won’t wear that. She was doing her ph d researches while i was planning to join my bachelor’s. She was 10 years older than me. She was married while studying for her degree but the marriage ended within few days. She got her divorce very soon. My dad tried to make her remarry and he advertised in the leading newspapers requesting alliances for a divorced girl. But dhanya aunt was adamant. She concentrated in her studies. Scored high marks. She was in university for long term and was at home when my admission problem arose. She was preparing her thesis which was at its drafting stage. Let me tell you about my family. I’m the only child of my parents. My grandma has two children- my dad and dhanya aunt. My dad and dhanya aunt have an age difference of 16 years. My dad was working as an executive officer in a government office and mom a teacher. Dhanya aunt was 11 years elder than me. Our house was pretty big and was old fashioned. It was a two storied building. Two bed-rooms, kitchen, dining room and a drawing room in the downstairs and 2 bedrooms and a hall in the upstairs. Mom, dad and grandma had their bedroom in the downstairs. My bedroom was in the upstairs. It was my empire during the period prior to the coming of aunt. After she came, she shared the floor as her room too was in the first floor. I used to sit and read for long hours during the night. My aunt warned me not to sit too long reading in the night. Her compelling and demanding nature made me discomforts. I used to say, aunt don’t bother. It’s none of your business. Hearing this she will react authentically. Manu, obey what i say. Among us quarrels sprang. But these were in between us and she never took the matter to higher authorities. My terminal exams were over and i got my christmas holidays in december. December was a month of joy. Not only because of holidays but also because my dad, mom and grandma would go to pilgrimage. Those were a 15-20 days tour and all these days the house virtually becomes my territory. That year too they planned a trip to haridwar. Dhanya aunt too was expected to go. But she refused stating the disbelief in god and such journeys. After some arguments, my father submitted. That was a blow to my designs. I tempted her stating the beauty and divinity of the land, sightseeing in delhi and agra. But she proved to be deaf to my words. Leaving her and me behind the rest of people started their journey. I was in a bit dilemma thinking how i will manage her commands and arguments all these days. She was deeply engaged in her writings and all these days after her return from hostel, her presence in the downstairs was too little. Only with me she talked. My exams were over and college was closed for christmas holidays. The day the vacation was started i declared her i’m going to watch a movie and will be late in the night. She said a big no and asked me to be at home before 7pm. I protested and quarreled. She too was not in a mood to relax. After a good argument she relaxed a bit but put forward a demand to take her to movie. That too was heart tearing because i had in my mind to watch an adult movie which my friends saw and recommended. But i was trapped by her and i was compelled to agree to take her. We went to a malayalam movie against my designs. Took tickets for luxury circle and managed to get side seats in the back row.

Though it was against my wishes that i got into this movie, i felt it good. But aunt started complaining and was very much bored. She declared she’s going to sleep. I thanked her and assured that i will carry her in my hands if she keep quite and sleep. She started sleeping leaning her head to the wall. I was delighted. After 5 or 10 minutes her head fell to my shoulders. I didn’t mind it. A real nut, i thought. Sometimes after that i felt her full weight on my right shoulders and arms. Her cheek pressing my shoulder was slipping and moving to my chest. This continued for a while. I felt some uneasiness as some wild wishes started working in my mind. I put my hand over her shoulders and fondled her as if i want her not to fell down. Now she sat comfortably placing face on my shoulder. I leaned to her to adjust to her sitting. Now her left boob was pressing my side. That posture took me to a dreamy land and i started caressing her head making my fingers run through her hair touching the scalp. My act was innocent but she came to me filling the last gaps between us. This made my hands shiver. Warm blood flew. I lowered my fingers to her back neck, shoulders and arms and caressed her there. By the time it was interval i came to a position that i couldn’t sit there till the end. When it was interval, i told her we can return if she feels real tired. But she denied saying you are enjoying. Watch movie. We can return after that and having dinner. The same scenes continued after the interval. This time i was a bit confident and gave her a kiss on her head and caressed her cheeks. She responded by moving closer to me crushing her left boob on my chest. She sat like that till the end of the film. After film we had our dinner and hired an auto to home. She was sleepy and threw her head on my lap and started sleeping. I started caressing her. Unseeing a gutter from distance the driver applied break suddenly and aunt leaped forward. I grabbed her and i unknowingly, in that haste caught on her boobs. She showed the uneasiness of breaking and started again to sleep. The auto reached our house. Opening gates she went inside and sat on an easy chair. The door was locked. I asked where the key is. She replied that she had given it with girijachechi as usual and asked me to bring it from her. She also asked me to take her up if she has slept. I told her not to sleep till i come. By the time i reached from girijachechi’s house she was in sound sleep. I unlocked the doors and called her once. But she was not in a mood to wake up. I opened the doors and took her from chair and carried her in my arms. She put her arms around my neck to make sure she won’t fell down. I entered the room releasing one arm and making her stand i bolted the door. Knowingly or unknowingly i was fondling her tight to me. I switched off the lights outside and downstairs and carried her to upstairs. While carrying her in my arms i couldn’t resist my desire to kiss her on cheeks. I kissed. She moaned and rubbed her face on my face. Wild wishes again started flowing in me. I again kissed her this time a bit hard. She responded again. Now i got courage and kissed on her boobs rubbed my face over those. While ascending the stairs, i unpinned her shawl and started kissing over the top garment. She was responding and i was in my full courage. I now kissed her on lips. Licked the lips. She moaned and opened her lips. I opened the doors of her room making her stand but willingly pressing her to me. She fondled me. Opening the doors i put on the fan, took her again in my arms and carried to bed. I was in full mood. I laid her on the bed and made her move to the side. With all my courage i earned from her positive responses i too lay besides her. I fondle her tight from back pressing her boobs. Suddenly she turned to me and put her hands on me. I pressed her tightly and kissed her on lips. She sighed. I moved my hands down her butt and caressed gently. Moving the flap of her top garment i pressed her butt cheeks. “manuuuuuu……..” She moaned. That call made me relaxed. I again kissed her for which she responded. She bit me on lips. Sucked my lips. Pressed her tongue into my mouth and moved it in mouth. I was aroused to full. I kissed her on forehead and started caressing her face with tongue while my hands unhooked her top garment. She moaned and responded with a sigh. I pressed her boobs over the garment and rubbed my face on those soft balls. She caressed my hairs and rubbed her fingers on my scalp. Aunt……. I called her in ecstasy. Yes dear she responded. I kissed her on the lips. For a while i didn’t know what to do. I was filled with joy. I kissed her caressed her and fondled her. She was accepting every act with joy. I raised her top and caressed her belly. She started laughing and pressed her face on my chest. Manu…… your fingers have electricity, she said. I made her remove the top. She was in my hands, wearing a bra and bottom garment. I caressed her belly and kissed there. She moaned in ecstasy and pressed my face hard. My tongue started working and she sat down to pull me up. I licked through her naval lines and measured the depth. She started taking deep breaths. Manuuuu……. She started calling. Her black bra was a perfect match and it added her beauty. I took her in my arms and started kissing her. Our tongues traveled through others mouth and explored the inner lands of mouth. I took a chocolate from my pocket and put it in her mouth. We kissed till we tasted the last drop of its sweetness. By the time i unhooked the bra and threw it down. She too was working with my shirt and removed it. I took her face and looked into the eyes. Her face turned red and she dropped her eyes out of shy. I kissed her eyes. Holding her in my left arm i started caressing her left boob. It was hard. Nipples are yet to rise. I caressed softly and aroused her. She moaned and held me hard. She bit me on my chest. I took her face and started kissing again and caressed her boobs. She responded to kisses as if she has been thrown to a world of madness. I laid her and started liking her right boob while caressing her left. It was a nice feeling. She moaned. I was charged all the while i heard that voice. Aunt, i called. Mm? She replied. You are sweet. I said. She smiled. While my tongue and right hand enjoyed her boobs, my left hand moved bottom of her body. I caressed her belly and naval lines. It moved downwards and untied the knot of her undergarment. She raised her butt area and i downed the under garment. I took it from her body and threw it away. Now it was a marvelous sight. My divya aunt was in her dark red panties, nothing else on her body. My hand started caressing her thighs. While i type, i still feel the warmth and softness of her thighs. I explored her inner thighs and started rubbing there. Once i felt her panties and i found it’s wet. I went to her feet. I started kissing her feet. I sucked her fingers. She sat for a while and then threw herself to bed. I moved upwards licking and kissing every inch of her body. I reached her thigh part.

I licked and kissed, out of ecstasy, i bit her. She moaned and asked me… manu bite hard dear. I gave small bites and aroused her. She was in full mood. I went again to her upper part and started kissing her. I put another chocolate and we enjoyed parting our mouth juices. While kissing her i entered my hands into her panties. Ohhh……. That was an experience. She had cut the pubic hairs and it felt on my hand as an inviting presence. I caressed her over there and lowered the panties. With my leg, i pulled it out and threw it down. She came to me and keeping side she lay down. I caressed her butt and entered fingers into the anal part. I caressed her there and she pressed me in joy. I went downwards and started kissing her vaginal area. The fragrance of her sweat and juices made me mad. I kissed and kissed. I started licking her on her clitoris and sucked it. I moved my tongue on it taking it in between the lips. It was a real pleasure. She parted her legs and invited my tongue to the depths. I tasted the juices. By the time i removed my dhothi and i too was in my brief. She put her hands through my brief and took my penis out. She started caressing it. I was virtually eating her pussy then. She couldn’t control and she removed my brief. She forced me to take my penis to her mouth. We lay as 69. That was a real amusement. I was eating her pussy and she was sucking my penis. We tasted juices with joy. I moved further and started licking her anal hole. She couldn’t resist that. I felt shiver on my body and i knew she was coming. She was sighing and taking my penis deep to throat. I again licked her pussy and started fingering her. I fingered her hard and fast so that he threw her head and started moaning and laughing. I took penis from her face and lay down. I felt that shivering again. Divya aunt was thrown to ecstasy. I too was in another world. I took her in my hand and pressed her to me. I mounted on her and entered my penis into her hole. She moaned a while but a soft cry arose from her. Something made her pain. I pushed it hard to her. She again produced a soft cry. I asked her, is it your first experience aunt? She smiled and hid her face in my chest. I was delighted by the knowledge that i’m fucking a virgin. I pushed it hard again. After sometime her cries vanished and she started moaning and whispered. I played her for long. Thrice i felt that shivering and all the three time she bit me on my chest and pulled my hairs. She also made nail scars on my back. I kissed her hard. I felt an explosion within me and i pushed into her hard and fast. A roar of ecstasy arose from her and i exploded in her. My movements became slow and i was downing the speed. All of a sudden i felt a huge shiver from her and she exploded a hard sigh and roared a laugh. Waves of joy passed through us and we embraced hard. She placed her face on my chest and caressed me. I too caressed her back and butts. I repeated her- aunt was this your first time? She laughed and said: yes. Why? That’s it dear. I felt her eyes flowing. I wiped the rolling tears and said: don’t aunt. I’m yours for ever. She hugged me and kissed me. She reciprocated: i’m yours. We kissed. That was her first night. The nights never ended. We played days and nights until my parents and grandma returned. There after night became ours. I started sleeping early. We lived as husband and wife. I was all for her. She was my world. That lasted for four years. After that she got an international scholarship and flew to usa. She’s now working as a research scientist in usa. I’m teaching in a reputed institution. Still unmarried she will arrive during the christmas days- to commemorate and celebrate our old days. My lady friends reading my experiences please remember, i’m engaged only during the month of december and january. Rest of the year i’m totally free and i’m at your service. Those who like to befriend me mail me to [email protected]